Sunday, 26 January 2014


Happy days?
So is this it then? Is this hello to the good times we’ve been waiting for?

Sitting proudly atop the Premier League, safely into the next round of the FA cup, a mouth watering tie against the European Champions ahead and some exciting, season defining, fixtures in the coming months. Not to mention the rarity of opposition goals at the Emirates and some sumptuous football being played by our ever more confident squad.
Have we got the chemistry right this season?
We are witnessing the implosion (short term maybe) of Manchester United, our long time nemesis, with gleeful schadenfraude, and the regular living down to expectations of that lot up the road is a comforting constant.

Liverpool remain a conundrum and it is somewhat ironic that many a word has been spoken about the implications of an injury to Giroud being problematic for the Arsenal, yet an injured Suarez would be catastrophic for the Merseyside Reds. Mourinho has returned and swiftly reverted to his attention seeking love in with the press: to be fair he has also made Chelsea a much tougher proposition. Which brings us to Manchester City; in my view for them not to win the League should be considered an outright disaster. The expenditure, the squad and the firepower dictate that they are favourites to snatch back the title from their neighbours and of course the northern centric media are falling over themselves to laud them.
Was Ozil the missing piece or is there another piece of the jigsaw to come?
The Arsenal, on the other hand,have been written of since day one by those supposedly in the know. We are one bad injury away from capitulation, one bad result away from collapse and one failure in the transfer window away from scrapping into a Champions League place according to all and sundry.

Which brings me back to my original question: are these the good times?

Well I think that maybe they are. Being written off, undervalued and generally disliked has always been an indicator of the Arsenal doing well. No club confounds the critics like the Arsenal and yes there is a long way to go but to quote Kevin Keegan; “I would love it” if the Arsenal of 2014 come out on top and raise a metaphorical middle finger like the 71’, ’89, ’91 and ’98 squads did. You never know, good times could become great times.
 will it end in tears of joy or sadness?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

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