Monday, 28 February 2011



Executive box in Leyton
Fixtures are coming thick and fast and suddenly the Os are meeting us at The Emirates in two days. No hangover from too much Carling; the next competition awaits, with a Premiership game on Saturday (the Chelsea v Man Utd result tomorrow may have a significant bearing) and the trip to Barca in the ECL in the next fortnight, the time for belief is here. Bring it on.
good old arsenal

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Curtis Mayfair-Move on up


Hopefully its not...
Or ...

phoenix from the flames


Born in Hampstead 27th Feb 1932 Arsenal fan Elizabeth Taylor celebrates
 another birthday today. Let's hope she has a happy one come 5.45.
Liz at Wembley

Friday, 25 February 2011


As the good Captain Kirk rightly pointed out, we cannot focus too much negativity on the injuries accrued on Wednesday night. We need to adhere to the old cliché: one game at a time. Three points against Stoke in the Premiership was vital and therefore Arsenal had to play our best team available. Focusing on Cup Finals, The Nou camp or anything else is a gamble; and Wenger is a terrible gambler. The mantra should be ‘always play your best XI’. Injuries and suspensions are part and parcel of football so we need to just get on with it.

In terms of the Carling cup final, let’s remember examples of games where important players were missing; not least the European Cup winners Cup final when our leading goal scorer was missing. We have to get on with it. I believe that some players rise to occasions and prove their worth in such moments. Let’s win on Sunday then focus on the next game; it’s the only sensible route to take. Perhaps injuries will present members of this squad with a chance to shine. Then we really will be able to see if the faith put into these young chaps by Mister Wenger is warranted. If it’s not then a summer of changes needs to take place (I might argue that changes need to take place regardless)

Every player wearing our famous shirt needs our support from now until the end of the season, hard though that may be with some of them. Sunday could and should be a springboard providing that X factor in sport: belief.

It’s up for grabs now.


Will it be...
or will it be...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The curious case of Jermaine Pennant

A few years back, myself Kirk and Andrew left the Arsenal stadium after a mid week game. As we made our way along Avenell Road towards and past Arsenal station we noticed Jermaine Pennant leaving the stadium on foot. Wearing his post match suit and with wheelie bag trailing behind him he matched our route. At the time we found this strange that he would be alone and on foot.

Young Jermaine had joined Arsenal as a highly rated youngster aged 15; at the time a record fee of £2m was paid. A hat trick against Southampton was a highlight for Jermaine however; in the same game Robert Pires also hit a hat trick of a quality that eclipsed Pennant’s. This in a nutshell epitomised his career. Never quite making it, never quite breaking into the England set up never quite being dedicated enough. When he left Arsenal it was under a cloud, off pitch shenanigans, alcohol and dressing room discomfort where reasons bandied about.He spent time at Birmingham Liverpool, Portsmouth and Real Zaragoza, who loaned him to Stoke city.
Watching him last night against us for Stoke, I saw a nearly man who at 27 has yet to fulfil that potential shown as a teenager. Yes he has no doubt made good money over his career, and has the tattoos to prove it but is now going through the motions at a club who, inspired by Tony Pulis, play the type of bland percentage football that typifies the majority of Premiership clubs. The dull 1-0 result was the stuff that trophies are made of and I expect that Stoke were probably reasonably satisfied that the loss of three points was only at the cost of one goal in the deficit column.

Seeing Pennant at the Emirates last night wearing the non descript shirt of a non descript club made me think of that night years ago when he cut a lone figure walking home from Highbury with his future almost mapped out;  on the scrap heap at 27 due to living the life of a modern day english footballer , too little attention to detail, too much excess, with a few more years working his way down the football ladder.

Football is not rock n roll and as such can be a cruel mistress indeed.

to be someone

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Blackpool 3- 1 Sp*rs
Yet again Sp*rs can always be relied upon to put any
 gripes we have into context.
a day at the seaside for Harry and the boys ends
up with them all at sea.
a film from sp*rs golden era


Have you seen this man? he should be approached with caution. Usually seen at Football matches wearing a dark baseball cap and tracksuit. He is wanted in connection for organising violent acts. If spotted contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111
Also wanted this 'hoodie' wanted for an outstanding GBH charge, he should be avoided as he is prone to violent attacks. He is known to be in the London Area at present. If spotted call Crimestoppers.
 That number again 0800 555 111
And remember; do sleep well, don't have nightmares.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


arsenalism Journal W/E 27/02/11
Tomorrow- close gap at top of premiership to 1 point
Thursday-Listen to pundits in media praise Stoke City's combative spirit which led to two straight red cards
Friday-ponder the Carling Cup finals importance while reflecting on Ryan Shawcross'touchline ban for his assault on Pat Rice during Wednesdays game.
Saturday-feel sanguine all day about the Carling Cup final
Sunday AM-still sanguine
Sunday PM-oh yes, come on Gunners! this is it! Up the Arse! Wemberley Wemberley etc
my journal from a few years back

Sunday, 20 February 2011

thoughts erudite and otherwise on todays game at Leyton Orient in the FA challenge cup

"Everything happens for the best"-James Hammerton: Sliding doors 1988 


Gone, gone, gone the doubles gone for poor Chelsea. No Carling Cup final to look forward to they now can focus on The Champions League. Such outlay, from the man at the top, so little to show. It’s genuinely heart warming to see them flounder, much like the boastful bully who finally gets his comeuppance. So nice to see Hietinga do what most football fans would like to do and so pleasant to see Ashley sky his effort at the away end.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if Chelsea’s European dream comes undone at the hands of an old nemesis or old friend? Let’s see how the chips fall, a barren season could befall all of us but for the Billionaires with bad attitudes it would be hilarious.
Such is the feel good factor from Wednesday that I’m actually quite ‘up for the cup’ as the old saying goes. Given that Arsenal are unbeaten since 13th December in a 1-0 away loss at Old Trafford, there should be no domestic team that hold any fear for us in this competition. I recall the Sheffield Wednesday games under George Graham that gave us a domestic cup double and have often felt that the FA Cup has more cache in the context of doubles. Should we prevail in either the Carling Cup or Premiership (or ECL?) then an FA Cup on top is a nice bit of icing. Of course there may yet be an empty space on the Emirates upper tier come the end of the season but being alive in four contests raises more of a chance of a trophy than only having one competition to vie for like the boys in blue.
So Leyton Orient at 4.30 is the next hurdle to climb over, and isn’t it great that each game now is of importance? Forget the ‘easy run in’ line from last year, or the lower division opposition clichés, disregard the underdogs in a cup final fears or even the ‘best team in the world at the Nou Camp’ negativity. Let’s just enjoy being an Arsenal supporter between now and the 14th 22nd & 28th May; after all you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Domestic cup Double clinch
 1st Double clinch
2nd Double Clinch
 3rd Double clinch

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Quite interesting to see Scott Tracey and droopy as guest pundits on BBC's Football Focus this afternoon.

Funnily enough I think the plastic pilot and the languid canine would probably have more insight.
Holland in action
Lawrenson in action

Friday, 18 February 2011


Wednesday was a defining Emirates moment. The closest thing to it was the Arsenal Manchester United game which had striking similarities; where Rooney put them ahead, RVP equalised at the near post (sound familiar) and Henry headed in from an Eboue cross. Great moments one against our domestic nemesis and one against our European. Arshavin’s winner and Henry’s winner were spine tingling moments.

What has been overlooked by the naysayers in the wake of Wednesday’s magnificent result is that goals change games. Let me elaborate. I have no doubt that we will score in the Camp Nou in the return leg against Barca; this means that Barcelona need to score three goals to knock us out. Three goals. Even if Barca do get three another from us sees us through. It’s also been overlooked by the voices of doom that a draw will see us through.

On this basis why not be optimistic? Why not think we can do it? By the return we may have a team of players with fresh Carling cup medals dangling from their necks, therefore confidence should be high.

Yes Barca have Messi, Xavi, Iniesta etc; players that can change games but let’s not overlook Arshavin, RVP, Nasri and Fabregas who are all capable of world class moments. Let’s remember how effective Jack and Koscielny were, lets not overlook that Djourou is a real defender, let’s remember Sagna will return at right back, let’s not overlook the fact that we actually have a proper goalkeeper now. Let’s be aware that Walcott, Chamakh and Bendtner all carry threats of differing natures

Don’t get me wrong it will be tough, but, and this is the vital thing, we have beaten Barcelona on their terms and now the power of the away goal is our trump card.
reasons to be cheerful

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Not much to say about last night that hasn't been said by others,
so let all Arsenal fans bask in the glory


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

it's a knock out: a bombastic pre Barca post

'don't call it a comeback'
And so we come to a game of football at the Emirates that makes going to watch the Arsenal the real deal; Arsenal v Barcelona in the EUFA Champions League.
It's the top table of Club football. Those sides experiencing there first season in the champions league would be excited beyond belief, however for Arsenal it's 'that lot again'. In all honesty we have yet to make our mark in Europe's elite by winning this trophy, but I believe that knocking out Barcelona is both achievable and immensely important for the standing of Arsenal Football Club. Victory would also create some more positivity around the club. As we all know there are dark clouds (no need to focus on them today) but we are on a good run and have the game at Wembley to look forward to along with the potential of further Cup progress against Orient. The Premiership title race is a throwback to the Pre-Abramovitch era in that it's now between us and Man Utd.
But tonight's game, I believe, is a chance for Fabregas, Van Persie, Walcott, Wiltshire, Arshavin, Nasri (if selected) to show that they are real quality; it's not too over the top to say that they have all the ability to back up any claims of world class categorisation. If, and that's the key word, they can rise to the occasion. The game is also an opportunity for those players such as Sagna, Song, Clichy, Cszesny,Djorou to show that they can lock horns with the self styled 'greatest team on the planet©' in a real sense and not stand around admiring Barca.

The main thing for me is that Arsenal are in the Champions league by rights and they meet a team from Spain who are also there by rights. We need to be that club that takes on all comers in Europe; not as under dogs but as equals. Remember what it felt like when we knocked out Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, that is what we should be as a club.
Let's get behind our team, because they are selected to play for us, they are wearing that shirt and they must enter the metaphorical ring with confidence.
Let's knock them out. Round one begins tonight.

Now that's what I call bombast!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Golden Gunner Goals

Yeah it was good, of course it was; Wayne Rooney’s goal against man City that is. But in the modern style of overkill some pundits, journalists and general know it alls are saying it’s the best goal ever scored in the Premiership. Do me a favour! We’ve seen more than one ‘greatest Premier goal’ practically every season. Here’s some nominations for that title

Vieira v Manchester United 1998

Kanu v Chelsea 1999

Henry v Manchester United 2000

Bergkamp v Newcastle United 2002

Henry v Sp*rs 2002

Pires v Liverpool 2003

Henry v Liverpool 2004

Henry v Manchester City 2006

Van Persie v Charlton Athletic 2006

Van Persie v Blackburn Rovers 2007

Pires v Aston Villa 2008

Van Persie v Liverpool 2009

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines day rogers

 ""Um, Did you send Lisa a Valentine's card this morning?" 
"Oh God, no, no, I'm old enough to be her father! Well, her older brother. Either way it's incest "
Lisa receives a Valentines text from an 'admirer'

Long time Arsenal fan Lisa Rogers is a presenter
 and sometime actress, she has advocated
for Arsenal on many an occasion and is known for her love
of the Arse, she appears at the end of The Arsenal
season review video 97/98, just after "that sums it all up".

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wolves show no teeth and it's horses for courses

What could be gleaned from today's performance? I think that the Premiership is probably a two horse race. Rooney's ability made the difference at Old Trafford. Arsenal gained 3 points and added another notch in the goal difference tally.
Wolves could scarcely be called a challenge, mustering, as they did zero shots on Target, but Arsenal, although wasteful to the extreme in front of goal, dispatched them with no injuries and therefore it was a good days work; particularly in the context of a title race; equal or better the result of the team you re chasing.
And so Barcelona await with a team that apparently includes Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Don Blake and Tony Stark.
If this current set of Arsenal players want to stake a claim as one of the great Arsenal sides then I believe eliminating Barcelona will be far more defining than winning the Carling Cup.
Wednesday should be interesting; after all that's what it's all about.

Extremely tenuous Wolves post

"When the wolves leave London let's not be looking back at a horror show"

An American werewolf in london
Werewolves of London

what I can Isay?
It's been a dull week!

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