Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Strange one this; Arsenal V QPR New Years Eve 3:00. Now I love a Boxing day  game at home, it's a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air then grudgingly restart the process of imbibing, knowing that you can have a nap later. There's a certain atmosphere about these games and the refreshing blast of cold air is envigorating following a Christmas day of over indulgence. I quite like a New Years Day game at home; it's a good excuse to take it a bit steadier on NYE and it's good for cobweb clearing.
As for New Year's Eve, odd is what I think. Doubtless a good number of attendees are off out later so by 5:45 a post match drink (which is hard to refuse given the time of year) is wrought with danger; danger of peaking early, danger of rushing around.There is alson a danger that those of us who dread New Years eve celebrations are even more depressed due to a home loss.
I remember playing Villa and drawing on New Years Eve which was okay as it was a pretty good game, but still. I also recall beating the Hammers on New Years Eve which still was a bit odd.
The other thing about the end of the year is that we will have said goodbye to a not particularly memorable year, we will also have played the away fixtures that are always tricky at WHL Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge so reason for optimism in 2012? I hope so.
This New Year period is a London Derby double header with the soothing visit to Fulham on the 2nd January providing a silver linning. of course SKY Tv are the architects of strange kick offs and I suppose we should all be used to it but stil: New Years Eve?

Merry New Year?

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