Monday, 10 October 2011


History is important. It gives context and personality/character to a Football Club. Ours is long and illustrious, however, recent times provide the current context in which to feel underwhelmed by events. Remember when Chelsea couldn’t beat us? In the league they just could not come away with three points. That seems quite recent, but that changed and Arsenal became the club that struggled to get anything out of a game against the team in blue.
Remember when for a decade Sp*rs could'nt get anywhere near to a win from Arsenal in the league? Now we seem to struggle to get a league win against that rabble.
The thing is that there are now a number of teams that we became used to systematically beating that are now a challenge.
As for Manchester United; for so long the two clubs went head to head in the League, now, although we beat them on occasion, we fail to win meaningful games against them.
And that brings us back to history. Our recent history will reflect to future Arsenal Supporters that for half a decade we were just another average Premiership team, who got worse. Facts support this; those facts being results.


This is League form in the Year 2011 so far

From a possible 75 points 37 points have been dropped. 39 goals have been conceded and 40 goals have been scored.
So far this year we have gone from 2nd in the table on 1st January 2011 to 15th on 7th October 2011

These statistics tell the story that history will report. Things like injury, bad luck, players leaving and poor refereeing will not be part of the story just the cold hard facts. There will be mention of an 8-2 drubbing and games where leads were casually tossed away though.

This is a non hysterical post just a factual reflection on the year. We are where we are and we have to all deal with it.

Depressing, no?

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