Thursday, 31 March 2011


"At Arsenal we never ever started any brawls-we just finished them"-David Rocastle

Taken from us at a tragically early age ten years ago today
Rocky we salute you.

Rocky tribute
THAT goal against Man Utd

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Entertainment for the interlull

During this interminable interlull there are two pieces of entertainment that will help relieve the tedium.
First. Currently showing on Sky Anytime is  Sky News Special report: Thierry Henry, in which the lovely Georgie Thomson spends a week in NY with the former Arsenal captain. It's an interesting and laid back look at TH14's life in the big apple and well worth a watch.
link 1,20144,20438_6835862,00.html
link 2

Second. Alan Davies' excellent Tuesday club Podcast this week features a Q & A for the Centrepoint charity where Arsenal fans ask Arsene Wenger, Martin Keown and Nigel Winterburn some questions, hosted by Davies this is a light hearted and entertaining affair.

Both should help you make it through to Saturday. Highly recommended
& on iTunes

Thursday, 24 March 2011

"This is your club and its ending one minute at a time"

“We have front row seats for this theatre of mass destruction. The demolitions committee of Project Mayhem wrapped the foundation columns of a dozen buildings with blasting gelatine”-Narrator

Much like the narrator in Fight Club, Arsene’s project mayhem has imploded under the weight of its own myth. The explosive charges are in place and the detonator primed for the walls of this great football club of ours (never forget, fellow season ticket holders; it’s our club) to come tumbling down.

Project mayhem is looking tired, stale and ineffective. No it’s not the idea of overthrowing the status quo with soap formed from liposuctioned human fat, raids on Starbucks and Anarchy that I’m talking about, it’s the year zero policy Wenger imposed, as did the soviets, rebuilding under a new philosophy and dogmatically sticking with failing principles.

The icon of these principles could have been encapsulated by a statue erected outside the Emirates of Denilson . That statue could then be toppled symbolically at the moment Wenger is replaced from his throne room at London Colney.

The once promising young Brazilian, has stagnated and been given chance after chance to live up to Wenger’s oft repeated ‘belief’. In the place of that promising youngster is an underachieving weakling, whose ineffectiveness sums up the heart of Project mayhem's journey to oblivion.

He’s not alone; some of the other disciples who arrived at Mayhem’s door have collected their pieces of silver and blindly followed, much like Meatloaf they have achieved little other than derision.

Analogies to Fight Club don’t just end there. The team can at times be like Tyler Durden; self confident and swaggering and at others like the narrator; underachieving and full of doubt. The man behind this version of Jekyll and Hyde is of course Monsieur Wenger; the architect of Project Mayhem and disaster.

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected”-Tyler Durden
collapse of an idea

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


"I'm not everybody's cup of tea"-John Terry England Captain 22/03/11

This was Terry at his repulsive worst at the press conference yesterday ahead of England's meeting with Wales. A true nasty piece of work; unrepentant, evasive, arrogant and cocky. just the sort of Captain England don't need.
"You know someones a wrong 'un when he's coated off by Craig Bellamy!"-Anon
it's called humour

Monday, 21 March 2011


So Rio is furious that he has been snubbed as England captain; and there we were all thinking that the England squad was one big happy family. Usurped by none other than ‘JT’ the white van man of football. Rio has apparently tweeted his disgust at Capello not seeing him in person to break the tragic news.

That we now have a national team managed by a Tommy Cooper lookalike, albeit with great credentials, who has been unable to get the best out of the so called (and self proclaimed) world beaters at his disposal says all you need to know. He is safe in his contract and his charges are big babies so used to being mollycoddled and obliged, that they rise up at the slightest perceived injustice.

How on earth is the common man meant to have any empathy for these spoilt brats who clearly don’t view playing for their country as an honour?

The cult of celebrity is typified more in these glorified sports equipment salesman than anything outside of the pop industry. The fact that it is now an aspiration for young women to be a WAG is the epitome of the cloddish rush towards faux sophistication. Driving a Bentley, wearing Louis Vitton partying at China Whites this is the destination choice of the modern England player and his wife /girlfriend.
So wrapped up in their own specialness are this bunch of ingrates, that they really don’t understand how offensive their bickering and vulgarity are.

The England footballer of 2011 vintage is a vain and pompous superstar with a big wad of cash and an ego to match.So high are they on their own self esteem, fuelled by greedy agents, that they view themselves as the new gods. Terry or Ferdinand or Lampard or Rooney any of them as England Captain is a nauseating thought.

Watch the current England team? I would rather be Hemeling.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


This squad, by and large ,has reached a dead end with Arsene Wenger driving the bus.
This mob never have and never will be good enough. Today’s result is absolutely predictable. Terrible goalkeeping yet again makes a mockery of Wenger's failure to buy, no heart, lack of mental toughness, poor defending yet Arsene felt it unnecessary to buy a decent defender, no leadership and Wenger is responsible for the type of players he buys, and they expect us to pay more for our season ticket? What a diabolical liberty.

Of course everyone knew that Man Utd would win at home, by hook or by crook. So a win at the Hawthorns was a minimum requirement. This bunch wouldn’t know what that means; they haven’t got the wherewithal. A draw just does not cut the mustard boys.

Talk of a spirited comeback is poppycock; we should not have been 2-0 down!

Today was the day where our bunch of misfits, that Wenger ‘believes in’, were exposed as not having what it takes; big time.

Until there is a manager able to select ‘leaders’, to adapt tactically, to understand the value of a top goalkeeper, to recognise when to sell and when to buy, to stop being so stubborn, we will carry on under performing.

If we do capture the crown (which seems highly unlikely) that will in no way be a vindication of our manager’s project; it will be despite of it.

Next season all the other teams that could mount a challenge will be stronger, Citeh and Chelsea with a cash splurge Man Utd with the pulling power and Sp*rs who always seem to have cash in hand, not forgetting Liverpool who are reassembling.

Therefore it is imperative that we start the process of change as soon as possible, and change has to begin at the top. It really is a case of adapt or die for Arsenal Football Club.

Friday, 18 March 2011


Not being included in the Champions League is annoying; however it did raise a smirk with me. Of course Barcelona drew Shakhtar Donetsk; that was as predictable as the drums at the end of Eastenders.

Chelsea v Man Utd is pretty much perfect for our title aspirations. Two tough games within a congested fixture list and of course the probability of a stalemate in the league fixture between the two.

As for our noisy neighbours they meet Real Madrid and more importantly Jose Mourinho; a man who knows how to win over two legs. Naturally Sp*rs would feel that prioritising the ECL is a reasonable option. Should they prevail, of course they would meet Shakhtar Donetsk Barcelona in the Semi Final an dc this would give them the opportunity to score more than the three goals we have managed over the last two meetings, after all they all think that Sp*rs are better than Arsenal now. 

Thursday, 17 March 2011


This is the squad that Arsene Wenger inhereted when he joined Arsenal
 1. David Seaman         
 2. Lee Dixon            
 3. Nigel Winterburn     
 4. Patrick Vieira       
 5. Steve Bould          
 6. Tony Adams           
 7. David Platt          
 8. Ian Wright           
 9. Paul Merson          
10. Dennis Bergkamp     
11. Glenn Helder         
12. Andy Linighan        
13. Vince Bartram        
14. Martin Keown         
15. Ray Parlour          
16. John Hartson         
17. David Hillier        
18. Steve Morrow         
19. Remi Garde           
20. Chris Kiwomya        
21. Eddie McGoldrick     
22. Ian Selley          
23. Paul Dickov          
24. John Lukic           
25. Scott Marshall        
26. Lee Harper           
27. Paul Shaw            
28. Stephen Hughes       
29. Adrian Clarke        
30. Gavin McGowan        
31. Matthew Rose         

I remember at the time thinking that he had some good 'uns there from which to build. Players who had experience of winning. Players who weren't particularly injury prone. Players that were part of the fabric of the club. A genuine superstar in Bergkamp and a future leader, signed by Wenger before before his arrival, in Vieira.

There were also a large number of players who, for want of a better word, where dead wood; part of Graham's obsessional later years at the club. These players were not of the required standard and everyone knew it. Those players were swiftly despatched and better version's bought in. In a nutshell he got the broom out.

  1. Manuel Almunia
  2. Lukasz Fabianski
  3. Vito Mannone
  4. Wojciech Szczesny
  5. Bacary Sagna
  6. Thomas Vermaelen
  7. Laurent Koscielny
  8. Sebastien Squillaci
  9. Johan Djourou
  10. Gael Clichy
  11. Kieran Gibbs
  12. Armand Traore
  13. Abou Diaby
  14. Francesc Fabregas
  15. Tomas Rosicky
  16. Denilson
  17. Aaron Ramsey
  18. Alexandre Song
  19. Jack Wilshere
  20. Andrey Arshavin
  21. Emmanuel Eboue
  22. Robin Van Persie
  23. Carlos Vela
  24. Theo Walcott
  25. Marouane Chamakh
  26. Nicklas Bendtner
  27. Jens Lehman
This is Wenger's current squad. I wonder what a new manager coming to the club would do with these players?
I would suggest that any new arrival in the Emirates hot seat would have an equal task in hand, if not more difficult; He won't have 12 proven winners to build on!
This is the most telling thing about where our club currently stand.

ch ch ch ch changes


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Arsenal in need

"whahey Arsenal!"
It's hitting home now ; being out of Europe. That other lot of English clubs are all committed to at least two more midweek games (I assume Chelsea will get through later tonight) so in that sense maybe it's a bit of a silver lining.
The longer Man Utd, Chelsea, Sp*rs, Liverpool and Man City stay in Europe the better for our chances I would have thought. Yes I know it's a bit like straw clutching, but when you need snookers (as we do) "every little helps".

Ferguson's touchline ban could be handy also. So in that sense for the first time this season we have had a bit of luck; albeit indirect.
No I don't like having to rely on others but, let's face it, us winning our ten remaining games with the squad available are not good and we need a little bit of backhanded fortune. Let Arse Aid begin.
I for one would be more than happy to be the least deserving, jammiest winners of the league of all time. "I would luv it!"

Monday, 14 March 2011

The man without fear

Okay, The sun's out and I reckon every Arsenal fan needs cheering up.

We have ten games to turn the season around with a half fit squad of mediocrity, however this league is currently half baked so who knows. I am resigned to starting again in August 2011, therefore the 33points that lie ahead for the winning will be what they will be. But when there's nowhere left to go and your down and out the only way is up...apparently

 "A man without hope is a man without fear"- Wilson Fisk

Saturday, 12 March 2011


The Chance of a trophy gone
The Chance of a trophy gone
The Chance of a trophy gone

Another Injury
Another Injury
Another Injury

It's getting a bit much now
It's really getting a bit much now
It's REALLY getting a bit much now

Moving on...Let's see how the walking wounded and the hard of thinking get on now with only one thing to aim for.
It really isn't easy being an Arsenal supporter, but, hey, no one said it was going to be.
Off to have some fun now and consign the last two weeks to the dustbin of time.

Friday, 11 March 2011

If you tolerate this..

Two managers: one castigated for not speaking to the press one lambasted for speaking his mind. Whether one believes that either stance/view is right or wrong, at the heart of things is poor/dodgy refereeing and corrupt organisation.
EUFA and the FA are two of the most corrupt bodies in professional sport ; not forgetting FIFA, and their application of rules and inherent favouritism (and yes that favouritism has been for Arsenal & Man Utd on occasion) borders on the maniacal.
In Football there are laws that Referees and their assistants are there to enforce. In the running of the beautiful game there are principals along with realities of commerce that need to be upheld; principally fairness and yes, sportsmanship.
Corruption underlines everything about FIFA, EUFA and the FA and to respond or not respond is a ‘damned if you do damned if you don’t’ situation.
Again I am not necessarily agreeing with everything connected to Wenger and Ferguson but the right to speak or not to should be a right.
Referees will continue to be inconsistent with no comeback from the FA, EUFA will continue to favour certain clubs and make things difficult for certain national leagues and FIFA will continue to make it up as they go along.
The beautiful game is in the hands of barbarians.

Clash of the titans

Manchester United v Arsenal used to be the top fixture in England. It is again and no matter what, it is a special occasion. Can this year's model repeat what
 the 2003 version did at Old Trafford. Not only a victory but a serious dent in the Old Trafford machine.
Come on Arsenal let's give Ferguson another reason to have a press blackout.

Lovely 16mm film Man Utd 0-2 (Edu, Wiltord) Arsenal Fa Cup 2003
The repercussions of that day

even the greats fluff their lines

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I awoke to the sound of the cock crowing this morning. Yes that's right Harry's boys have made it to the last eight after 49 years. And fair play to them, but, let's not book that open top bus just yet. They successfully parked it last night against a Milan side of underachievers Robinho, Ibrahimovich, Flamini and an ageing Seedorf but as i say fair play they got the result.
The hysteria and bitterness reached a crescendo this morning with ludicrous comparisons being made between Sp*rs result and Arsenals's at Camp Nou. Granted Milan lead Serie A but I think its reasonable to say that Barcelona are a better team.
What was noticeable about the Sp*rs performance was the work rate and understanding of the task at hand; make progress by any means necessary.
Of course the press pundits and general football experts have always loved Sp*rs and they have taken the opportunity to laud 'appy 'Arry with both hands. 'Harry for England' 'Sp*rs are well equipped to beat Barcelona' 'They will win the ECL, as it's not always the best team that wins it' 'After Sp*rs performance they should be rated as London's top club' these are all quotes I've heard today and they are not from exuberant fans but from so called experts in the professional football media!
Those happy fans have actually spent more time gloating about Arsenal than enjoying their merited achievement, and that I'm afraid will always be their undoing; The inferiority complex they have about Arsenal.
For gods sake Sp*rs fans support your team and don't worry about ours. We can do that ourselves
Currently on sale at the Sp*rs shop £19.99

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"The future is not set"-John Connor

This is no time for knee jerk reaction, but like the good Cpt Kirk I have reflected on last night and the past months with a view to having some clarity about the immediate future of Arsenal. The FA Cup and Premier league are reasonable targets between now and the end of May; the same can be said for a number of clubs.
Why have Arsenal failed to reach the apex of European football time and again? Why have Arsenal not won the League or FA Cup or Carling Cup in half a decade?
No one knows the answers to that

All my following opinions are based on the current squad as five years is long enough to make references to the Invincibles futile.

In terms of European football, money talks and the only way to combat money rich squads is tactical strength. This is all important. To suggest that Barcelona are all conquering is to over look Mourinho’s tactical defeat of them last year. The richest clubs do not always win the Champions League that is a fact. Wenger is not tactically astute enough to defeat European teams that have better players. Given the squad he has assembled he cannot by definition rely on individual ability.

To not have won a domestic cup is more a matter of psychology than ability. Given the nature of teams that compete in both cups you would be looking at the so called elite teams to do well, which they have done. Except Arsenal. As much as I feel the squad is not as good as it needs to be I believe there is enough on the playing side to achieve cup success. That we haven’t, I would suggest, is about mentality. The manager selects players based not only on ability but, as he says “mental strength” this squad appear to be deficient in this area; as knock out football relies heavily upon the mental element of sport. In this Wenger has over estimated the mental strength of his squad come the crunch.

The Title is the one competition where consistency is all important, a fit squad and decisive additions to it at the right time are also factors. The quality of all the squad needs to allow for the ups and downs of a long season. Like for like where possible is ideal. The other factors are the financial clout of other competing clubs and the ability to derive inspiration from the manager. My belief is that the Arsenal squad is frankly, not good enough to be consistent, not fit enough to be consistent and not refreshed by quality additions to be consistent.
Much is said about not singling out players but I am going to offer an opinion on a number of our squad.
Diaby, Denilsen are both players who have gone past the promising youth stage and neither bring anything to the party, in fact there are young players on loan that I would prefer being given a chance. When Wenger said “buying Xavi Alonso is killing Diaby and Denilsen” it felt ridiculous at the time and more so now.
Rosicky is clearly a busted flush post injury and brings little; his contribution of late has been to leave Sagna exposed.
Bendtner. I like the Dane and as he has few injuries could be classed as our regular striker but in all honesty he is not a world class striker; which you need in this league.
Eboue. Again I quite like him and he adds urgency but he is a bit part player and makes little addition to a mediocre squad. To offset the negativity, I would say he does his best when selected.

Fabianski, Almunia are simply not on the level of Cech, Reinna, Van De Saar and a number of other goalkeepers in the league.

Squillacci is not a top level defender; simple as

Clichy is becoming less and less effective and more and more error prone.

The players that I feel have a future at a club wanting to move forward and regain status as Arsenal surely must, are Nasri, Wilshire, Ramsay, Gibbs,Vermaelen and Sczesny. Song has also done enough to win over most.

I’m less sure about Walcott, Arshavin, and Van Persie as a mixture of injuries and mental health make them unreliable for a full season of competition.

Koscielny and Chamakh have done okay and it is fair to see how season two goes for them, Djourou has also done well but I sense that he has no long term future under Wenger.

The rest of our current squad I don’t know enough about to give a fair view. I have heard there is great faith in Miquel, Cruise, Frimpong and Henderson, but as I say I don’t have any insight on them

That leaves our skipper Fabregas; I would suggest that on his day he is phenomenal, but he is having more underwhelming performances as he has to struggle amidst a sea of mediocrity but Barcelona beckons and a £50m price tag cannot be ignored. I for one would not blame him if he is sold.

Two trophies remain in our sights and I really absolutely want us to win both. As much as I feel Wenger’s time may be up I am totally for the Arsenal. I have major doubts about Arsenal’s long term future with the squad Wenger has selected. I also worry about if any quality will be added in summer. I think that ultimately the past five years have been a plan that Wenger put together to defy the odds of commerce play a certain type of football and invest faith in youth with a predicted outcome of sustained success and he got it wrong. As simple as that ‘he got it wrong’.
2011/2012 is time to move on; whether that’s under Wenger remains to be seen.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Full time Views

Well, I’m non-plussed by tonight’s game. The selection of Rosicky & Diaby certainly, how Sczesny got injured and some of the officiating absolutely, add Cesc's performance and our unfeasible bad luck and you could say that a curse may have been put upon us by a Catalonian gypsy. But what was most disgraceful was Van Persie's second yellow; utterly ludicrous. This in itself did not necessarily shape the final result but it compromised our ability to effect change from the bench (as did the necessity of bringing on Almunia, who, to be fair, put in a good performance) As I noted in my previous post I had concerns about the referee but I had no inkling that he would make such an idiotic decision as to send off RVP.
What was also extremely annoying fcuking aggravating was the commentary on Sky from Tyler & Smith. They clearly want to have Guardiola's love child, they are going to adopt Messi, and they are marrying the Nou Camp.
The sheer undiluted drooling over Barca was nauseating. They are a good team and over the two legs were better, but (and it is a big but) against ten-one could say eight- at home they would always have the upper hand.
So again the fates conspire against us and I’m left wondering when we are going to catch a break. But that cannot be dwelt upon; next stop Old Trafford and a chance to progress in another Cup competition. Surely the footballing gods can't stick their oar in two times in a row. If they do please can they cut us some slack in the League. Once again I have to say that all we are able to acheive is down to the squad we have, that can't change; They are all we've got. 

Half time despatch

Yes Rosicky has left Sagna exposed time and again, yes Diaby has been ineffectual and you wonder if Cszesny would have fared better on the goal (probably not), but Cesc's back heel was suicidal. All that aside I think we were doing okay before the 48th minute.
The mission statement remains the same for the second half as far as I'm concerned; we need to score. That was the case before and it's the case now.
Barca's theatrics, by and large have been handled okay by the ref (his stopping of the game was a strange moment, i think he was thirsty) the yellow cards dished out are par for the course.
Second half coming up and Wenger needs to take a risk. Arshavin? Bendtner?
Score a goal and let's see. One thing he may need to consider is taking of Cesc who is clearly not at his best.
Forty five minutes to make some history. Come on Arsenal.

Spaniards & Shenanigans

There is one person who may play a key factor in tonight's game and very little has been said about him; Massimo Busacca.

The Swiss Referee is best known for being banned for three matches for sticking his middle finger up at fans during a game between FC Baden and Young Boys. This, he claims, was due to being provoked by “verbal abuse” by fans.

“I lost my cool.” was his explanation for the incident.

Let's hope he keeps his cool because, amid all the compliments about Barcelona's style of play, ability and general swagger there is little mention of their rampant gamesmanship.

A weak referee could easily be bamboozled by Barca's shenanigans and this could lead to disastrous decisions; in all probability against Arsenal. It's a shame that with all the deserved praise Barca receive little is said about their habit of working the ref; in other words cheating.

Let's hope that Monsieur Busacca gives the finger to the blatant skulduggery of the Catalans tonight. If so, then the best team will win, not the sliest.
Ref shows he's got some tricks of his own

Monday, 7 March 2011

Los de Abajo Catalan lucher

No hay ningunacanción RVP no Walcott, pero probablemente Fábregas. Esto hace que nuestra tarea en el Camp Nou considerable, sin embargo todavía sostienen que se cuenta y que sin duda pondrá un gato entre las palomas. No hay que olvidar que Barcelona no son una raza de súper humanos ni son la defensiva inexpugnable.
Mientras Arsene hojas Diaby, Rosicky Denilsen y esposado a los aseos vestuario tenemos una gran oportunidad para avanzar a la siguiente ronda.
Me gustaría ver Nasri y Wilshire conseguir un montón de la pelota y de Cesc para mantener la compostura. Ramsey también pueden desempeñar un papel, que debe por delante de la DDR eje de la mediocridad. También tenemos el inmenso talento Arshavin para tener un buen rendimiento de distancia
(Anfield viene a la mente), y la defensa de cuatro necesidad de evitar cualquier error muchacho de la escuela.
En cierto modo, con los principales actores tantos a cabo, me parece a nosotros ahora caen de lleno en la categoría de perdedor.

Vamos Arsenal

It's in the balance

ARSENAL Played 28 GD 30 points 57
REMAINING FIXTURES-maximum points available 87

  1. WBA
  2. Blackburn
  3. Blackpool
  4. Liverpool
  5. Sp*rs
  6. Bolton
  7. Man Utd
  8. Stoke
  9. Villa
  10. Fulham
MANCHESTER UNITED Played 29 GD 33 Points 60
REMAINING FIXTURES-maximum points available 87

  1. Bolton
  2. WHUFC
  3. Fulham
  4. Newcastle
  5. Everton
  6. Arsenal
  7. Chelsea
  8. Blackburn
  9. Blackpool
The Arsenal v Manchester United fixture has now taken on even more significance. Either team winning could be decisive, however a draw may suit both teams.
It's hard to predict where points will be dropped in the remaining fixtures as this season's league defies logic.

Could these fixtures be crucial;
Arsenal v Liverpool at the Emirates?
Man Utd taking on a somewhat rejuvinated Chelsea ?
Arsenal's visit to Sp*rs 
Man Utd away to the Hammers ?
No idea! one things for sure, the maximum points achievable for either team are the same, IF, there is a draw between the two , but you kind of feel that on 1st May it will be a  case of winner takes all.
Next Saturday's FA Cup tie should provide a gauge of where the power lies.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


On returning home I was pleasently suprised by the Liverpool victory over Man Utd courtesy of a Kyt hat-trick. This leaves us three points behind with a game in hand and the goal difference now three goals.
Now the league is on ice until 19th March. When we begin three winnable fixtures against West Brom, Blackburn & Blackpool before Liverpool visit. Two of the three competitions we remain in will be clearer a week from now and the third may be clearer once our cassualty ward is empty.
But for now three is the magic number.
3 is...

without a clue

Yesterday was about poor performances; Diaby Dennilson & Rosicky, none of whom should be on the Arsenal payroll. The Referee and his assistants, but most of all from the Manager of the Month whose team selection and lack of tactical acuity turned a three point catch up into a one point pigeon step.
The fact that there are young players on loan who are not given a chance due to the misplaced faith in some of the squad is a contradiction of Wenger's self proclainmed 'investment in youth'; inexperince is no longer an excuse for some of this lot.
We now rely on Liverppol to beat Man Utd later today. Should Ferguson come away from Anfield with three points I'm afraid it's game over for our title aspirations.
A loss for the Red Devils would put yesterday in the 'point gained' category and still allow us an opportunity to close the gap.
One thing worth considering though, is, would Ferguson have only taken a point from yetsrday's game if the circunmstances were reversed? I think we all know the answer to that.
And so i'm off out for the day and shall check the result from Anfield later. I suspect it will be more bad news for the Manager of the month. I am sad to report that I feel March may just be a month to forget for us all,following trips to the Nou Camp & Old Trafford; but, you never can tell.

Friday, 4 March 2011



At home to Sunderland is a more important game than Tuesdays at the Nou camp or Saturdays at Old Trafford. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

In this most mediocre of Premiership seasons we find our self having lost five games yet 90 minutes away from closing the gap on league leaders Man Utd to 1 point.; an opportunity that we have to take. Given that we play Man Utd at the Emirates later this season, it would put the destination of the title in our hands.Let's just not let Sunderland stick a spoke in the works of our premmiership ambition.

The ECL is a different kettle of fish. As I posted a couple of weeks ago I believed that our best XI could prevail against Barca, that view has been tempered by the loss of Walcott and more importantly Van Persie. The doubts over Song, Fabregas and Koscielny don’t help, but I have not thought that this season we were good enough to actually win the thing. I still feel this even if our underdog status enables us to triumph in Catalonia.

As for the FA cup; we could see Wenger make another one of his clever clogs selections for the trip to Old Trafford with predictable results. Who knows? I certainly don’t, all I do know is that if he sticks with Almunia as our ‘FA Cup keeper’ any disasters that might happen have a far greater chance of doing so.

So it’s all about beating the Black Cats on Saturday and let’s face it if the Liverpool hype machine is in full effect on Sunday we could be looking at a fruitful weekend, but with Arsenal you never can tell!

the sunderland parlance

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


It's never a bad time to have a pop at Ashley

'Apparently Ashley Cole was so shocked at shooting that kid he then crashed his car into him'

'What's the difference between Ashley Cole & Raoul Moat? One of them went on a rampage after his Geordie wife left him, the other went fishing with Gazza.'

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

I'm Not Down

To all Arsenal supporters to lift a bit of the gloom.
i'm not down
Come on Arsenal

Views, opinions and that...

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