Wednesday, 5 October 2011


enjoy the silence

Diversions; Injuries, the vile abuse conundrum, Media bias, shoulda, woulda, coulda, loads and loads of questions and, of course the assertion that the amateur writer world are more ready to comment during bad times.

The thing is that the well of practical discourse is running dry.

The reason being is that there is little to actually say about the current state of The Arsenal.

I am willing to bet that upwards of 90% of Arsenal supporters think that we are not good enough defensively. I also would wager that the same 90% feel that we are incapable of winning the league this season. The percentages then begin to alter when talk of solutions begins. Yes, we have been incredibly unlucky with injuries, but one could argue that this is where squad depth comes into play.

There I go you see; treading old ground, and that is the heart of the matter. Everything has been said in regard to where things are not working. Said by the supporters in print and other media, said by some of the players and said by the manager.

I believe that everything is a diversion from the ninety minutes. Everything that is being talked about, discussed, cogitated and analysed is a diversion from the fact that Arsenal are not a good team anymore. Arsenal are an average team with an imbalance of average players. Statistical facts support this. But, none of us really (deep down) want to face up to this. Those that say “but we are in The Champions League again” miss the point; being in a tournament we have no chance of winning is only meaningful to the finances of the club. Stoke City are in Europe and arguably have more chance of winning that tournament.

Being average is not the apocalypse and need not be viewed as such but it is a reality in sport that (with very few exceptions) there are fallow periods. Not to say that it’s not frustrating; it is, particularly when it seems that the current malaise was inevitable.

That frustration inevitably leads to factions in the support, in-fighting and insult.

That’s emotion for you but, if a cold emotive eye is cast over the situation an acceptance that we, as fans, can do nothing in real terms has to be acknowledged.

Supporting our club is all.

Let’s not get side tracked. We have no divine right (and certainly no divine Right Back at the moment) to be good, to be on top, beating all comers. We haven’t earned it of late.

When and if it will change (can change) is speculation. So I've kind of run out of things to say about The Arsenal, I've run out of answers. I don't know what's next, save for turning up for those ninety minutes and supporting my team; the rest is silence
The sound of silence
“Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer”-Muhammad Ali

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