Sunday, 28 February 2016

The tipping point

Put Simply (at the end of the season)

I've always tried to be measured and dispassionate about the Arsenal but honestly, how many so called elite clubs would put up with Wenger's record over the last ten years? His stability in the post is purely down to commerce and today is the day where, personally, my patience is at an end. He must go if we are to be a club with the ambition to match our financial position. 

Measured you say, how so?
Measured about the realities of modern football and the fact that no one has a divine right, measured about the limitations but also measured about the business of the game but having invested in the club emotionally and financially for a significant part of ones life the expectation is that the club employs those fit for purpose and Arsene Wenger has not been fit for purpose for a decade and his stability is based on finance. 

Defining moments in the destiny of a club? We've had many but for me personally this is the absolute nadir. Yes I know things have been bad but because the board are so entrenched with Wenger I've tried to have faith that the players might do something extraordinary DESPITE the manager. Bottom line? Ten years ago we were one of the best TEAMS in the world playing for one of the best CLUBS in the world in the best CITY in the world and that opportunity was squandered by sticking with Wenger. 

It's a sad state of affairs and I guess many many more are just waiting for the day when we have a new manager and hopefully a new mindset to utilise our income and position. 

Today is the latest in a long line of bad days and it's a bit like the convict serving his sentence and counting the days until he steps out of the gate and takes his chances in a new life with no guarantees but a belief that he will not make the same mistakes that he did before-enough is enough

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