Friday, 31 December 2010


Tough one. Consistency has not been our strong point, so for end of last season CF and for start of this SN have to share. Honourable mentions to Thomas Vermaelen & Marouane Chamakh.

High points being Cesc's stroll through Sp*rs defence

 and THAT Samir goal in the Champions League.

In terms of the 'least' player that's a hard one but Rosicky (based on ability)has been a let down, Arshavin (again, looking at his ability) has yet to prove consisitent. But Our Goalkeepers Almunia and Fabianski must share this wooden spoon. Unfortunately there are not enough spoons to go around our host of under achievers.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Homer win followed by Odyssey to Wigan exposes Achilles Heel while Wenger's Nero fiddles away

Me last night, having watched the highlights after avoiding the score all evening;
"Any game where, Diaby & Denilson are anchoring midfield the ineffectual Rosicky and the erratic Arshavin are supporting them and where you have a central pairing of whom 1 gives away a penalty and the other scores an OG in front of a problematic keeper, is going to be a struggle. Add to that a 3 man offensive unit who have never played together,whilst leaving in-form Nasri, a buzzing Walcott and a confident Djourou on the bench and you have a recipe for disaster. Fact is that the 89th minute ‘non penalty’ should have been irrelevant against a 10 man Wigan had the momentum from the Chelsea game been maintained by a rational team selection. Oh did I say rational. Tonight was 1 point gained but 2 points dropped. It seems that this team shoots itself in the foot time after time; and we all know who’s loading the gun!"

After a bit of reflection and a cup of coffee I feel that the result in itself is not bad,however, within the context of the Chelsea game and the current state of the top of the league it's extremely frustrating. More so as I firmly believe that the league is won and lost on 2-1 leads that are maintained for 3 point or lost for 1.
Wenger's team selection, poor performances from talented players,average players unable to raise their game and refereeing decisions are all imponderables. However there is one incontrovertible fault at the heart of Arsenal's erratic form. One factor that, if Wenger gleans anything from training sessions is something that he should address; either in terms of personnel or repetition of training regimes.

So far this season Arsenal have scored as many goals as current leaders Manchester United and more than Chelsea, Man City, Sp*rs and other top four candidates. Arsenal have also (jointly with Man City) won the most games so far this season.Therefore clearly we have a defensive problem;specifically that an unbelievable 50 % of goals conceded have come from set pieces. This is clearly, even to the most stubborn of manager, a major problem.A better first choice goalkeeper, utilising Chamakh and Bendtner more effectivelly on set plays where the ball is lofted into our area, more effective training focusing on this area, purchase of central defender/s that are better equipped to cope with this? none of these things seem to be happening.

To mix classical references, if set piece's are our Achilles heel why is Wenger fiddling while Rome burns?
Arsenal New Year DVD trailer

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Gunners the real thing as Chelsea feel the force
"The more you tighten your grip, Ancelotti, the more points will slip through your fingers"-Princess Leia

Monday, 27 December 2010

Revenge of the Gunners

"By 2014 we want to be internationally recognised as the number one club "-Peter Kenyon
"Stamford Bridge, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany."-Obi Wan Kenobi

As long time readers of Arsenalism will know, my view is that Chelsea equates to the evil Empire and Arsenal, are the Force's yin to their yang. Drogba and the rest of the obnoxious Stormtroopers, marshaled by Abramovitch's Evil Emperor and Kenyon's Darth Vader need to feel the power of the Force personified by Arsenal's purity of philosophy. They said that Jedi's were above the concept of revenge; I beg to differ. I want to see good conquer evil at the Emirates, not just to have the moral high ground but I want revenge!

"The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side."-Yoda

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Three Hos and a lady

Merry Christmas from Greta Gynt Star of The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

Some facts that may be cause for optimism

Manchester United have twice surrendered a Yuletide lead - to Arsenal, in both 1997-98 and 2003-04.

Since its formation in 1992 each Premier League winner has come out of those that are in the top five on Christmas Day

Santa Claus has a big white beard and can travel the world in 24 hours.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shinny nose. apparently if you ever saw it you could even say it glows.
..and even Scrooge turned into a big spender!
You see? anythings possible.

Monday, 20 December 2010

ARSENAL V chelsea. Time for a change


Its about time we redressed the balance against a ‘big’ side. Chelsea are well over due a beating at the Emirates. Its been three years almost to the week since our number 10 got a winner and Cesc made a point to Cole (always a pleasure to see).
We have gone from the team that always beats Chelsea to the team that always seems to get punished by them.
1-0 will do and it would be a tonic that Arsenal’s current team sorely need. I can't abide Chelsea; they're like the rich man's spoilt brat. A deeply unpleasant set of individuals from top to bottom. They have been better than us recently and that's undeniable.
It would be great to see a little of that smugness gone, come final whistle on the 27th. As we did when we put a spoke in their title wheel in 2008, but this time let's have all three points.

a song for Cole

Friday, 17 December 2010


Arsenal v Barcelona; Foregone conclusion? Not at all. Let’s not forget that last time round Arsenal scored 3 goals against them over the two legs.
Currently Barca are a club buoyed by success, playing good football with a high degree of confidence. They are managed by a man who is in the middle of a great spell at the club.  Arsenal have a set of players with huge question marks hanging over them and a Manager who, at best, is overly pragmatic and has lost his eye for a player.

Arsenal can beat Barcelona over two legs but it depends on a lot (a hell of a lot) of ifs.  
On the basis that there are not going to be two or three world class signings in January; why would Wenger change the habits of a life time? To conquer the Catalans the following ‘ifs’ need to happen.

If Vermaelan, Fabregas and Van Persie are back and fit.Giving us a spine
If Arshavin can produce over 180 minutes what we know he’s capable of
If Nasri retains his current form
If Song sticks to sitting in front of the defence
If Gibbs is back with a run of games at left back.
If Walcott and Wilshire’s mercurial nature can impact in the games.
If Chamakh and Bendtner are utilised appropriately.
If our goalkeeper (whoever that may be) has a decent game
If Rosicky suddenly discovers what he's actually on the pitch to do
And most importantly, if the team can view the last game at the Camp Nou in the right way and see this as a chance to gain vengeance rather than an opportunity to stand back and be dazzled and intimidated.

Let’s not get things out of proportion Barcelona are not gods sent down from Asgard and Olympus. I think, however, that with this set of players the mental barrier is going to be the biggest one to conquer. Particularly if we face them with the likes of Diaby, Denilson and Eboue (although to be fair to Eboue i have no problem when he's deployed at right back) who have had their chance to shine and are never going to be of the requisite quality.

Inter Milan and Mourinho didn’t have that mental barrier last time and they prevailed. That’s the Champions League for you

Arsenal v Fight Club

Looking ahead to Saturdays game against Stoke...

Pullis' new signing

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Man Utd v Arsenal-predictablly inevitable and inevitably predictable

After the result at Old Trafford it just goes to show that this season's race for the Premiership title is like Wacky Races: a bunch of clapped out jalopies stumbling towards the finish line, with the least incompetent turning their moment out front into a finishing line triumph despite dubious ability.
Next stops for Wenger's Professor Pat Pending are Stoke City in the Boulder Mobile and the Anthill Mob alias Chelsea.
the league

Monday, 13 December 2010


Wiltord scores a significant goal at Old Trafford. No not that one, this one in the FA Cup


“Ruud van Nistelrooy is a cheat and a coward who is sneaky in the way he goes about fouling other players. Everyone thinks he’s a nice guy but, in fact, he’s a son of a bitch. He has a history of incidents that all too often have gone unnoticed,”
“He has punched Freddie Ljungberg and elbowed Lauren. At Arsenal we hated him and had real reason to do so. I can’t stand the sight of Van Nistelrooy. He’s a great player — but everything about him annoys me.”-PATRICK VIEIRA

I hope we won't be discussing cheating tonight, although,  based on past evidence

Saturday, 11 December 2010

manchester united v ARSENAL -date with destiny?

Manchester United V Arsenal. Always a big game and in the not too distant past an immensely important game. Defining moments have occurred for both teams in these games and in the Cups it remains a biggie.

However in League terms the positive results at Old Trafford have been significant.

The time was that this fixture (and the corresponding one at Highbury/Emirates) was the top game in the top flight. Regardless of a variety of teams challenging for the title, this fixture since Alex Ferguson arrived, has been the best. Against Graham to an extent but against Wenger definitely.

Forget the Newcastle v Liverpool games, don’t mention the Chelsea v Liverpool encounters, dismiss the Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United moments; Arsenal v Man U/Man U v Arsenal games were the battles of Britain

Let’s see if 13/12/10 goes into the annals as a defining moment.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Last sixteen-the luck of the draw

Okay we didn't top our ECL Group; Doom and gloom abound, but...

Top of The Premier League. Semi Final of The Carling Cup against  Championship opponents. Home draw in the FA Cup against Championship opponents. Qualified for last 16 in The Champions League. Not bad, not bad at all. But what do the football fates have in store?

The draw for the last 16 takes place 12.00CET Friday 17th December. And Arsenal have the least choice in teams they can be drawn against, with the four choices being

Real Madrid
Bayern Munich
FC Schalke 04

Other Teams have combinations of 6, 7 or 8 different clubs they can play. Arsenal just the four, three of the teams ex European Champions at that. hmm I wonder....

play your cards right?

You could look at things and say 'exciting times ahead', what with Monday's trip to Old Trafford as well. Glass half full or half empty?
I have to say (surprisingly) half full.

"Faites vos jeux"

Champions Leagues- Cliche special

All the English clubs have finished top of their EUFA Champions League groups which narrows down the teams that Arsenal would draw should we finish second in our group; If we finish second. Or we could not qualify and go into the Europa cup. Or we could finish top of the group. The reason I posit these scenarios is that there are a number of ways of thinking about things.

1. Oh no what a disaster finishing second! we might get Barcelona.
2. Great, finishing second means we get to play one of the 'big boys'
3. Triffic we've managed to finish top and we will get a softer draw
4. Shit were in the Europa which means Thursday afternoons channel 5
5. Lovely, were in the Europa which I reckon we can win
6. Que Serra Serra

See? none of it is worth worrying about. It's a bit of a 'run before you can walk' situation.
You pays you re money and you takes your chance, its a competition where inevitably you will meet a good team so let's just get to the position where we are in the draw. My concern is always to avoid English teams in the latter stages if possible, but should we get that far and draw one maybe it's our turn after being knocked out by Chelsea Man Utd and Liverpool.

What this season has taught me is ; Expect nothing and you may be nicely surprised.

Let's win tonight Gunners and let the chips fall where they may.
Partizan Belgrade fan merch

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Best of a bad bunch Top Table

"We're so good that even when we're shit we win"-Stuart 'The Brand' Bagge: The Apprentice

Here we sit, again, atop the Premier League table; this time for at least a week. How we got here is a question that is hard to answer. Certainly Nasri's continued quality made the difference during a lack lustre game at an Emirates with notable empty seats. The half hearted boos of the Talkspite listeners among the Fulham fans that greeted Arshavin's touches did little to inspire any sort of retorts. The game itself followed the pattern we have come to expect at The Emirates and therefore no one was really surprised that Fulham fashioned an equaliser to Nasri's wonder goal. To take the lead again was a matter of that little bit of quality that some of our players have. Results elsewhere and the Blackpool weather meant that, at the final whistle we knew that Arsenal were top of the tree.
1-0 & 2-1
You can't argue with facts and with games against Chelsea and Man Utd to come, the improbable could happen; Arsenal going into the new year clear at the top.

What is frustrating though is the three games lost at home. Had we even managed to draw those games (which should have been the minimum from the positions we were in) then we would have that bit of breathing space at the top.

Never the less, in as much as the sun has decided to come out and lighten the winter gloom, the fact that Arsenal are on top of the league is cause for a wry smile and a contemplative "you never know"

Table Topping Arsenal

Saturday, 4 December 2010

ARSENAL v FULHAM irrational dislike

I don’t mind Fulham; little club a ground full of character. Last year they did okay under Hodgson and we’ve given them Inamoto, Boa Morte and Volz over the years.
Don’t mind them at all. However, they now have that great filthy lumbering oaf managing them.
Probably the dirtiest player of his generation and a managerial failure.He even played for that lot with the awful Stadium by Brompton cemetery.
MH getting lairy
Therefore I want to beat them as i want to beat every team, but this desire is also based on seeing Mark Hughes lose. Sorry Fulham but 'Sparky' is a permed thug.
Here he is in THE worst kit of all time

Friday, 3 December 2010


Anti Arsenal Talksport and in particular anti Arsenal Adrian Durham have plumbed the depths of xenophobic hate and stupidity. After England failing to get the World cup, or should that be, Russia getting the World Cup. Durham had this to say about Andre Arshavin, who took part in the Russian bid:
"He shouldn't be welcomed back into England after what he did to us" He added that Arshavin "should be booed when he returns to club duty for Arsenal"

I don't listen to Talksport anymore but plenty of people do and this smacks of the Eduardo witch hunt. Anyone who saw the BCFC fans behaviour the other night knows that planting a seed of hate could have terrible repercussions. If you feel that Durham should be bought to task, rather than just ignored for the fool he is, contact any of these addresses.

It's hate mongering xenophobia pure and simple.

methinks international football breeds xenophobia, hatred and indeed racism.    We should not let it interrupt our club football season.  International football should be carried out during the Summer break, and any injuries on returning to their clubs should be at the expense of the National sides, who would be expected to have insurance to cover them.   Players can then decide on Nationalism or family holidays.   Not sure of the nationalism in football / sport and similar illnesses is a particularly English disease or if it spread evenly across the globe.

But Goonerish it is, always

Monday, 29 November 2010

The long and winding road

So we play Leeds in the FA Cup.
We generally get involved in mini marathons when we play them in the FA Cup. So far so good though, we seem to have got through eventually. The last time we beat Leeds in an FA Cup replay we went on to win the domestic Cup double. (which I would be happy with again). The FA Cup on a replay! 
...and one of our over looked last minute goals.

Arsenal 2-Leeds United 2  
Replay Leeds United 2-Arsenal 3 

Arsenal 0-Leeds United 0
Replay Leeds United 1-Arsenal 1
Replay Arsenal 0-Leeds United 0
Replay Leeds United 1 Arsenal 2

Arsenal 1-Leeds United 1
Replay Leeds United 1 Arsenal 1
Replay Arsenal 2 Leeds United 1

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Gunners go top Aston Villa 2-Arsenal 4

A poor Aston Villa scored twice today. Clark was left unchallenged twice. The first occassion was due to poor decision making from Clichy. Having responded well, courtesy of a Chamakh goal, to Villa's first goal that halved a two goal half time lead,  Arsenal began to show boat at 1-3. This is the sign of a team that is incapable of learning. The score then went 2-3 and the old anxiety began to set in.
To be fair Villa's second goal was helped in no small part by Fabianski's view being obscured by Carew who was standing in an 'interfering with play' position.

Never the less a three point haul from an away trip cannot be under valued. Arshavin and Chamakh both played well today and there where touches of row Z and taking the ball to the corner flag late on; yes this is also part of the game. The fourth goal in stoppage time was a useful addition to our goal difference, and as I write we sit on top of the league.

Despite the result and subsequent league position there is still a nagging feeling of trepidation. This team have yet to earn my faith. They have my support as Arsenal players, but faith is harder to come by.

Still (for now); "We are top of the league, say, we are top of the league!"
Team                 P    GD   PTS
3Man Utd141328
4Man City14825
13Aston Villa15-717
16West Brom14-916
20West Ham14-149

A Cock and Bull story

To finish a week where the voice of Sp*rsdom/Media/White Van man/ has proclaimed that Sp*rs are a bigger club, a better Club a blah blah blah, than Arsenal based on their victory a mere 6 days ago, let’s not forget that like Haley’s comet Sp*rs victories at Arsenal come along once in a blue moon.For some it's a once in a lifetime experience. No matter our current woes, what can’t speak can’t lie; here are the stats.

1992/93: Arsenal 1, Sp*rs 3 - Sp*rs won
1993/94: Arsenal 1, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs nope
1994/95: Arsenal 1, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs winless
1995/96: Arsenal 0, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs without win
1996/97: Arsenal 3, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs beaten
1997/98: Arsenal 0, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs draw without winning
1998/99: Arsenal 0, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs fail to be victorious
2000/2001: Arsenal 2, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs Leave without a point
2001/2002: Arsenal 2, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs didn’t win
2002/2003: Arsenal 3, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs taste defeat again
2003/2004: Arsenal 2, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs lose
2004/2005: Arsenal 1, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs single digit loss
2005/2006: Arsenal 1, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs muster a non win
2006/2007: Arsenal 3, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs goalless
2007/2008: Arsenal 2, Sp*rs 1 –Sp*rs nil point
2008/2009: Arsenal 4, Sp*rs 4 – DVD
2009/2010: Arsenal 3, Sp*rs 0 –Sp*rs nitto
2010/11: Arsenal 2, Sp*rs 3-Sp*rs won

Umm Perspective anyone
once in a lifetime

acknowledgements to R.Owsley

Friday, 26 November 2010

Reflections on a bad week

Wenger has a squad that lacks character. That statement is an obvious one. The psychology of sport is often overlooked or misrepresented. I believe that in Wenger’s heyday he assembled a set of players who had the technical ability yet also had character. There was little for him to do during each ninety minutes; just let them play. Given their skill and character they would get the results 90% of the time.
On the occasions when they needed something from Wenger during a game they were sold short. The ECWC Final v Galatasary, The Champions League final v Barcelona, The ECL quarter final v Chelsea for example.

You could justifiably say there is an art top selecting the right players and just letting them play. But Wenger has stopped choosing the right players for that mission statement

Wenger’s skill was in finding the players that had the requisite traits needed aside from playing ability. He was given a helping hand at the beginning with some of Graham’s boys.

This set of players, by and large, is completely created in Wenger’s laboratory, and it shows. Wenger has ceased to be a manager in the sense that selection is his only tool of trade; tactics and inspiration are missing from his arsenal.

There is no place for sentimentality in football and Arsene’s achievements grow more and more like old newspapers with each passing result.

If a decline is inevitable, as currently is the case, there needs to be a strategy to arrest that decline.

Protestations that we are not a team in decline are groundless. Lower league positions, failure to reach European finals each year, less points, less progress in domestic cups, less automatic qualification for Champions League, these are all facts;
Comparing the last five seasons with the five seasons prior tells its own story
2002 double winners, 2003 FA Cup winners, 2004 Champions, 2005 FA Cup winners, 2006 ECL Finalists. 2006/2007-2010/2011 So far nothing in terms of trophies league positions are lower and major final appearances are too.

With some character/s in the team the last five years needn’t have been so barren. The man charged with ensuring that Arsenal have the right players for the job stands alone on his soapbox of doctrine, and it seems that he has reached the point in his time at Arsenal where he doth protest too much that this lot have ‘a winning mentality’ as they have yet to prove it. That proof does not look remotely imminent.
dead end street

Thursday, 25 November 2010

A View from the USA

Amid the numerous opinions, blogs, articles on Arsenal there are sometimnmes views that seem to hit the proverbial nail on the head. One such is the following posted on The Gunning Hawk by
Erik Ian Larsen, who is a former writer for the Chicago Tribune and an award-winning sports columnist. I  present his view (fith full recognition) on Arsenal in it’s entirety as I feel it is one of the most considered and thoughtful takes on the current state of Arsenal.

"Let me begin this by saying I truly respect and admire Arsene Wenger. He’s the winningest manager in Arsenal history, has kept our club competitive and relevant despite constructing a new stadium, and continues to unearth top notch talent from all over the globe to wear the red and white. I am not a member of either extremist fan group that both lauds and lambasts our manager. I do not blindly support. It’s not in my blood. And I don’t blindly hate either. “In Arsene We Trust” and “In Arsene We Rust” are not factors in my fandom, they are zealous slogans for anxious fans. So it is with great reluctance and respect in mind that I write this article.
It’s not easy to bring up Arsene Wenger as a writer. One word about the esteemed manager and you have both sides of the extreme piling on with their own versions of scripture. Piss off, he’s the best thing to happen to football since cleats. Piss off, he’s the devil incarnate trying to run the club into the ground. Et cetera, et cetera. I understand the fans on both sides, I really do, I understand how the believers resort to context, to historical fact, to calm their fears and their fellow fans. I also understand the cynics who see the club going into on-field ruins under the stubborn, penny-pinching manager and his unwavering philosophies. I understand everyone’s concerns (or non-concerns), but I think the extremists on both sides are missing the point.
Arsene Wenger will, eventually, cease to be our manager at Arsenal. It’s going to happen. He will retire. And when that day comes, we’re going to hear all about the synchronized death and rebirth of the club from both sides of the “Wenger” argument. But I don’t think we ever should’ve reached that point. I don’t think we ever should’ve, as a club, rested our laurels on fail-safe successes. Finishing in the top four is definitely an achievement, qualifying for the Champions League brings in tremendous revenues, and for a club concerned only about money, that top-four finish may be good enough to crown the season a success. Some clubs have banked their entire fortunes on qualifying for Europe, and we do it almost flippantly. But it’s not guaranteed, especially with the parity in the Premier League these last few years, and I still feel lucky to have qualified for the last decade. I applaud Arsene Wenger for his commitment to the club and our top four successes each year.
But isn’t there more than that? Isn’t there more to football that merely qualifying? Isn’t there more to Arsenal than mere sustainability? I want our team to win championships, I want our team to taste glory again, to lift a trophy for the first time in five years, and with Arsene Wenger’s contract expiring at the end of this year, for the first time in a while, I felt like both Wenger and our players had something serious to play for. For all the players Arsene has coddled and suckled over the years, this was their last year to prove themselves, to prove that they were more than benchwarmers. For the starters, it was a chance to prove that they should remain at the club, that they can overcome all the stereotypes that have been rightfully handed to them and win. We will never win with fragile players. We will never win with mentally instable winners. We will never win with players who are convinced there’s only one way play. We will never win with inflexible tactics. And this was our chance, this was our club’s chance, to really see what our manager and our players are made of. Put a snowman in a sauna.
In August of 2010, Wenger, in the final year of his contract as the manager of Arsenal, signed a long-term contract extension with the club until 2014. I remember being frustrated by Ivan Gazidis’ and the Arsenal front office’s decision. Not because Arsene Wenger doesn’t deserve an extension, no, he’s given so much to this club, both on and off the pitch, that it’s hard to argue with the board’s decision to award the face of Arsenal with a contract extension. I think Arsene Wenger, of nearly any manager in the league, deserves the benefit of the doubt that he can pull his team and his club together. I don’t fault anyone for the decision, but I can’t help but shaking the feeling that this was an opportunity. This was a chance to put Wenger under pressure, to put the players that he’s gambled so much of our team’s success on under that same heavy weight, to show that they’re all worthy of the Arsenal badge. To draw a line in the sand for Wenger and his “type” of players that they either have to put up or face the scrutiny of another vision.
For the last five years, many of those players haven’t been worthy of the red and white. Arsene Wenger himself has called them out for it. And yet, match after match, we see a group of players and a singular manager that struggle to adapt. Is that the future of our club? Is that what we’re going to see until 2014? Are we so content to be fiscally profitable and sustainable on the pitch that we don’t need to taste silverware anymore? I don’t really know the answer to that question, but I think rewarding Wenger before the season even started undermined the message to the players that this is a club with tradition, history, and precedence. That we aren’t content finishing third and fourth every year. We are Arsenal FC, we are a proud, bold club that knows what it takes to win. I don’t think the current crop of players Arsene has assembled really knows that anymore, and I’m ashamed that they may never have to face the pressure of higher expectations until our manager decides to leave on his own terms.
This isn’t about one loss, or 10 losses, or five trophy-less years, this is about culture and philosophy. There’s a thing that happens to the human body when faced with fear and stress, it’s called “fight or flight.” It’s a psychological reaction, brought about by anxiety and stress, that forces people to make split-second decisions to run away to survive or to fight for it This year could’ve been a fight or flight season, our players would’ve had to choose which side they belonged on, whether or not they were here because they were Arsenal players or if they were simply “Arsene players.” But instead, we continue on the same path of pain-free patriarchy"-© Erik Ian Larsen
And this is a link to his Blog.
Taken from the Gunning Hawk 24/11/10

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I don't need this pressure on

Following the Braga Debacle and after the ways things have been, and are; Some songs, some images.

we've already said...

To add insult to injury we lose to a team wearing our kit.

iv'e had enough

when you gonna learn

same old scene

Views, opinions and that...

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