Monday, 24 October 2011


Against the odds

This is getting very, very tedious. So Arsenal can’t ‘sell out’ The Emirates and we are a ‘one man team’.

The last two Premier League games have been early kick offs on a Sunday and yesterday the Victoria Line was out of service; which for a lot of travellers meant getting to The Emirates was problematic.
I’m not for one minute saying that attendances are not down but let’s get it into perspective; credit crunch, recession and a poor start to the season has an effect so it’s far from panic stations. And let’s face it London prices have an impact.
Come to think of it Old Trafford looked pretty empty after an hour.

As for the one man team stick being used to beat us with, there’s a certain Merseyside team who it is generally acknowledged, even by their own support, that have been somewhat reliant on their Captain for a number of years. Could it be the fact that he is English and that we all know how much the media loves Liverpool that scant mention is made of this?
We didn't stand a chance

Watching Football Focus on Saturday which focused on the Manchester Derby, I took note of a quote made by City Captain Kompany, he said “a great Team is made up of strong characters” and I saw signs of strength of character yesterday that gave me a feeling of optimism. Szczesny did a bit of a Lehmann when a Stoke player ran into him, Santos was full of encouragement and advice Frimpong came on looking like a Pit Bull and Robin stepped up yet again. These are the shoots of character that are beginning to grow.
 The Arsenal squad celebrate winning the title at Anfield in 1989
they said it couldnt be done

All this antiasrsenalism is not annoying me or making me bitter; to be honest I love it, because I always feel that when every one is against us is when we triumph, like in 89, 91, 71 and on a numnber of other occassions, and show that strength of character and (to quote Keegan) “I would love it” if we win something this season against the odds and silence those begrudging and institutionalised haters of the Gunners.
They can take our points but they cant take our title


  1. I thought they fought well on Sun and kind of felt there were grounds for (a little) optimism. Arteta's no Cesc but he's tougher. Santos will become first choice. Gervinio did well, the German's not as bad as peoople make out and my man Laurent Kos is a fighter.

    Mick M

  2. having seen szczeny at the islington boxing show i can happily say he is as vain & over confidant as lehmann, and as nutty



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