Friday, 21 October 2011


Always Be Closing

What’s this fixation about Arsenal players signing new contracts,  Arsenal closing deals? Facts are that all players who are signed for Arsenal Football club, like every other club, are on contracts for a set period of time. They are generally signed because they want to play for the club and feel they are receiving an adequate wage. So far so simple, yet the press seem to have chosen contracts as their new stick to hit Arsenal with. First it was the Fabregas Nasri situation, then deadline day, and soon after the Old Trafford debacle all out war on all things Arsenal.
If a player who is on contract doesn’t want to extend or needs thinking time, but still delivers I don’t really care.
The press seem obsessed and the feeling is that they view neghotiators as salesmen trying to hit deadlines. That's not how it works with professional athletes and the machinery that surrounds them; they are not rubes to pitch snake oil to.
Every club has players on contracts that sections of the support don’t think warrant the pay they receive. By the same token there are players that supporters don’t want to leave, or can’t bear the thought of leaving.
Whichever players come and go and for whatever reason The Arsenal carries on. Players like Frimpong, Oxlade-Chamberlaine, Sczezcny and Wilshere are the types of players who will carry the torch; that’s how it’s always been. I remember when Merson, Davis, Thomas and Rocky were the next generation. Times change and we get used to those changes pretty quickly. For now our Captain, for example, is delivering regardless of the status of his contract and for that I’m glad, and for that I’ll say ‘fair play to you Robin”
Right here right now is very important at the moment as we seek to re establish things and right here right now our Captain is leading the way.

AndTalking of contracts.

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