Sunday, 23 November 2014

Everything is illuminated

Does Tomorrow never come?
After our ignominious defeat, yet again, at the hands of a top four opponent (well it was a fellow midtable side; but you know what I mean) I can't see it being any clearer that our manager's time is up. This has been coming inexorably for a long long time and those that have chosen or felt obliged to stay loyal to a ruler bereft of former powers of success are surely now out of reasons, excuses or out and out stubbornness. If not can it be that my fellow Arsenal supporters are so wrapped up in entitlement that they think that only fans of the so called 'lesser clubs' are allowed to criticise their manager?
The facts support the view that Arsene is no longer capable of managing a club with such high expectation yet the fear of change seems to be the mantra; "who would you get to replace him?" Thats tantamount to staying with a partner because you're scared to enter the dating world. Arsene is yesterday's man-that's not personal, it's reality 
When Tony Bennet has performed in the last decade he has been pretty awful but his rep has carried him through. Some think it's sacrilege to say "he's past his sell by date" but the evidence is there; he can't carry a tune anymore but his hubris makes him think that he can. By recording an LP with Lady GaGa he thinks he's still cutting edge: and in his mind he is. But his production company are happy as he makes them money. Once he was as good as his peers but not anymore and no ones told him. A Wenger parable that unfortunately rings ever true. My view is not a knee jerk reaction and I think it serves little purpose (nor is it likely) for Wenger to leave mid season. The League and the ECL are unobtainable so perhaps looking to retain the FA cup is a realistic target, but come the end of the 2014/15 season our manager needs to be on his way and the steps to appoint his successor should start now. This is not a personal issue its strictly business. I think that Arsene is fundamentally a decent man but he needs to leave and the shame of it is that he will leave as a failure: a man who did not adapt his philosophy and could no longer match his rivals. A bright man with a dimmed reputation. Come 2015/16 the show must go on but crucially with another ringleader. Surely that is now a reality that is as clear as day.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Mourinho has clearly passed on some to tips to Van Gaal in how to be a loud mouthed bore

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