Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Funny isn't it how our two clubs are linked?

The scores on the doors
16/10/1973 AWAY L 0 - 1 (friendly)
12/03/1974 HOME L 1 - 3 (George Armstrong testimonial)
29/09/1999 AWAY D 1 - 1 (Champs League first group stage)
19/10/1999 HOME L 2 - 4 (Champs League first group stage)
17/05/2006 NEUTRAL L 2- 1 (Champs League FINAL atStade de France)
Time to turn those stats around

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

it only takes a moment

At 'home' against Barcelona you never know what a touch of quality can do
Arshavin seems to be made for the big occassion (even though a certain Spaniard may not be)

And away aginst Barcelona a late goal could make all the difference
Arshavin seems to be made for the big occassion (even though a certain Spaniard may not be)

A bit of this would do in the second leg:

It was Croat Davor Suker, roundly booed by the home fans after his spell at Real Madrid, who forced the comeback.
Arsenal could have folded after Grimandi was given his marching orders for aiming an elbow into Josep Guardiola's face. But within the blink of an eye, substitute Suker was charging through the middle to fire a shot which goalkeeper Ruud Hesp Ruud Hesp could only beat out.
And the lurking Kanu did the rest, notching his fifth goal of the season to make that penalty blunder against Fiorentina three weeks ago seem light years away

Monday, 29 March 2010

Why Arsenal Fans shouldturn their backs on Talksport

Talksport is the pasteurized, processed  cheese spread of Sports analysis. Spreading thinly it's anti Arsenal stance across the airwaves.
Mickey Quinn doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Adrian Durham doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Alan Brazil is Ex Sp*rs and ManUtd he doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Jason Cundy is Ex Sp*rs he doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Ronnie Irahni Supports ManUtd he doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Stan Collymore is Ex Liverpool he doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Andy Goldstein Supports ManUtd he doesnt like Arsenal and he works for Talksport
Alvin Martin and Ray Houghton like old school British getting stuck in; They don't like Arsenal for going against this and they work for Talksport
Danny Kelly is reasonably fair but he Supports Spurs and he works for Talksport!
The images used in this post are not intended to be sexist, they are merely used to illustrate a point...and to draw your attention! 

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Escape from Victory

There's a thin line between success and failure and in the game of football mistakes, errors and poor players in key positions can cross that line.For example, in a difficult away game a team can put in a pretty good performance and grab a late goal. Their journey back home can be with three points and an eye still on the title. However there are times when that team relies on everyone doing their part. In key positions doing your part is essential to success; and there's the rub!

Arsenal have a squad of talent, ability and potential but between the sticks we are wanting. Today's result is not all the fault of Almunia but it is an inevitable outcome when you have a first choice goalkeeper who is not good enough. In short; HE IS GOING TO COST YOU POINTS!

Every fan, pundit, commentator, student of the game, Fantasy football contestant, analyst of goalkeeping and person who understands the rationale of what it takes to win things has known from day one that Almunia is not good enough.

Apart from Wenger.

Now nothing can change between now and the end of the season in terms of buying. Mannone is inexperienced, Fabianski is a comedic figure who is capable of both ends of the spectrum of goalkeeping, and our other keeper (the one who's name is worth 57 points in scrabble) is on loan. The history of Arsenal Football club is chock -a -block with great goalkeepers from Kelsey to Wilson, through Jennings to Lukic and Seaman to Lehmaan.

With Wednesday in mind the margin for error becomes more acute but the players of ability need to stand up and ensure that any errors are not costly. Within Europe's elite I can think of no other club with such deficiency in the goalkeeping position, and certainly in the Premier league half the teams have better keepers that Arsenal.

Whatever happens it is clear that Arsenal will not achieve without a top notch goalkeeper. Only one man can change that.

From John T

Ho gooners.

I wont moan about the disallowed 2nd goal because we were a bit lucky too. But we were consistantly beaten down through the middle.

Those bloody invertibrates again. Whatever about the wisdom of winning trophies with youth, I think AW is proving that it is extremely difficult to win with no back bone, and the League may well be gone now. Even if the Chavs and Manu drop 2 each in their encounter we need them to drop another 3 and us win at Shite art lane.

The GK speaks loudly for/ against himself. But someone needs to bring the absence of DMF to the attention of AW. He could have put Diaby there and left Rosicky on the field. Eduardo was worth a run out after our goal to enable us to keep the ball up front. With so many good passers Dudu might have Nicked one.

Its hard to see the Chavs and Manure dropping 5 each, even if we win all ours. But I suppose anything is possible. I believe that if we keep a clean sheet at home against Barca we will progress.

keeping it goonerish


Friday, 26 March 2010

There's something rotten in the state of Denmark

A number of blogs are pointing out what was evident to me yesterday; as a season ticket holder and Silver member i like thousands of others made plans to purchase an additional ticket for the Barcelona game using the frustrating and irritating online service, but guess what? no joy, just lots of waiting finger tapping and watching the dreaded 'loading' bar (to make matters worse I had asked my missus to do this as I was doing training). But no one got these additional tickets, that is no supporters judging by the general feedback!
It seems to me that the additional seats will have probably gone to customers of a corporate nature. Ultimately for such a marquee (to use an American commercialism term) game I suspect that the club where never going to sell to supporters of the club, there is clearly a undercurrent at the Emirates that the club wants to have the stadium full of customers ie;

The Emirates of the future?

It will be interesting on Wednesday to have a look around the ground and note the make up of attendees. Yes in a mid week game there are supporters in suits who have come from work , but I would hazard a guess that there are more shirts and ties and higher sales of programmes, bagels and plastic tumblers of Vin ordinaire.

So much for putting real fans first.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wengers goes shopping

If there's anyone out there lets have your votes either by comment or indeed if you have any views & opinions that are Arsenal shaped send them to

Captain of The Invincibles and one man Midfield Patrick Vieira
For taking over from TA, for being a real man, for understanding the club, for his first appearance against Sheff wed, for his battles with Keane, for his red cards and his reaction, for his goals, for his power, for his trailblazing for Pires, Henry etc. For being captain of the Invincibles, for his final kick winning us our last trophy for being a colossus in the Prem. For just being Vieira.
'Who are ya?' it's poor old Amuary Bischoff
taking up a valuable squad place and being an identikit of all the other mid field players and for doing nothing.

As Arshavin talks about the need for new blood in the summer I think it's time for a poll.
Wenger's best buy
Wenger's worst

my vote goes to BEST Patrick Viera

WORST Amaury Bischoff

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

and we used to go and watch these giants

George Graham bequeathed to Arsene Wenger a handful of giants but he also delivered unto us a truly mundane recollection of wet weekends against Wednesday and cold afternoons against Coventry. The wonder years when I actually attended a lot of away games was during the 0-0 era of Grahams tenure.
ah, just to see these faces and the white badged adidas shirts is a reminder of the good old grey days.
For every tut and groan heard at the emirates there should be a shrug and smile and the simple comment " You should have been watching Arsenal when..."

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Harry Carpenter RIP 17 October 1925-20 March 2010

All the best Harry,a real gentleman and the sort of commentator sorely missed today.
Harry Clay Henry & Highbury

:: ''I would like to say that you are not as dumb as you look, Harry'' - Muhammad Ali to Carpenter during a television interview

:: ''Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the Cambridge president is kissing the cox of the Oxford crew'' - After the University Boat Race 1977.

sp*rs field of dreams

This season could we see a repeat?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Three Horse race latest

Most looked to Liverpool to raise their game and get a result at Old Trafford and assumed that Chelsea would win their game against Blackburn. The irony of El Hadj Douf, Blackburn’s only player with any flair, scoring the equaliser is probably not lost on Allardyce. So Chelsea have a game in hand and sit in third and Man Utd v Chelsea still remains the key game.

Liverpool not beating Manchester United should not have been a surprise in all honesty. Looking at the stats, Liverpool have lost a third of their games and are in their twentieth season without a title win. The fact that Liverpool are nowhere near what has now become a three horse race is an indictment of how far they have fallen from the high standards that they once had and everyone else aspired to. The six points Arsenal have taken from Liverpool count the same as the six taken from Portsmouth and that in itself is a sign of the times.

What today has shown is that in order to win this title Arsenal have to just keep winning and not rely on anyone else. In this unusually poor league season it’s not the big guns that will ultimately decide who crosses the finish line first and the destination of the Premier Trophy, it is the small calibre teams that will make the difference.

1 Manchester United 31 22 3 6 47 69
2 Arsenal 31 21 4 6 40 67
3 Chelsea 30 20 5 5 42 65

Ray Parlour we Salute you

A reminder of the joy of putting a typically smug and full of himself Chelsea fan in his place!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Three the hard way

'No one said it was gonna be easy'
Top of the pile, lets see what the scousers do

From George on 'lady luck'

My advice to opposing supporters is to start drinking heavily.
George P

An inconvenient truth

Todays kick off is at the utterly inconvenient time of 5:30 thanks to ESPN, not a mid-day kick off when you have the rest of the day ahead of you, nor a traditional 3:00 kick off when you have time in the day to do stuff and an evening to do whatever you please. ESPN not only produces an inferior presentation,incorporating second rate commentators,experts,shabby sets and graphics but ensures that kick off times ruin Saturdays for us fans.
Let's hope that Liverpool raise their tepid game and that Chelsea flounder so that todays inconvenience is worth it.

Friday, 19 March 2010

From Mick

I'm pleased with the draw. Inter are an intimidating prospect after out Chelsea-ing Chelsea. Man Utd we could do without, and all those teams whose kits you don't recognize tend turn us over.

Chelsea aren't playing Barcelona, Liverpool aren't playing Barcelona... Spurs certainly aren't playing Barcelona... We're playing Barcelona!

All we need to do is line everyone on the goal line behind our keeper, keep them there for 180 mins.

Mick M

Pictures paint twenty four points

Standing between Arsenal and the title;

Of course the Mancunians and the Nouveau riche need to drop points which inevitably will happen on 3rd April.

Lady luck shuffles the deck

So lady luck shuffled the balls and pulled out the catalans. Good or bad? Well I think avoiding Man Utd was a good thing and certainly a number of other teams are unknown quantities. With Barca we will not be involved in a pitched battle. From a purists point of view its a dream tie and if Arsenal are to reach the potential that Wenger feels they can then these are the games that need to be won to instil belief. With a potential meeting with Mourinho and who knows a final against the red devils the ultimate campaign lies ahead. So ultimate that I can scarely contemplate it!
Ah the champions league; the stuff that dreams are made of!

Lucky old Arsenal ?

While those around you etc…

Chelsea knocked out of The Champions League, Drogba sent off, John Terry hits a civilian with his car. Ahley's marriage gone for a burton and Phil Brown sacked.Liverpool flounder and are on the brink of elimination from Europe's elite next season, unrest in the Scousers dressing room and talk of them having to sell their two best players. Villa catching up on Spurs (with games in hand)in the race for 4th Place. Arsenal have the supposed easier run in to the League season and we allegedly may see RVP back soon.

Will Liverpool get it together and beat United? Will Chelsea fall apart? Will Brown get a job with Alan Titchmarsh? Will Rooney do his metatarsal?Who can say

Since Ramsey was assaulted has Lady Luck finally started supporting Arsenal? Let’s see if she is in control of the balls at EUFA HQ for our Champions League draw this afternoon.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fashion statement.

As we know , at this time of year images of new kits start to appear; most of them photoshop fugazis. This comes from the ever excellent Arseblog and MAY be the real deal, let's hope so.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

From Mick

In the good old days when we were battling Utd for dominance of EPL I recall them having a game at Stamford Bridge on a Sunday. All logic suggested I ought to crave a Chelsea win and I tried...After five minutes I found myself urging on the likes of Teddy & Co... what can you do.
Mick M

From Andrew

Not a great fan of Internazionale (or indeed Italian football generally). Chelsea's European progress would benefit our Premiership chances and I also believe that a Mourinho side remains a real future threat to us in the Champions League so was undecided at the kick off as to who I'd prefer to see through.
However, just 5 minutes of watching Drogba and Terry convinced me that the Italians should prevail for the benefit of us all.
I thought Inter had the game won as soon as Lucio faced up the playground bully that is 'The Drog'. Chelsea are a shadow when the bluff is called on their physicality and Drogba, Terry and Ballack in particular looked increasingly desperate that the Italians seemed to be unintimidated.
Eto's goal was a marvellous moment and Drogba's predictable dismissal another but the sight of Terry continuing to bleat to the officials after the final whistle was even better - obviously it would be far too much to expect the dullard oaf to accept that Chelsea had been outfought, outplayed and outclassed on the night and take defeat in good grace.
No history and no class.

Andrew C,

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Collapse at the Bridge

So the enemies of football go out of The Champions League with the usual lack of grace from Drogba and Co.
From Arsenal's point of view it is one less English team that we can potentially play in the next round, which is a good thing. In recent times Arsenal have crashed out at the hands of LFC MUFC and CFC. That continental teams suit our style more is partially true , however Chelsea's exit can only be a good thing for Arsenal and for those opposed to the football culture of greed.

So who will it be?

Man Utd

CSKA Moscow

Olympic Lyonaisse

Bayern Munich

Inter Milan

Barcelona appear to have the upper hand going into tomorrows game against Stuttgart, as do Bordeaux against Olympiacos

one things for sure Arsenal will have to wait for the inevitable revenge that is due against Chelsea

Compost and comment

The sun is shinning and Phil Brown is working on his tan as he scatters the Fisssons and prunes the Lobelia. If Brown’s departure for pastures new was propagated by Bendtners last minute winner on Saturday then The football world should honour him. An exponent of anti football this acolyte of Sam Allardyce along with
Tony Pulis, Mick McCarthy, Owen Coyle and Steve Bruce make the British Premiership Manager the questionable product that he is.

The mundanity of their ethos is matched in turn by the pundits and other self appointed trustees of football’s conscience and duty of care. Particularly since the Ramsey assault Arsenal have been pilloried for playing football and not being drawn into the world of containment and ‘old fashioned’ (that should read outdated) methods.

When these characters voice their opinions they are an extension of the Allradyceisms of these ‘old school’ managers.

Arsene Wenger was interviewed in Saturday’s Independent magazine and it made for interesting and insightful reading. The kind of interview seldom seen in our sporting press. It’s unlikely that Arsene’s intellectualism would be appreciated by the average Talksports listener or employee for that matter.

It is not purely about being ‘foreign’ there are other British managers who have a deeper understanding of the game such as the remarkable Roy Hodgsen; I say remarkable, as what he has achieved at Fulham within a pro football ethos is clearly under rated. People like McLeish and Moyes are also thinkers who do not say a lot but often bring insight to the table.

Despite reservations around some of Wenger’s decisions, his maintenance of ethos and value remains clear as does his planting the seeds of identity. As long as Arsenal embraces footballs deeper values we will be a club disliked by the blinkered media. How will those voices of derision react if Arsenal were to come away, come May with one of the big prizes? If Arsenal come up roses it will be despite the bullying and negativity, and will leave a lot of people with egg on their face.

Views, opinions and that...

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