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Blackburn Rovers 

Oh well at least we still have the best looking girl fans
...yes things are that quiet that my mind drifted...

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Arsenal v Manchester United for so long a definitive fixture in the Premier League era, this time around what is its significance? Obviously a few weeks ago, and despite everything, it could have been a season defining game. As it stands it’s a chance to make a comparison between the current Arsenal team and the Champions elect. Since the move to the Emirates there have been a handful of games that truly stand out. One of those games was the 2 -1 victory with Nasri scoring a brace; one of the best games of football seen in terms of both teams quality. Nasri's second an exceptional piece of team work and a great finish

The other game is the 2-1 victory that rocked the stadium; Rooney’s opening goal cancelled out by RVP and Henry’s late late winner igniting the Emirates atmosphere for the first time. What is notable about this moment is that (towards the end of the clip)the then captain can be seen calling for mental strength and focus to see out the victory in the dying embers; a sharp contrast to current events ttp://

To my mind there have been only two truly great games at home this season; the victories against Chelsea ttp:// and Barcelona

Let’s see if the boys can give us one last reason to be cheerful on Sunday before the long summer of recuperation, speculation and, no doubt, frustration.

Come on Gunners

Wednesday, 27 April 2011



ARSENALISM AT 300 with 99 Problems


Arsenalism enjoys its 300th post today (this includes posts that were made on wellyousaythat before Arsenalism went solo) and a lot has happened since that first Arsenalism post a year ago, or has it?

Our league position was:

1 Manchester United 31 69
2 Arsenal 31 67
3 Chelsea 30 65

Almunia was in goal and making errors. We were about to play Birmingham away; a game that we drew 1-1 and we all know what happened that day, Almunia conspired to throw the ball into his own net grasping a draw from the jaws of victory. Denilson and Diaby were anchoring our midfield that day our central defenders were Alex Song and Sol Campbell; this in itself tells its own story of lack of cover in key areas.

We then went on to be knocked out of The Champions League by Barca, lose away to Sp*rs; resulting in the WHL DVD factory going into overdrive.

We somehow managed to let Wigan beat us at the Emirates by throwing away a two goal lead and helping Wigan by Fabianski dropping a clanger (sound familiar?). Problems with poor goalkeeping and giving away leads that are still with us.

We then went on to lose at Blackburn. After taking a lead, we conceded from two corners. The dead ball frailties that are still with us

The final day’s 4-0 victory against Fulham was scant consolation for blowing the title. Yes we had injuries (what’s new) but we crumbled. The squad that had ‘great mental strength’ according to Wenger we just not up to the task at hand.

From a position where we had a reasonable chance of winning the league and ending the trophy drought we collected a measly 8 points out of a possible 21! And this was from the sadly inappropriately named ‘easy run in’

Our final position:

1 Chelsea 38 86
2 Manchester United 38 85
3 Arsenal 38 75

They say life is about learning and you would think that this awful experience would have taught the Manager a little something but we went into the following season with basically the same squad, with a couple of additions from the Football equivalent of Poundstretchers.

At the start of this year, to presumably explain why he had not made a purchase in the transfer window, Mr Wenger actually said

"The squad will be stretched but I have 25 players of the same quality - I have never had a squad of this equal strength in my life"

All the issues that were plainly there for all to see during the ’easy run in’ are still with us, despite two opportunities to add some quality to the squad and to address some basics like defending corners or holding on to a lead, we still have the crumble factor about us.

I’m sorry to say that I see history repeating itself again and I really hope that when I post my 500th post it’s not the same sad story.

Three songs for here and now...


When you gonna learn

something better change

...And now the Blogoverse/Blogaxy/Blogosphere is awash with opinions, but it's not all one way traffic; here's an interesting point of view from the online Gooner
The following is copyright  Oliver Chessis: The online Gooner 27/04/11

We’ve got 99 problems…
By Oliver Chessis
...but the pitch ain’t one

After my trip back from Bolton on Sunday, I thought that this would be as good a time as any to write our end of season review. Talking to a lot of Arsenal fans, and hearing what people say when coming out of grounds, anyone would think that the title of this article was indeed the truth. However, even after our recent monumental collapse, I am still of the opinion that we are not very far from being a Championship winning side.

As at the end of the Bolton game, 54% of the goals we have conceded in the League this season have been from set pieces. Not surprisingly, this is more than any other team in the division. I assume also that this does not even include Huddlestone’s goal at the Lane, a knock down from a throw, and Tiote’s goal at St James’, when we failed to clear a corner. All this suggests to me is that we lack any sort of organisation. The solution is simple. We need a coach/assistant manager whose priority is to sort out this mess.
As a proud member of the Arsene Knows Best brigade, I feel that this is also the time to dispel some of the myths of the countless problems currently at our club. This is also a good time to point out that the role of the AKB has changed this season. Clearly, we cannot go on suggesting that all is fine with the current squad and the way we play. I agree that some deadwood must be let go, and a couple of replacements should be brought in. Wenger was wrong; this squad was not good enough to win the League. We will never win the League until we learn to organise ourselves defensively, and this is also something that needs to be addressed.
But will spending £50m answer our problems as people suggest? Let’s remember that Andy Carroll cost £35m. Torres, a proven striker in our league, cost £50m and his signing has possibly cost Chelsea the League and Champions League. Throwing money at our problems will clearly not guarantee that they go away.
So do we need a leader? Yes, I hear you say? A John Terry type? John Terry has proudly led a double winning side, lest we forget with a manager that knows how to win things, to second in the League and a trophy-less season. What about Scott Parker, who saw his West Ham side let a two goal lead slip to United recently? Fans scream and shout for a Vieira or an Adams. These players don’t exist anymore. If there were so many of them around, they would not have been so special. Clearly again, a leader in the ranks would not guarantee success.
The extremely ungrateful amongst us have even suggested that Wenger should be let go. To these people I just ask who should be his replacement? The fact is, in Fergie, Wenger is up against the greatest football manager of all time. Sometimes you need to hold your hands up and just admit that another team is better. United’s biggest weapon is their manager.
So to our other gripes; deadwood in the squad. Most Gooners seem to want a large clearout this summer. Denilson, Bendtner, Rosicky, Eboue, Clichy, Arshavin, Chamakh it seems would not be missed. But is it really these players that are the problem? Let’s take the West Brom away game as an example, possibly Denilson’s worst in an Arsenal shirt. If our bigger players had played well, and he had played badly, would we have won? I’d say yes. If the likes of RVP had a mare, and Denilson played to the best of his ability, would we have won? No. Man United will win the league this season because their big players have performed, not because they can bring Obertan and Gibson off the bench. Cesc, Walcott, Song and Nasri since Christmas have all not been good enough. During the last few games of our collapse, the big Guns have all played, they have just not performed.
The other issues that I read about each month in The Gooner and on its website, quite frankly, prove that it is not all that bad at Arsenal. Who cares how many people at are the game, and how this number differs from the announced attendance? Do people think it is anything new that the owners of the club don’t care for the fans and will take them for all they have? This is modern football. Levy is moving the Spuds out of Tottenham, the Glazers have put United up as collateral for their debt, Abramovich wants to manage his club and is doing more harm than good, and then of course there is Liverpool. And of course our players are the only ones that don’t care because they don’t clap travelling support.
I said after the Carling Cup Final that the loss at Wembley would mean that we would then not win the League. It is ironic that the trophy Wenger used as a learning environment for youngsters so that they could one day win the League is the one that has probably cost us. We have never recovered, and our collapse has indeed been monumental. This is something Wenger should address.
We are not far short of being a Championship winning side. As Paul Merson suggested after the Bolton game, the squad and current backroom setup requires mere tweaking. On this we will all agree. Where opinions differ, are on how many other problems we have.

Monday, 25 April 2011

THE STATE OF THE ARSE least until the end of the season

I have avoided a hysterical response to recent events and in particular yesterday’s result at the Reebok Stadium, and have sat and reflected. On this basis my view on the state of the Arse is as follows. 
When the unexpected becomes the inevitable, one has to look for solutions. The continued failure of a football team to achieve success based on conceding 54% of goals from set pieces has to be addressed. The capitulation in giving up points from winning positions has to be analysed. The Failure of a team to respond to adversity must be investigated. The lack of a tactical response that involves a change in structure or formation must be questioned. The lack of personnel that have a) experience of domestic success and b) are, on average, physically smaller and more injury prone, than the other teams in the division would suggest that there may be a correlation between the facts and the statistics.

These are merely questions that I am asking myself about my team, questions that are not based on any emotional analysis but based on some hard facts. Such basic issues need to be addressed at the end of the season. The manager, ultimately, is the one to do this, the playing staff need also to look at their own performances over the season; a good number of them, if they are honest, will have to admit that they fell short of the expected standard, some have let the fans and, to be fair, the manager down by basic unprofessionalism and lack of desire.

This set of players and this manager have to finish the rest of the season and we have to deal with that, they need to show some form of response or risk having to go through the banana skin of a pre qualification round in the Champions League. Failure to qualify will have an adverse effect on recruiting players, and let's face it who wants to watch the Europa League. The supporters lot is never easy but we still need to show that support until the end of the season.

When the events and performances of the 2010/2011 season are reflected upon, measures need to be put in place to ensure the shortcomings do not remain next season. This needs to be done in the transfer market (both out and in), on the training ground and most importantly in the manager’s head. Boardroom intervention seems unlikely therefore the immediate future of our club seemingly rests with one man. But that man needs to seek assistance; defensively, in the shape of someone who can pass on knowledge about this important part of the game, assistance in the shape of some experienced players with a winning mentality. He needs to make some bold choices and show some ruthlessness with regard to the current squad. Failure to learn from this season will prove catastrophic. The ability to take on board the harsh lessons of a season of implosion and make some changes is absolutely required. I hope our manager has that ability. If not, his tenure may end in disgrace, not triumph, and I don’t think anyone wants that to happen.

I think that sums it up pretty well.Unfortunately, I doubt if AW will do the honourable then, or even the less honourable thing and go out and buy the players that will make the difference.  Unfortunately the requirement at Christmas was Hagalaand and traditional CF, and DMF, and we would have won at least one of the trophies and taken 8 -10 more points.

Now AW has a GK returning (before his injury his No 1 GK) so no big investment there.   A very good CB returning from Injury, with another CB returning from Rangers, one improver, and one spanish ready to step up.     A 19 year old DMF returning from Injury and another 19 rear old  one returning from France.   One ball playing CMF returning from injury,   One CF returning from loan, one left wing cum CF returning from Cardiff, one winger finishing loan spell in Holland.

I wrongly assumed that there would be a clear out last June, when some players were rated rather highly.   Eg Bendtner, Deneilson, Eboue, Cliche, Vela, All Moonya, Diaby, Ro Sickly, Song, for up to  £60M  at that time.   But we have paid these guys and lost value on them over the 12 months,  as other clubs too have seen that they were not EPL top 4 class.

The new money master american will applaud AWs prudent ways too, and will not want to lay our the dosh if AW says he has gor a few more kittens in the bag.

I was kinda hoping that someone / or group might try to organise a kind of demo of some sort,  before the deadline for renewal of season tickets.  

Pensioners like me will have to give a bit more thought to the value of a season ticket, at a time when billionaires are getting richer and pensioners geting poorer, soon too poor to maintain millionaires players and billionaire directors in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, without as much as a care for the people who pay dearly for a two hour bout of boiling blood pressure and bitter disappointment.

Its better to consider such a bitter pill in solitude over the next few weeks if one can get that venger out of ones arse.

As Goonerish as ever


Sunday, 24 April 2011


That's it boys, put on a brave face
Today feel like the end of the season. The suns out and there are people out and about. Man Utd got their late winner as they were always going to do, and Torres found his shooting boots, as he was always going to do. Sp*rs look like they will finish below us again, as they were always going to do, and we are guaranteed a Champions league spot, as we were always going to be.
So I head off to meet friends in sunny Islington to watch this afternoon's game over a cold beer, and I frankly, feel completely relaxed; I've accepted our fate, I've come to terms with Groundhog day. I am sanguine. Beating Bolton doesn't mean the same as it once did, as I like Owen Coyle, but I shall be happy as always to see one or two Arsenal Goals as I sup my cold pint.

Man Utd can't win the title at Emirates (although they may win it metaphorically with another victory at our place) and as it's an early kick off, that means a good day out afterwards.
That we have come this far and managed to set up a bland climax is something to be scrutinised over the summer. I can't muster the will to go on about this negatively anymore. It's flogging a dead horse and I'm sure, dear reader, you are fed up with it. So I look ahead to the last few games with a view to having some good day outs to see me through to my summer holiday.
The funny thing is that with the pressure off, our chaps may give us something to at least smile about between now and the end of the season.
No this post is not me being negative; it's me being a realist. For this seasons aspirations, that's all she wrote.

Friday, 22 April 2011

"You wonder why Arsenal are champions, that's why Arsenal are Champions"

We all could do with cheering up in these frustrating times. On that basis here’s one from the archives. I would suggest that Mr Wenger and the current squad are forced to watch this repeatedly, like Alex in  a Clockwork Orange,with eyes held open until they understand what a winning Arsenal team really means.

Mental strength  
Winning mentality  

ARSENAL 5-Middlesborough 3

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Basic unprofessionalism has cost us dear. In this most mundane of premiership campaigns the title has never seemed so winnable by a team with a modicum of organisation. A late penalty against Liverpool, and the final minutes seen out without conceding, gives 3 points instead of 1. But no, panic and amateur defending ruin things. A four goal lead held onto gives 3 points instead of 1. But no, petulance leads to a red card and a collapse follows. A two nil half time lead held onto gives 1 or 3 points instead of 0. But no, a lackadaisical second half ends in disaster.  A decent goalkeeper doesn’t concede soft goal at home and 3 points don’t turn into 1. A decent goalkeeper doesn’t come running out of his box and…you get the general idea.
This team are like a butterfingered oaf, dropping the metaphorical ball at the crucial moment time and again.
And that’s the frustration. A little more focus, ability, just plain professional pride and we are leading the table; the cream of the crap. That’s what’s infuriating. Cup competitions have their own quirks of fate but the league is where week in week out you just do your job properly and you get your rewards. This 2010/2011 seasons’ insipidness means that the league could be won with just doing your job as a player and a manager. Ironically we can still win the league. That seems ludicrous, yet we are unbeaten in 15 16 and have had the league’s best away record. These facts mean nothing when time and again we manage to shoot ourselves in the foot.
I think that above all this is what causes such aggravation amongst fans, that yes, we need some major changes at the club, and yes the character of the players and mentality of the manager are up for debate, but, we could have won this league already or at least been in the lead. It’s never been easier than the 2011/2010 season and we cant even stumble our way to a title.



Head to Head record
Arsenal wins 71 League 61
Sp*rs wins 51 League 47
Draws 46 League 42

No I don’t care about Sp*rs, our own plight is a bit all consuming at the moment, but, and here’s the thing; isn’t it nice to beat them? They are a big mouthed lot at the best of times and particularly when they have a sniff of success. Now they have had their so called adventure in the big time they are mouthier than usual. On that basis a win at their pitifully appointed ground will be nice, in fact it will be great and give us all a little bit of a warm glow before reality rears it’s ugly head again. On a practical level anything that delays the possibility of Man Utd winner the title at our place must be a good thing. Don’t get me wrong I am not on a par with those bitter Lilywhites’ (obsessed as they are with all things us) but in times of trouble we all need a touch of comic relief. The last thing we need is a derby debacle
Mental strength? oh yes

Monday, 18 April 2011


First off I want to make it clear that I do not write this blog because I want to spend my time criticising. I do this blog because I love The Arsenal. These days though, that love and support is being sorely tested. There are all sorts of points of view about the state of Arsenal right now; primarily they divide between those that support Wenger and those that feel he is responsible for the decline. A lot of argument, debate and finger pointing rules the Blogosphere (if there is such a word) regular readers will know my position, but rather than bang on about deficiencies all I feel is needed is for clear heads to answer the following questions. They are simple questions and don't require any sort of intellectual insight, they are questions that anyone who has watched Arsenal should be able to answer subjectively. And like a jury, after hearing the closing argumnments for the prosecution, there should be only one verdict.

  • Bendtner is not a winger so why play him there?
  • Why does the top scorer at the club take corners?
  • When will we see the potential of players like Denislen, Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner reach fruition?
  • Why are all the young players out on loan when there are current first team players who are not good enough?
  • Why have Arsenal not been able to address the clear facts about conceding set pieces?
  • Why do we not buy any proven winners with experience?
  • Why can the current set of players not hang onto a lead?
  • When has an Arsenal team ever given away a four goal lead?
  • What actual evidence is there to support the statements about ‘belief’ ‘mental strength’ and ‘potential’?
  • If a manager refers to statistical information as part of their philosophy, why have the stats regarding a number of the team and their performances, how goals are conceded and the like, why is this information ignored?
  • How many managers of major clubs have gone six years without a trophy and retained their post without having to make significant changes?
Some of these questions are specific to Wenger’s philosophy other questions are ones of basic common sense and fact; and therein lies the problem; once you go beyond feeling and emotion and look at the logic of the situation there is nowhere to go. Nowhere that is, until the powers that be, draw the same conclusions from the evidence submitted. unfortunately those very same powers that be look on the balance sheet and not at the trophy cabinet.

And the cold fact is that for the first time in living memory we go into a game at White Hart Lane that I think we may well lose, it's a must win game and as it's a derby it calls for strength of character and belief; yet who can honestly say that we have either?

Dark days indeed.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


" So there was Scholes getting sent off, Ferdinand reacting badly at the end with Man Utd losing the FA cup semi Final...which was nice"


Images courtesy of

Okay, first the home kit; not too bad, I would have preferred a white collar but not much to complain about. The badge is sufficient and not too embarrassing. Which brings us onto the away shirt; WHAT THE F*CK ARE THEY THINKING!
I can only put it down to the fact that our squad consists of players the size of jockeys. There is no logic or historical context for this monstrosity. Yes Nike think tanks are aware that blue sells well (it goes with jeans apparently) but this load of old tat would look bad on a team playing at Hackney Marshes let alone a Premier league side. It's awful. More than that it is a complete abandonment of history in what is a commemorative year.
Bring back adidas I say! 
With the ticket increase and these two new garments it really is a case of taking the shirt of our backs.
Arsenal attack

Today's word is DOGMA

Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, or by extension by some other group or organization. It is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted, or diverged from, by the practitioner or believers.

Arsenal have an established belief or doctrine held by the manager and by extension by the board of directors and staff. Wenger’s views are considered infallible and are not to be disputed, doubted, or diverged from, by the players or the supporters.

Friday, 15 April 2011


London invaded by Northerners! Batten down the hatches!

With Man Utd & City invading Wembley, the Scousers coming to us and Bolton parking at IKEA before facing Stoke we are in for a weekend of cloth caps clogs and funny accents.
with subtitles

I never thought I would ever say this but “come on Bolton”. I don’t like Pullis and his Neanderthals and I think Owen Coyle is sound therefore let’s see Pullis and his baseball cap sent packing. Obviously the Manchester derby is pretty much a case of damned if you do damned if you don’t but I would prefer a Man Utd win; yes it’s back to straw clutching, but the more games they have to play the better as far as I’m concerned and let’s face it who wants to see Citeh buy the FA cup?
George whitebread

So if London survives this particular blitz and we beat Liverpool, then Wednesday is the visit to the bombsite on the Seven Sisters. It’s a must win game for us, as are all our games from now on and the ‘adventurers’ from the Champions league will no doubt be looking at celebrating their 50th Anniversary of their last league win with a place in the Europa league secured. Plus there’s the matter of all those blank DVDs they have left over from ten minutes into the first leg at the Bernabeu, that they would want to record onto.
back in the days of sp*rs title wins

Then, and here’s where my master plan comes into effect, we play Bolton, who, having reached the Cup Final will be delicately tip toeing around so as not to get injured for the showpiece; three points secured and with the visit of Man Utd it could (could) be game on. Which, in itself, would be both amazing and unlikely.
oh. alright then.. once more

Go on, take a straw.

Today's word is Hubris

"That is not our concern, we are responsible for our performances and for our attitude, not for the attitude of anybody else"-Arsene Wenger when asked on 2nd April 2011  whether the crowd will stick with the team

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Of course American sport has a proliferation of trophies but it's fair to say that some are equivalent to Champions Leagues, some to Carling Cups and some to Super cups/World club championships. Let's have a look at our cousins in Kroenke's records.

Colorado Avalanche
Stanley cup winners 2001
Conference Champions 2001
Presidents Trophy 2001
Divisional Champions 2001, 2002, 2003

St Louis Rams
Super bowl XXXIV winners 2000
AFC Champions 2002 

Denver Nuggets
Divisional title 2006, 2009, 2010

Colorado Mammoth
Championship 2006
Divisional Champions 2004, 2006, 2007

Colorado Rapids
MLS Cup winners 2010
Eastern conference champions 2010

A spread of winningness this Century, it's fair to say, so perhaps we are in good company now that Stan has a big interest in Arsenal. Certainly The Rapids and the Nuggets have had recent success while the Avalanche, following success at the early part of the decade are in a trophy less period as are the Rams . The Mammoth seeem consistent albeit in the smaller scale national Lacrosse League

The thing that is worth noting is that Stan has experience in the major sports in America NFL, NBA, NHL and the MLS, he has no stake in the NBL but perhaps this sporting background may be advantageous in terms of his staff and know how. Obviously big spending characters turning up in the English Premier League causes some degree of concern for traditionalists and they are all probably equally dodgy in their own ways ( i will leave those that know much more about these things to discuss this) but i would rather , simplistically, go for the 'lesser evil' of a billionaire with a sports pedigree and let the chips fall where they may.
pain is temporary quitting last for ever

Today's word is Contradiction

"We won the trophy for the most unlucky team last year. Is it a trophy to finish 12th and win the Carling Cup? The real quality of a big club is to fight for the championship.”-Arsene wenger


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Arse-en-al Arse-en-al Arse-en-al,
Arse-en-al Arse-en-al Arse-en-aaaaal, etc

Man Utd 2-1Chelsea;  a good result. How so?

  • The longer Man Utd are in tournaments the better for Arsenal's title aspirations
  • Chelsea will want to seek retribution in the league fixture which would be good for Arsenal's title aspirations
  • I can't countenance the thought of Chelsea being the first London club to win the Champions league.
And if you think that's straw clutching; what about this one

Sp*rs 5-0 Real Madrid

  • Mourinho falls out with the board over this debacle and they part company. Kronke sees that Jose is a proven winner and installs him at Arsenal in the summer with Wenger going in the opposite direction; which would be good for Arsenal's title aspirations
  • Sp*rs get even more carried away and feel the inevitable effects of 'after the Lord Mayor's show' and lose to Arsenal in the Derby which would be good for Arsenal's title aspirations
  • Barcelona humiliate Sp*rs 8-0 in the first leg and achieve an aggregate record in the second.
Sorry, have to sign off now, I hear the orderly and the doctor trying to break in and get the Asylum's laptop back...

Today's words are Mental and Strength

"Their mental strength this season was a positive surprise for me"-Arsene Wenger

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Today's word is talent

"Our players are continuing to develop and grow. We can fight for all four trophies and I feel that we have a squad with enough talent and commitment to make the 2008/09 season a successful one"-Arsene Wenger 2008

Monday, 11 April 2011


I guess its nice to collect things.

Today's word is spirit

“I feel the team have great spirit. There is quality there. I know people will be harder on us than we deserve. That's why I'm positive, because I believe in this team.” -Arsene Wenger


Sunday, 10 April 2011


The mission statement was come back from the seaside with a stick of rock and three points. Despite another Jekyll and Hyde performance that's what we did.
No analysis of the game necessary. It's strictly one game at a time now.
one 'game' at a time

Half time 0-2

A solid first half, no flash bang wallop but two good goals and a pretty sound defensive display. Jens showing safe hands and the sun is shinning.All that matters today is 3 points, however This first 45 has shown us why a player like Diaby will never be top drawer; a good performance in parts with a cool finish for the first goal, wastefulness in front of goal and an unnecessary yellow card. That's the standard I'm afraid. Lets hope that, as at Newcastle, he doesn't get a second yellow and leave us with ten men.
Aside these gripes it's the Arsenal and we are winning let's finish the job in the second half. Come on boys!

Return of Herr Mac

Pre kick off news; Jens is back!
Return of the Mac

Today's word is Hunger

"The team goes from strength to strength and we have shown again we are hungry"-Arsene Wenger

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Today's words is belief

"I am very confident. I have a great belief in the team" -Arsene Wenger

Friday, 8 April 2011

Contextual healing

A couple of people I know have been rubbing their hands with glee over Sp*rs demise at the Bernabeu. They have talked about how we have, in fact, done better than Sp*rs this season. Their rationale;

They spent more than us (nothing new there) and we are probably, I say probably, going to finish higher than them again.

They got knocked out of the FA cup early conceding four goals

They got knocked out of the Carling cup early conceding four goals

They look like they are out of the Champions league having conceded four goals in the first leg (unless Moses turns up at the Lane in a fortnight)

And this is what concerns me; Context.

In terms of sp*rs, you could argue that Arsenal will probably have ended the season having done better. But the fact that fans are making comparisons with Sp*rs shows how far we have fallen. We should be a club where comparisons are made with Man Utd &Chelsea at home and Bayern Munich & Real Madrid abroad.

Having to draw solace out of Sp*rs performances is a diabolical situation to be in. It’s pathetic. Its straw clutching at it’s most clutchy. Lets not forget that this is a club that released a DVD of their draw with us.

Arsenal Football club moved to the Emirates on the back of an unbeaten Championship, an FA Cup victory the following season and joining the elite and reaching the Champions League Final the next. This was supposed to be a springboard. We are now reduced to making comparisons with that lot down the road.

This quote should make all Arsenal fans realise that we have tolerated mediocrity for too long and without justification:

As Managing Director Keith Edelman explained before the move, the financial benefits of the Club's historic move will allow Arsenal to sustain their competitiveness at the highest level. "Our aim is to be a leading European club and, once we get into the new stadium, we will be in that position. It is very income-generous to us," he 21/08/07

Next time I hear someone drawing succor from thinking about Sp*rs in comparison to Arsenal I will ask them; “Has it really come to this?”
If you tolerate this

Thursday, 7 April 2011


The Five stages of supporting ARSENAL

DENIAL-"Maybe this set of players will come good after all. Perhaps Wenger is right, once we get that first trophy under our belt..."

ANGER-"This lot are sh*t! Denilson; awful, Diaby; thick, Rosicky; finished. Wenger has to go for f*cks sake this is dreadful can't the board see it?!!!"

ACCEPTANCE-"I can't be arsed anymore, I would rather be in the pub. Nothing is going to change, we've blown it again and we'll keep on blowing it, next season will be same time after time after time. We're stuck with this rubbish"
SCHADENFRAUDE-"ha ha Sp*rs got beat, they won't do anything this season. What a bunch of over rated twats"

HOPE "Oh my gosh! Wenger's sacked! The board have given the new guy a wad of money and he's already started getting rid of the crap. Hurray!"


king of wishful thinking
hopelessly devoted
Needless to say (Schadenfraude)

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