Sunday, 2 October 2011

It is what it is

Let's not kid ourselves, let's not get sidetracked by handshakes and handballs; this Arsenal is not good enough. Not good enough to compete in the league. We are currently an average side and in today's game against an average side. Sp*rs were slightly less average where it mattered; in front of goal. What I saw today was two teams that are miles away from the Manchester and Chelsea front runners, two teams that find it hard to keep the ball, two teams with little in the way of cutting edge.
We are doing what average teams do; win the odd game draw the odd game and lose the odd games.
That's where we are at.
Get used to it, until such time as the penny drops. That penny and that drop is only meaningful when the sound of the copper coin is heard by the people that make the decisions at AFC.
I'm disappointed, don't get me wrong, but surprised? no.
And that's the problem.
Our season of mediocrity continues. Call us The Average Joes.

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  1. Let's hope they get realistic about the season ticket prices and make them average. Then it'll be a fair deal all round
    Mick M


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