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“They’ve (Arsenal) got no chance of winning anything this year”-Andy Jacobs 31/10/11Talksport

The normally humorous and Reasonable talksport presenter is stinging after his Chelsea team were undone by Arsenal at the weekend, leading to severe antiarsenalism.
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It’s been, shall we say, an action  packed weekend for me, full of ‘good idea at the time’ moments, hangovers, kids parties and prior engagements; therefore I am only getting clear headed enough now to compose anything worth reading.
Saturday’s win at the home of the teenage Chelsea was a satisfying victory; satisfying in that it was based on character, craft and a hell of a lot of determination.
Fighting back in a game is the mark of team spirit and that’s what The Arsenal did.
The reportage of the game was full of comment on the defensive shortcomings of both teams rather than the ability we showed to dig ourselves out of holes.
Aside from man City’s result at Old Trafford there has been no better result this season. To win away from home against a team with virtually their first team in place is always good, but for that team to be Chelsea, who are, according to pundits contesting the League this year, is superb; especially given the fact that we scored five.
A side show to the game was the Chelsea captain; the loathsome John Terry. Given recent accusations on top of his already significant list of misdemeanours it was hugely satisfying to see him throw himself to the ground in truly Oscar nomination style once he realised he wouldn’t catch RVP; a pitiful act of weakness on his part.
The celebrations at the final whistle between our boys and the fans were a great bonding moment and presented a definite connection. I has mentioned this before, as I feel that this group of players have that bit of character and individuality that we have missed for some time. With such characters like Frimppong and Wilshire also part of the plan alongside the super consistent Sagna, one begins to feel an affinity with the men in red and white.
Yes, it’s just three points, but three points away at a difficult ground, and three points further along the road of recovery. With, arguably our three toughest away fixtures out of the way before November (OT,WHL, SB) there is reason for quiet optimism. Regardless of Man City’s current form we have generally done well at their place so our remaining league fixtures may depend on how much we can make the Emirates something of a fortress. 

To use a Halloween style quote

“May you be cursed to live in interesting times”-Harry Kim


Saturday, 29 October 2011


Arsenal beat Chelsea in eight-goal thriller

I'm not going to talk about The Press, The Media, defending, racism, John Terry deliberately falling over or anything else. I'm simply going to bask in the glow of a victory. Wining at Stamford Bridge is lovely. It's great. It's the nuts.
You could clearly see what it mean to our players at the final whistle and that joy was fully merited.
We have now played at Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and WHL in the league, so if you like, those tricky fixtures are out of the way.
All over: Arsenal celebrate their stunning victory at the final whistle

With Sagna and Wilshire to return and with Vermallen back in the mix there is reason for optimism and reason for a smile.
Let's enjoy today's victory and let's all turn out on Tuesday to support our boys.
Up The Arse!

Agony: John Terry looks on after his slip let Robin van Persie through to score the fourth

Arsenal storm the bridge

I was going to be loquacious and erudite but sod that!
Get in there you glorious golden Gunners!
You f# cking beauties!!!!

Friday, 28 October 2011


I don’t like Chelsea FC. Why? You may ask (or not). Where to begin. Is it the nouveau riche fans that crawled out of the woodwork when Abramovitch parked his gold plated Helicopter on the helipad, the horrible players that they have, the misapprehension that they are based on the
Fulham Road
or the arrogance?
It’s all of that and more. Let’s face it they bulldozed their way into the elite based on being flash Harrys. That’s not to say that I begrudge a team that use money to replace history; that’s the way of the football world. The difference is that, unlike Blackburn for example, there was and is nothing likable about the Club post Abramovitch.

Of course like every club there are proper supporters that have been there through thick and thin and will be there regardless of fashionability; my Uncle for example. But in Chelsea’s case I fear that the ‘all mouth and trousers’ brigade are the most vociferous. Tim Lovejoy is the quintessential modern Chelsea fan; that sums it up for me.

I also don’t like Chelsea because of John Terry. The Captain of a club should sum up the spirit and ethos of that club and in Terry Chelsea have the Captain that suits them down to the ground. His rap sheet tells you all you need to know and the latest ‘controversy’ is not by any stretch of the imagination a shock. In the words of Craig Bellamy of all people, last season “Everyone knows what he’s like”

Therefore I look forward to playing them because I really enjoy beating them. It used to be a given that we didn’t lose to them; obviously this is news to the Chelsea fans who joined up six years ago, but there was a period when they could not win against us but times change and we had a long run of bad results against them.  Of late the balance has been redressed somewhat and games between the two clubs are more competitive.

Recent victories at The Emirates have been extremely enjoyable and our current captain RVP’s brace at their place a couple of season’s back also sticks in the mind. Saturday’s trip to Stamford Bridge is a good indicator of where we are at the moment and it feels as if we can look forward to it as both teams are in transitional phases. The main difference being that Chelsea’s is a transition of the old guard and ours is of the new.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Arsenal Fc - Official History [DVD]

On this day in 2003 The Arsenal Official History 1886-2003 was released

On this day in 2004 RVP made his competitive debut for Arsenal and scored against Man City in the League Cup
On this day in 2004 Seb laarsson made his debut in the same game

On this day in 2010 Arsenal beat Newcastle 4-0 at St James' in the Carling Cup

On this day in 1950 Doug Lishman scored the first of three consecutive Highbury hat tricks

On this day in 1999 Arsenal lost to Fiorentina during the ill fated spell at Wembley Stadium in The Champions League

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Oh dear. That's the last time I look into my crystal ball
Terrible predictions weren't they?
One thing you can never predict is the unpredictable


Now that The Carling Cup is all to play for I had a look at the teams left in and the potential final eight. And I’m going to break the habit of a lifetime and make some predictions.

Man Utd
Crystal Palace

All are safely through which leaves the following fixtures
The mists are parting....This is what I reckon.

Blackburn V Newcastle
Everton V Chelsea-Scouse Blues to overturn Londoners?
Stoke City v Liverpool-Upset in the offing?
Wolves v Man City

So I’m predicting

Man Utd v Arsenal
Man City v Arsenal
Newcastle v Arsenal

In the next round

We may know who our opponents are in the quarter Finals before we take to the field against Chelsea on Saturday: Good times ahead, eh?


And the momentum continues. A fine win in another competition. Don’t let the negative press coverage fool you; it was a tussle and we came out on top. Again. The quarter finals beckon. Again. Let’s not devalue the tournament, as it’s one of the two trophies we have a realistic chance of winning this season, based on the refurbishment we are under going.

As for the future, the return of TV5 was a great boost and the thought of a defensive unit next year without a weak link is exciting; for a number of season’s we have had to play with a fault in the back five be it the keeper or centre half. Now I can see the day where a back five of Sagna, Mertersacker, Vermaelan, Santos & Szczesny will present a formidable unit.

It's also refreshing to see Park score in such a calm manner. This guy seems to play and score, be it for club or country and could be that other striker wev'e needed.

All in all the season improves at a steady pace and we can now look forward to Saturday's trip to The Bridge with optomism; optomism with realism.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Let’s just suppose that Manchester City win the Premier league. Not too much of a supposition really; they look pretty good, have a nice squad to choose from and have a good manager with great tactical acuity. If they win it at a canter, so be it. Money giving the ability to buy quality has always been important in the modern game from Blackburn to Chelsea and all points between.  Ferguson is clearly not to be underestimated, although, perhaps his focus is that third European cup for himself having eclipsed Liverpool’s record.
Chelsea are doing okay but you can see the end of the road beckoning for some of the squad.

The Premier and Champions League are out of reach for us; I’m not being defeatist I’m just saying it as I see it. So the domestic cups are up for grabs; that’s the way I see it.

Carling Cup is a realistic target as is the FA Cup, and I believe that we need one of these. Not through desperation but because they are trophies that we can win, as the vast majority of teams entering are beatable.

A win tonight not only keeps our momentum in all competition going but takes us a step forward to Wembley so come on you second stringers let’s take our chance.


How I Feel @ 10:46

Another observation from the stoke city game is that some of my fellow supporters seem to be wearing Gravy stained glasses and wearing Baco-foil balaclavas. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from the continued character assassination that they carry out each home game against Theo Walcott. A group of supporters drone on for ninety minutes about Theo’s short comings, with the air of authority normally reserved for David Attenborough when explaining the gestation period of The Mountain Gorilla.

With much to be despondent about the targeting of Theo is not only counter productive but myopic. In the last two games it has gotten ridiculous and on a match day I feel like Basil in the scene in Fawlty Towers where he is trying to read Jaws and Sybil is reading a book smoking and eating chocolate while guffawing interminably, and then gets on the phone.

I wonder if it ever occurred to them that perhaps Theo has been charged with offering a bit of cover to Jenkinson and then Djorou, as they are not Bacary Sagna?

Has it ever crossed their minds that Theo is not a winger but a striker being asked to hug the touchline?

Has it ever entered their evaluation process that Theo has never caused the club a second of a minute of a problem since he’s been here?

I’m not mounting a one man crusade to defend Theo but I don’t think he’s any more or less consistent than a great many of the current Arsenal squad and as such his castigation is unwarranted. I don’t remember Adebayor getting this level of stick  during his time at the club when he completely stopped playing.
Can Theo do better? Of course but I would say, with the exception of RVP so could the rest of our squad.

I never get why some supporters just want to slag off their own. It seems contrary and destructive.

Have an opinion; yes, criticise at times; by all means? Support The Arsenal; always. Single out a player wearing an Arsenal, shirt who doesn’t deserve it; never.

Even though I'm getting cheesed off by them banging on in the vicinity of my ear hole I refuse to wear ear plugs, headphones or ear muffs but pretty soon I may just have to have a word in the shell likes of this group of loudmouths.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Against the odds

This is getting very, very tedious. So Arsenal can’t ‘sell out’ The Emirates and we are a ‘one man team’.

The last two Premier League games have been early kick offs on a Sunday and yesterday the Victoria Line was out of service; which for a lot of travellers meant getting to The Emirates was problematic.
I’m not for one minute saying that attendances are not down but let’s get it into perspective; credit crunch, recession and a poor start to the season has an effect so it’s far from panic stations. And let’s face it London prices have an impact.
Come to think of it Old Trafford looked pretty empty after an hour.

As for the one man team stick being used to beat us with, there’s a certain Merseyside team who it is generally acknowledged, even by their own support, that have been somewhat reliant on their Captain for a number of years. Could it be the fact that he is English and that we all know how much the media loves Liverpool that scant mention is made of this?
We didn't stand a chance

Watching Football Focus on Saturday which focused on the Manchester Derby, I took note of a quote made by City Captain Kompany, he said “a great Team is made up of strong characters” and I saw signs of strength of character yesterday that gave me a feeling of optimism. Szczesny did a bit of a Lehmann when a Stoke player ran into him, Santos was full of encouragement and advice Frimpong came on looking like a Pit Bull and Robin stepped up yet again. These are the shoots of character that are beginning to grow.
 The Arsenal squad celebrate winning the title at Anfield in 1989
they said it couldnt be done

All this antiasrsenalism is not annoying me or making me bitter; to be honest I love it, because I always feel that when every one is against us is when we triumph, like in 89, 91, 71 and on a numnber of other occassions, and show that strength of character and (to quote Keegan) “I would love it” if we win something this season against the odds and silence those begrudging and institutionalised haters of the Gunners.
They can take our points but they cant take our title

Sunday, 23 October 2011


This season is going to be a bit like climbing Mount Everest in Flip-Flops; a long hard slog. Our meat and drink is three points. This we achieved today due to that little bit of quality. Stoke where their usual awful selves and deserved nothing from the game. That they got a goal was down to poor defending on our part. Another two for the Captain sunk Stoke and we played keep ball for the last stretch of the game. This was met with Ole's from the less than full Emirates today. But three points is three points. That's what matters right now. It takes us up to seventh and in the region of where are aspirations are; the second tier of the League. Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs making up the front runners.
Talking of Manchester, there was some mention made at the Emirates today as the goals rolled in at Old Trafford. To me this extraordinary result was as meaningful as talking about La Liga or Serie A. So far away are City and United from us that a result between the two seems almost meaningless. That's the reality. Our first job is to get in amongst Liverpool, Sp*rs and NUFC at the moment; the upper echelons are , sadly , currently out of our reach.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


When critics come they come not single spies, but in battalions

Now, I’m not the type who looks out for car’s following me, strange phone calls or unexplainable coincidences but I can confirm that as an Arsenal supporter I have to say that there is something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Before during and after Wednesday’s enjoyable victory in Marseille there was layer upon layer of criticism, snide remark and general bastardness towards Arsenal. Particularly bad was the awful ITV coverage (are they any worse than Channel 5?). Did we want to know that O’Neill didn’t get on with Wenger? Did we want to be reminded ad infinitum that Arsenal have not had a great start to the domestic season? Was it good TV to have Keane gloating at our current sticky patch?
Ah-ha or not Ah-ha that is the question
Alan Partridge Gareth Southgate as a panellist brings new meaning to the word wooden. Andy Townsend transcends banality with his so called incisive views. Clive Tyldesley? I would rather have Ivy Tyldesley in the commentary box.
Tyledsley doth protest too much methinks
What happened to the pro British clubs in Europe reportage that ITV generally deal in? Those who were expecting unbiased and interesting coverage of the game by informed and articulate broadcasters were sorely disappointed. What we got was akin to the X Factor judges giving their views on talent.
more chatter with less art
The press were no better in their coverage. Some of the so called reporting was of the ‘last gasp Arsenal spared blushes variety’; funny that, as before they were banging on about how good OM were in Europe. There were far too many negatives in print to go into, but one of the best ones was Koscielny’s 6/10 rating!

Man Utd and Chelsea played nobodies Man City were a bit ‘last gasp’ yet Arsenal, unbeaten and topping a group that has The German Champions as a pot 4 team, the Greek Champions and the French runners up, receive scant praise. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not praise that I am looking for it’s a fair and open media view; basic stuff.

To quote the Bard again, the football media is an unweeded garden of things rank and gross in nature.
Quotes from Hamlet

© W. Shakespeare

Friday, 21 October 2011


Always Be Closing

What’s this fixation about Arsenal players signing new contracts,  Arsenal closing deals? Facts are that all players who are signed for Arsenal Football club, like every other club, are on contracts for a set period of time. They are generally signed because they want to play for the club and feel they are receiving an adequate wage. So far so simple, yet the press seem to have chosen contracts as their new stick to hit Arsenal with. First it was the Fabregas Nasri situation, then deadline day, and soon after the Old Trafford debacle all out war on all things Arsenal.
If a player who is on contract doesn’t want to extend or needs thinking time, but still delivers I don’t really care.
The press seem obsessed and the feeling is that they view neghotiators as salesmen trying to hit deadlines. That's not how it works with professional athletes and the machinery that surrounds them; they are not rubes to pitch snake oil to.
Every club has players on contracts that sections of the support don’t think warrant the pay they receive. By the same token there are players that supporters don’t want to leave, or can’t bear the thought of leaving.
Whichever players come and go and for whatever reason The Arsenal carries on. Players like Frimpong, Oxlade-Chamberlaine, Sczezcny and Wilshere are the types of players who will carry the torch; that’s how it’s always been. I remember when Merson, Davis, Thomas and Rocky were the next generation. Times change and we get used to those changes pretty quickly. For now our Captain, for example, is delivering regardless of the status of his contract and for that I’m glad, and for that I’ll say ‘fair play to you Robin”
Right here right now is very important at the moment as we seek to re establish things and right here right now our Captain is leading the way.

AndTalking of contracts.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


In a Champions League awash with Money; a tournament where Man City and PSG can just waltz into with a blank cheque book (and before that Chelsea) it’s worth remembering where that road can lead.

Our opponents last night are the poster boys for European Corruption in football

The 1992–93 UEFA Champions League was the 38th time that the European Cup had been contested only this time it was now UEFA Champions League

It was also the first season after the break-up of the CCCP and Yugoslavia which meant a large number of new teams entering
as Champions of their leagues into the competition.

The first time winners of the ‘new’ Champions league were Olympique De Marseille, who beat Milan in the final.

But this victory was tarnished, as soon after allegations of match fixing were leveled at Marseille and their president Bernard Tapie. The allegations were of match fixing in a league game where Marseille had fixed their title-clinching Division 1 game against Valenciennes thus allowing them time to focus on the Milan Final. This, in effect, was a handicap that may have  prevented Arsene Wenger's Monaco from  claiming the title

Marseille were stripped of their league title by the FFF (although not their Champions League title). Further punishment was forced relegation to League 2 and a ban from defending their European title in the 93-94 season. Neither were they permitted to take part in the 93-94 Supercup

A salutary lesson in the ability of money and power to corrupt.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

venez sur vous Gunners

Arsenal v Lens - UEFA Cup Semi-Final 2000
Arsenal are unbeaten in the last seven visits to France which is a nice record to have.Over the years we've also taken part in some pretty good games against the French home and away. If we can make it eight unbeaten it will prove to be a satisfactory nights work.
Arsenal 2 France 0
Arsenal v Auxerre
Arsenal v PSG
Arsenal v Lens
Arsenal v Lyon
Arsenal v Nantes
"venez sur vous Gunners"

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


" What I know now, was that these men would never break, never lie down, never bend over for anybody. Anybody." Verbal Kint: The Usual Suspects   

Remember they accused us of disgraceful behaviour? Bollocks to that! I'll tell you what's disgraceful; diving, rolling around, getting a fellow pro sent off, Refs colluding and xenophobic reactionism.
What's more honest is standing up for each other and saying " you see what you get when you try and f*ck with us!"
These guys had the ability, skill and quality but also the balls to stand up for themselves when others tried to take liberties.
How many of the current lot can you say that about?

Is this what's missing?
We're gonna stick together, just like it used to be! When you side with a man, you stay with him! And if you can't do that, you're like some animal, you're finished! We're finished!
 All of us!”
Pike Bishop: The Wild Bunch
Keown and Van Nistelrooy

Strawberry Alice: Unforgiven

“You begin to understand that you've only got two thing left they can't sweat out of you or beat out of you. Your balls. And you better hang onto them”
Nate Scarboro: The Longest Yard

“Let’s Rock!”
Vasquez: Aliens
“You're gonna win or you're gonna lose. The point is - can you win or lose like a man?”
Tony D’Amoto: Any given Sunday

“All right, sweethearts, you're a team and there's nothin' to worry about. We come here, and we gonna conquer, and we gonna kick some, is that understood? That's what we gonna do, sweethearts, we are going to go and get some.”
Sgt Apone: Aliens

“I'm gonna tell you something. Somebody messes with me, I'm gonna mess with him.”
Al Capone: The Untouchables
MAKING A POINT ... Vieira raps Van Nistelrooy
“You got a grudge against another man, you fight him Saturday afternoon”
Carr : Cool Hand Luke
“I'm trying to win. I ain't trying to disrespect nobody, but winning is the only thing I respect”
Willie Beaman: Any Given Sunday

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