Saturday, 31 December 2011


Arsenal v Queen's Park Rangers official programme 31/08/1968
Arsenal v QPR 1989/90
A match not often played against a club who are, in my view, not entirely dislikable. Always the underdogs but memories of a certain swagger and some flair players has always made me tolerant.
Having said that, they now have Joey Barton; pantomime villain with delusions of being the new Robbie Savage. 
On this basis I want a victory even more than usual. If only to see Barton lose his temper do a 'Hutton' and get sent of in front of 57,000 laughing Arsenal supporters.
The always polite Mr Barton clutches a fellow player to enquire as to his health.

Friday, 30 December 2011

TH14 IN 2012

As a short term arrangement I can see nothing wrong; Chamakh and Gervinho are off to Africa, Park seems that he’s not ready yet and Arshavin consistently underperforms from the bench. This leaves Oxlade-Chamberlaine as the only forward who has shown that he can make a contribution from the bench.

So why Henry? Simply put, he has pedigree and experience and if he has the desire (something you would think Wenger would be more than able to gauge) he would be able to contribute to the club in a number of ways. A legend? of course. A presence? definitely. A liability? absolutely not.
There are those who have talked about Henry ‘tarnishing’ his standing with Arsenal supporters. Frankly, I can’t think of what he could possibly do that would tarnish his reputation as an Arsenal player.
The broader issue is what other player/s join in the transfer window and there is a lot of assumption that Henry will be the only new face. I somehow doubt it but time will tell on that. That issue of boosting the squad with more long term acquisitions cannot be really discussed until January 1st. Regardless, Henry’s two months with us should be looked forward to rather than fearing the worst case scenario how about considering the best?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Arsenal 7-0 Wolves
1st December 1934

Santa has been quite kind to us this Yuletide with teams around us dropping points left, right and indeed Centre. December 77 years ago we beat Wolves by 7. Wouldn't it be nice if we got a lovely late present today with a repeat performance? However, let's be honest, 1-0 will do.
Mind you, I do have a feeling, deep in my Christmas dinner leftovers bloated stomach, that we are in for a special game at 3:00
That season 77 years ago ended with Arsenal as Champions and a certain other team rock bottom. That's too much to hope for but a win later today would round off a pretty good Christmas for the Arsenal.

Monday, 26 December 2011

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Friday, 23 December 2011

clash of the tits ends in draw

Sp*rs 1
Chelsea 1

Cheers you two that was pretty much the perfect result

Thursday, 22 December 2011

another day at the office

2-1. Three points. Job done. Thank you

Man City 17 44
Man Utd 17 42
Sp*rs 15 34
Chelsea 16 32
Arsenal 17 32
Liverpool 17 30

With Newcastle falling away this is how the business end of the table looks with two more games this year. Tonight's game is perfect for us as it means points dropped by either Sp*rs or Chelsea. With the Manchester clubs out of reach it looks like a straight head to head between AFC, CFC,THFC & LFC.

The Wolves game being delayed 24 hours gives us the opportunity to go into that game with a clear idea of what we need to do (win obviously)

So let's hope its a merry day after boxing day and a happy New year's eve with The Arsenal entering 2012 on 38 points. 22nd January at The Emirates is the next big test in the Premier League and you never know where we might be when we clash with Man Utd; I suspect revenge will be in the air though.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Rosicky, Silva, Fabregas của Arsenal trong trận đấu mở màn Champions League mùa bóng 2006/2007.
The Ultimate collectable Arsenal Shirt. The 'Dubai' away shirt Worn in 2006
Hamburg v Arsenal ECL
Right up there with this combo...
and this classic mixture...
You just try getting ORIGINALS!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Whatever happened to Andre Arshavin?

As talk begins about the likable Russian being sold one can only wonder, is the player that he once was the player he can be again?
V Liverpool
V Barcelona
Andrey Arshavin Andrey Arshavin (L) of Arsenal  celebrates scoring his team's second goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Arsenal at Anfield on December 13, 2009 in Liverpool, England.
V Liverpool(again)
V Man Utd

Monday, 19 December 2011


Time for a reality check. Our performance against Man City was pretty good and the result was nothing to get too down hearted about; after all with our injury problems at the back we did better than many would have thought. City are top of the league and an away 1-0 against them is better than many would have done.

However, (yes you knew that was coming) what the result does highlight, and after all we are in the results business, is that we have done badly against the rest of the top six. Losing to Man Utd, City, Sp*rs and Liverpool with a win at Stamford Bridge our only points from this mini league. There has been no talk about winning the title in these parts, but to finish in a Champions League spot we need to improve in the reverse fixtures next year. This is the telling statistic that may prove crucial; Sp*rs, City, United and Chelsea all have to come to the Emirates, with a trip to Anfield arguably our toughest away fixture for the rest of the season.

I believe that these games at The Emirates will be decisive. We simply need to do better against these teams. With an eleven and bench that welcomes the return of Wilshere, Santos, Jenkinson, Gibbs and Sagna this is not beyond us.
I think that we are still doing okay given the catastrophic start to the season but 2012 is when we need to step up a gear to consolidate our position ahead of the 2012/13 season. In order to do this I do feel that we need a couple of players in the January window, I think we need to see more of Oxlade Chamberlaine, I believe Benayoun has more of a role to play than Arshavin and I feel once we get our back four back in front of Sczezny we will be harder to beat.

Two more games to round the year off and if we finish 2011 with 35 points we can certainly look forward with a bit of optimism. With The Champions League and FA cup around the corner we have an interesting journey ahead of us. To paraphrase Margo Channing;
 "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride"

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Is it just me, or does the statue of our beloved Tony Adams look like a BAFTA?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Wrighty meets the Bushmen
There is an African tribe, The Bushmen of the Kalahari, that employ an unusual hunting technique; they chase their prey, the deer like Kudus, for hour upon hour in scorching heats until the animal they are after collapses exhausted. Then they take their reward.

The pursuit cyclist is all about pursuit and endurance; systematically closing the game until able to catch and overtake.

Arsenal have been dogged and determined in the pursuit of a place in the top four. The two Manchester clubs are pretty consistent in League terms anyway (just don’t mention Europa) but Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle have faltered and Sp*rs (yet to have the ubiquitous ‘blip’) have tasted defeat at Stoke. The Arsenal have kept digging away and find ourselves in a much improved position after our awful start to the season.

Sine WHL WWWWWDWW has been the pattern of our pursuit and in any terms this is inarguable form.

For some the position of Sp*rs relative to Arsenal is of importance. Some have put the question “will they finish above us?” not least the gentlemen of the press and Talksport. Fact is that keeping one’s powder dry is generally the way to go and unfortunately there has been a lot of chicken counting from the cockerel fans; a case of premature speculation. Two points is now the gap, albeit Sp*rs have a game in hand. But Tottenham have to visit Stamford Bridge (and Chelsea visit them) as well as Eastlands, Anfield and  St James’ and most tellingly The Emirates is on their itinerary; This fixture is sandwiched between Liverpool Newcastle and Man Utd.

Of course it’s easy to talk about bigger fish to fry but Sp*rs have this habit, much like that of a drinker with a weak constitution, of getting a bit head strong at the merest taste of success. This season it has resulted in talk of winning the league and finishing a dozen points ahead of us (it always comes back to us for them).

So let’s keep our pursuit going. Sunday at Man City is a test to be sure but that’s our business now meeting tests head on and facing them down no matter how far we have to go.

Monday, 12 December 2011


There has been much to (rightly) criticise about MOTD and it's general lack of respect for The Arsenal; specifically in it's timing and coverage of our games, but also in the general apathy and criticism. But credit where it's due, MOTD2's piece on our 125 years last night  was excellent. Well done MOTD2

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Arsenal v Everton a much played fixture and yesterday’s wasn’t a classic. The game itself (following the birthday festivities) was very much a case of after the Lord Mayor’s parade, not helped by Everton’s negativity. In such games where chances are made but no one can quite deliver the coupe de grace it takes something special to take the spoils; and boy did we get something special, courtesy of Robin Van Persie. Our captain delivered the fatal blow courtesy of an exquisite finish from Song’s pass. A goal of beauty is a wonder to behold and this from our very own Dutch master would not look out of place in the Louvre.

The pre game atmosphere around the ground was boisterous. Singing and music bursting forth from the Eaglet. An expectant buzz in the Tollington and general merry making was the order of the day. It was my first match day visit to the Tollington and I must say that I found it most agreeable, principally due to the following
Good beer reasonably priced
Speedy service
Solid plastic glasses (as opposed to the thin bendy drink spillers that most pubs deal in)
Decent food
Outdoor heating

All pretty basic things but it’s surprising how often the match day experience is tarnished by lack of some of the above.  

I also saw one or two Arsenal bloggers; recognizable from their Vloggs and avatars. And, as is the case with people you’ve only seen via electronic means, they all looked slightly smaller than I thought; Haylet Wright looked possitively petite for example. The next time I go there I may even pluck up the gumption to say hello to my fellow Arsenal Bloggers and compliment them on their work. A kind word can often mean a lot.

And so I left the ground at the final whistle with Arsenal ensconced in fourth and the memory of a wonder goal to keep me warm.

Next home game a boxing day Derby. Without being superstitious; maybe if I go to The Tollington before I will see another wonder goal. Worth a try.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

MDCCCLXXXVI and all that

Arsenal 1888/89 squad
Talk about History. One hundred and twenty five years ago Arsenal was born and to put that in context here's some other notable events from 1886...
Statue of liberty given to USA
Gladstone's debate on home rule for Ireland
Winchester 1886 Rifle manufactured
Safety Bicycle patented
Composer Franz List dies
Modern compound light microscope developed
Geronimo surrenders
Mercedes Benz Motorwagen patented
Anchor butter begins production
General Electric Company founded

Now that's history, Up The Arsenal!

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