Tuesday, 29 July 2014

BT Bite Back

BT Sport don’t seem to like us much, then again why should they be any different? There Premier League advertising campaign features the Arsenal enduring heavy defeats and seems to show a general gloating from the participants avidly watching and listening to the games. Many on social media have harrumphed and pouted about this ant Arsenal bias. As for me? Not a problem. Let the players and manager watch the adverts and remind themselves what those humiliations felt like. Let them gird their loins and makes themselves determined to reverse those score lines.
During the 90/91 Season George Graham gave a speech at London Colney to the Arsenal squad following our points deduction after victory at Old Trafford.
“It’s always been fashionable to get at the Arsenal” he said and went on to rouse the listening squad.
These adverts should have the same effect.
Never mind that the two clubs featured hammering us won nothing that season and that we are one of only two clubs who won anything. Never mind what might have been, we need to put those embarrassments in the bin by turning up against the other members of the top four and giving them a bit of payback. A dish served cold is always the best answer in these situations. So thanks BT sport for putting the ammunition in the Gunners’ cannon!

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