Saturday, 7 April 2012


Sunderland V Sp*rs ended goalless meaning that Sp*rs currently sit third. It was a game that had 0-0 written all over it after about 30 minutes. The baton now passes to us in today’s fixture against Man City. A win gives us a two point advantage and a draw puts us back in third. One side that we need to be mindful of in the shake up for 3rd & 4th is Newcastle who have hung on all season and present a threat to ECL qualification.

What the SAFC v THFC game showed is the poverty of this current Premier League; it was awful.

A cursory comparison between teams in the Premier era makes grim reading for the current state of the game.

The Man Utd of 99 would definitely beat the current side, The Newcastle of Keegan, The Chelsea of Mourinho, the Villa of Atkinson, the Blackburn of Dalgleish, The Liverpool of Fowler, McManaman, Owen etc would batter the Liverpool of 2012. Certainly the Invincibles would put the current Arsenal team to the sword. Even teams like Middlesbrough and Bolton had some decent players.

It is in this environment that we see a league that is awash with mediocrity, a league where O’Neill, McLeish and the like are content to play for a draw every week.

To win a tough league, like Arsenal have done in the past, makes that achievement even more meaningful, but to win a poor league carries no less sense of Triumph. Should United, as looks likely, win the League, Ferguson won’t give a monkeys about the perceived quality of the league.

Therefore it’s a great time to try to take a hold of this league in the forthcoming season. A chance to impose some quality and endeavour. Winning the title in a race with a quality field is one thing, but winning it regardless of your peers is still a prize we need to strive for in 2012/13.

Later today we play a team who have the financial resources to become that club that takes the Premier League in their grip in the future. We position ourselves at the other end of the spectrum in our own quest to return to the top.

Almost a game between the two potential faces of the future.

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