Sunday, 18 October 2015


The thing about the Premier League is that it is kind of relentless. Those clubs who understand that their main goal is staying in the league have stubborn game plans that are as much about spoiling as they are about playing. Then there are those clubs that comfortably sit mid table looking to draw more than they lose,with the aspiration of a decent cup run to give the fans a couple of good days out. There are some clubs that feel that Europe is a realistic aim and look to gather points from those around them and then there are clubs that believe that they can win every time they send out a team onto the pitch. In this climate the Arsenal are going to face more opponents that will try to get away with an honourable draw than those that aim to win. 

Taking three points from Watford perhaps should be an expectation but that's an arrogant stance where humility with confidence is probably a better approach.

Second in the table at what is admittedly an early stage isn't bad, particularly as there is only a three point gap between first and second. Naturally the MOTD pundits maintain that we can't sustain our form of the last ten months, and perhaps that's true if the mercurial Sanchez gets injured for example or Walcott's goal return dries up, or Cech is dropped in key games (admittedly that seems unlikely) or we fail to bounce back from defeat and go into free fall for a week or two, as we have often done. The team are playing well and not conceding goals which is always a good foundation, but in Europe the same cannot be said. An early exit from Europe's premier competition would be our own fault and if that does happen perhaps it's a chance to gird our loins and go full domestic.

The League title's destination is unsure at this moment and who's to say it may not end up at the Emirates? Our failure to add to the squad during the ubiquitous window has been and gone and with players returning at the turn of the year a fresh impetus may emerge, but the players that have had to "get on with it" have done just that and I guess that one can't ask for much more.

Keep our key players fit and who knows: any team with Alexis Sanchez in it has at least a fighting chance:aside from his considerable ability he is relentless and in this league that can make a big difference.

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