Saturday, 1 October 2011


It's not a question of North London bragging rights, top dog status or which team is closing the gap on which; it's about three points in The Premier League. Tomorrow's game is between two teams who are equaly average at the moment. It means more to Sp*rs (it always has, let's get that crystal clear) to beat Arsenal than vice versa. That's not to say I don't enjoy a victory at WHL a bit more than some other wins; I do.
What I'm looking for tomorrow is to see some players in red who understand what this fixture means outside of the context of the three points.
What it means I think is this; To beat a team with a set of supporters that have so much bitterness in their hearts is to prove that their bitterness and hatred is rooted in something other than just a football match. The Sp*rs resentment has built for nearly a century and its based on an inferiority complex, jealousy and that over riding feeling of bitterness.
I want a win tomorrow, I'll take a draw but if we come home with nothing I want to have seen a performance for the fans. Let's face it, to show something against that lot cements the status of a player. Who can forget Freddie flicking the Vs hitting Chris Armstrong and kicking off in the WHL tunnel? even though we lost that particular encounter Freddie was a hero.
That's what we need; some heroes in Red and White. We have seen some great Arsenal goals at WHL over the years and this in a way, exemplifies the understanding that those players had about the need to squash the mood of the WHL rabble. Our records against them speaks for itself but lets look forward to the future and restoring our form; then as the season unfolds we can look at media comparisons between the clubs.
...but never forget "we won the league, we won the league, at White Hart Lane, at White Heart Lane, we won the league at White Hart Lane TWICE!"

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