Monday, 3 October 2011


This thing of ours; this Arsenal supporting, it brings out a host of bloggers, tweeters, Podcasters, Vloggers and assorted comment makers (of which i am one). I believe that the Arsenal have some intelligent, witty and informed people putting their views out there. Certainly compared to some of the output I have come across from supporters of other teams.
What I am noticing though, is an increase in the number of expressed views that seem to be in the ‘treading water’ camp. That is to say a general acknowledgement that we are in troubled waters but a  reluctance to splash the face with water and face up to facts.
There is of course a line between out and out abuse and an acceptance of fair criticism. Each Arsenal supporter is entitled to an opinion and there is no capo regime at play; we are all equal.
Is Arsenal football Club 2011/12 equipped to challenge for honours? Is the club in the hands of the best man for the job? Is the squad good enough? Have arsenal got worse over the last half decade? Regular readers will know my answers.

These are all fair questions. These leave aside issues of finance, The Stadium VFM on a match day, commercial views and other sundry matters.
For me these questions cut to the heart of the matter.

Notice I am not abusing anyone, nor am I saying that I have a better, more informed opinion; but I do have an opinion. It seems to me that should you deviate from certain points of view you are castigated.
Let’s not be like the followers of other clubs. Using the keyboard as a weapon. Let’s respect the views of those Arsenal supporters who go out of there way to put discussion out there. Let’s not forget that its about love of the Arsenal first and foremost; that’s why I continue to put my two bob’s worth out there.


  1. Just did a quick calculation.

    Obviously much can happen in the season, for better and for worse.

    With the seven games already played W2 D1 L4, reaping 7 points

    extrapolated over the season's 38 league games we could be looking at 38pts -

    which is the relogation zone.

    You can talk and hope and dream and spin but form and facts is real.

    Stefan M

  2. David Dein was reputed to be in the Spurs directors box yesterday... he maybe a bit slippery and smug but he's what the club needs before a new manager. In my humble opinion that it is

    Mick M


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