Tuesday, 25 October 2011


How I Feel @ 10:46

Another observation from the stoke city game is that some of my fellow supporters seem to be wearing Gravy stained glasses and wearing Baco-foil balaclavas. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from the continued character assassination that they carry out each home game against Theo Walcott. A group of supporters drone on for ninety minutes about Theo’s short comings, with the air of authority normally reserved for David Attenborough when explaining the gestation period of The Mountain Gorilla.

With much to be despondent about the targeting of Theo is not only counter productive but myopic. In the last two games it has gotten ridiculous and on a match day I feel like Basil in the scene in Fawlty Towers where he is trying to read Jaws and Sybil is reading a book smoking and eating chocolate while guffawing interminably, and then gets on the phone.

I wonder if it ever occurred to them that perhaps Theo has been charged with offering a bit of cover to Jenkinson and then Djorou, as they are not Bacary Sagna?

Has it ever crossed their minds that Theo is not a winger but a striker being asked to hug the touchline?

Has it ever entered their evaluation process that Theo has never caused the club a second of a minute of a problem since he’s been here?

I’m not mounting a one man crusade to defend Theo but I don’t think he’s any more or less consistent than a great many of the current Arsenal squad and as such his castigation is unwarranted. I don’t remember Adebayor getting this level of stick  during his time at the club when he completely stopped playing.
Can Theo do better? Of course but I would say, with the exception of RVP so could the rest of our squad.

I never get why some supporters just want to slag off their own. It seems contrary and destructive.

Have an opinion; yes, criticise at times; by all means? Support The Arsenal; always. Single out a player wearing an Arsenal, shirt who doesn’t deserve it; never.

Even though I'm getting cheesed off by them banging on in the vicinity of my ear hole I refuse to wear ear plugs, headphones or ear muffs but pretty soon I may just have to have a word in the shell likes of this group of loudmouths.

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