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And so it continues; the abuse and the ignorance that is. There are many, many people who blog and tweet about The Arsenal. Given the large amount of supporters our great club has there will always be opinions that differ, points of view, discussion topics that vary. I love all that, it makes things interesting.

I’ve been in pubs on match days and we have got talking to fellow supporters with different ideas about the club and not once, over a number of years have people become abusive. Not once. Even when passions have run high. That’s not how you conduct yourself; it’s ignorant and unnecessary.

Ah, but from behind the safety and anonymity of the keyboard behaviour that would get you thumped in the pub is deemed acceptable. There’s one thing having supporters of other clubs with nothing to do but abuse us it’s another when Gooner is turning on Gooner.

Arsebloog, Lady arse, Goodplaya, East Lower Goonerholic, Gunnerblog, Ashburton Grove, Gingers4Limpar and others write with clarity and humour, taking the time and effort to talk about the club we love yet abuse is hurled in their direction on a regular basis.

The main bone of contention is Wenger.

There are those who want him to stay because they think he is the best man for the job.There are those who want him to stay through fear of the unknown, ie: who would replace him. Those who want him to stay but change. Those that want him sacked. Those who want to give him until the end of the season. Those that believe his record in the past should be enough to keep the faith. And those who's opinion is changeable.

All fair enough and all up for discussion.

I personally don't believe that making banners and holding marches is the right way to voice concerns but each there own.

What is disturbing is the vitriol flying about the place; vitriol normally reserved for Sp*rs or Chelsea. This profanity is aimed at Arsenal supporters and comes from Arsenal supporters and it's out of order.

Quite frankly if some of the keyboard abuse I've received was delivered in person during a post match drink the unfortunate individual would not do it twice believe me.

Is this what it has come to though? In fighting derision and division. Just when things are bad is when a bit of unity needs to surface a bit of respect for one's fellow Gooner. It would be awful if Wenger’s legacy was not as the man behind the Invincibles but the man who tore the supporters apart.
"If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”
 J.C. Mark 3:24-25

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