Saturday, 15 October 2011


"Wenger Go !"                           "Wenger Stay !"
It seems to me that, possibly due to the rise of social media, that there is an unpleasant under current amongst Arsenal supporters at the moment.
As it stands the main bone of contention is between those that want Wenger to leave and those that want Wenger to stay. Both factions, if that’s the right term, have meeting places that are much mentioned. These rallying points would appear to be The Tollington Arms for the Pros and The Rocket for the Antis. As I go to neither public house on a match day I am only going by what I have read in the heated exchanges; please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this.

These exchanges are worrying as they are quite ferocious and something more than the ubiquitous ‘banter’ that we are all used to.
I imagine Bruce Banner's sitting at their keyboards getting more and more airiated until their temples throb, their shirts start to rip and the monster within emerges.

All kinds of blunt and ugly words have been bandied about by Arsenal supporter to Arsenal supporter. Long games of verbal tennis about what differentiates a fan from a supporter. Arguments about location, place of birth, right to follow the club. These debates pretty much focus on who has the right to an opinion and who hasn’t.
I genuinely feel that on Sunday this business of the two banners will end in tears. For those that are unaware a banner has been made by some supporters that says: Arsene thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye. In response to this another banner has been made by some supporters proclaiming:  Here’s to the next 15 in Arsene we trust.

Now the making of a banner is no big deal as far as I’m concerned, obviously a bit of humour would have been nice but ultimately The policy at our club is to keep the supporter under manners (to use a phrase I’ve not heard in a while) so I very much doubt that either banner will make it onto MOTD. Of course the jobsworths may confiscate one and allow the other which, to my way of thinking would be a self destructive move. Much in the way that the ban on International flags was imposed without consultation the club will only allow positive sentiments to be portrayed; which is a slippery slope towards further censorship.

So are we going to see two sets of fans with opposing views facing off with banners that they can’t take in, outside the Emirates on Sunday? Will the keyboard vitriol spill over? I sincerely hope not. I think it would be unpleasant and rather embarrassing, but that’s just my view. people are angry, that's one thing that's clear though.

The observation I would make is that right now The Arsenal is in a crisis and us supporters have to get behind the team regardless of sentiment regarding the Manager: a divided support has no chance and that’s where we are heading. Where the fault lies is where thec real debate needs to be.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

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