Saturday, 22 October 2011


When critics come they come not single spies, but in battalions

Now, I’m not the type who looks out for car’s following me, strange phone calls or unexplainable coincidences but I can confirm that as an Arsenal supporter I have to say that there is something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Before during and after Wednesday’s enjoyable victory in Marseille there was layer upon layer of criticism, snide remark and general bastardness towards Arsenal. Particularly bad was the awful ITV coverage (are they any worse than Channel 5?). Did we want to know that O’Neill didn’t get on with Wenger? Did we want to be reminded ad infinitum that Arsenal have not had a great start to the domestic season? Was it good TV to have Keane gloating at our current sticky patch?
Ah-ha or not Ah-ha that is the question
Alan Partridge Gareth Southgate as a panellist brings new meaning to the word wooden. Andy Townsend transcends banality with his so called incisive views. Clive Tyldesley? I would rather have Ivy Tyldesley in the commentary box.
Tyledsley doth protest too much methinks
What happened to the pro British clubs in Europe reportage that ITV generally deal in? Those who were expecting unbiased and interesting coverage of the game by informed and articulate broadcasters were sorely disappointed. What we got was akin to the X Factor judges giving their views on talent.
more chatter with less art
The press were no better in their coverage. Some of the so called reporting was of the ‘last gasp Arsenal spared blushes variety’; funny that, as before they were banging on about how good OM were in Europe. There were far too many negatives in print to go into, but one of the best ones was Koscielny’s 6/10 rating!

Man Utd and Chelsea played nobodies Man City were a bit ‘last gasp’ yet Arsenal, unbeaten and topping a group that has The German Champions as a pot 4 team, the Greek Champions and the French runners up, receive scant praise. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not praise that I am looking for it’s a fair and open media view; basic stuff.

To quote the Bard again, the football media is an unweeded garden of things rank and gross in nature.
Quotes from Hamlet

© W. Shakespeare

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