Saturday, 29 May 2010

Atletico Madrid unveil new player

It seems that Atletico Madrid are emulating Wenger's youth Policy

Friday, 28 May 2010


As The Month of May comes to an end, its a Happy Birthday to the following Gunners born in May.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

David Beckham

The England football team is currently full of self serving loathsome individuals, which is why I find it hard to raise any enthusiasm for their forthcoming World Cup exploits. BBC 3 broadcast a Worst England II programme last night and in doing so raised questions about some of the stalwarts, Pearce, Adams, Robson and David Beckham.
The team that the clever clogs decided upon was
Peter Bonetti
Warren Barton John Terry Keith Curle Phil Neville
Kieron Dyer Carlton Palmer Joey Barton Steve Hodge
Michael Ricketts John Fashanu

Manager: Steve McLaren
Total of 209 caps, just 9 goals

The thing is that when they discussed David Beckham there was a note of resentment and immaturity about the critique. Now it may not be the done thing but I like David Beckham. He has been criticised and vilified by intellectuals and England supporters alike, for his lifestyle choices, his silly hair and his reptilian wife. But let’s look at the reality. A working class boy, who, while gifted, was not the most talented player of his generation but worked hard at his game and managed to play for Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan,. Captain of England; representing his country over 100 times. A family man who behaves himself and comes across as a pretty ordinary bloke who has done well for himself. Some of his performances for England have been outstanding some not so good but you get the feeling that the majority of the time he has given his all.

Given that the modern player is, generally speaking a badly behaved petulant gad-about I think that Beckham isn’t a bad role model. Yes I know Footballers shouldn’t be role models in a reasonable society but the fact is that they are to many young people.

It’s almost accepted that things and people that are popular get criticised and Beckham is one of those people who gets stick from those that should know better. The argument that he is not intelligent and is not an academic is a fatuous one. I have met many people with degrees left right and centre that are as bright as a 2 Watt bulb.

Yes, he does all the charity stuff and is an ambassador, which can't be a bad thing, but David Beckham is a fellah who has achieved a lot through application and taking opportunities as they have presented themselves. All the talk about being a cultural icon, clothes horse and model takes away the fact that a kid from London has become a success above and beyond his sport. Nice one David.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The World Cup; a couple of things

I suppose in some ways i'm quite looking forward to the World Cup...

No sound needed

Monday, 24 May 2010

What every new signing needs to know

Any new Players who may arrive at Arsenal should be taken aside and told about the history of our great club. I want to see the pride return, i want to see real competitors who feel and understand what it means to play for The Arsenal. Wenger himself needs a recap of just what he hold in his hands; the future of The Arsenal.

Facts Include-

Arsenal's tally of thirteen League Championships is the third highest in English football, after Liverpool and Manchester United, while the total of ten FA Cups is the second highest, after Manchester United. Arsenal have achieved three League and FA Cup "Doubles" (in 1971, 1998 and 2002), a record shared with Manchester United, and in 1993 were the first side in English football to complete the FA Cup and League Cup double. They were also the first London club to reach the final of the UEFA Champions League, in 2006.

Arsenal have one of the best top-flight domestic records in history, having finished below fourteenth only seven times. Arsenal also have the highest average league finishing position for the period 1900–1999, with an average league placing of 8.5. In addition, they are one of only six clubs to have won the FA Cup twice in succession, in 2002 and 2003.

Arsenal also set a Champions League record during the 2005–06 season by going ten matches without conceding a goal, beating the previous best of seven set by A.C. Milan. They went a record total stretch of 995 minutes without letting an opponent score; the streak ended in the final, when Samuel Eto'o scored a 76th-minute equaliser for Barcelona.

Arsenal have also set records in English football, including the most consecutive seasons spent in the top flight (83 as of 2009–10) and the longest run of unbeaten League matches (49 between May 2003 and October 2004). This included all 38 matches of their title-winning 2003–04 season, when Arsenal became only the second club to finish a top-flight campaign unbeaten, after Preston North End (who played only 22 matches) in 1888–89.

Arsenal have appeared in a number of media "firsts". On 22 January 1927, their match at Highbury against Sheffield United was the first English League match to be broadcast live on radio. A decade later, on 16 September 1937, an exhibition match between Arsenal's first team and the reserves was the first football match to be televised live. Arsenal also featured in the first edition of the BBC's Match of the Day, which screened highlights of their match against Liverpool at Anfield on 22 August 1964. BSkyB's coverage of Arsenal's January 2010 match against Manchester United was the first live public broadcast of a sports event on 3D television.

'More than a club' applies to us as much as any other!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I'm not going to do an end of season review as this will be done all across the Blogverse. Instead I am taking an end of season break in the sun.

During this time I shall not be commenting on or reading about the summer silly season of rumour, conjecture and invective. If Arsenal do add to the squad, which in my view is essential, it will be at the eleventh hour as always, and therefore there's no point building up hopes on a daily basis. Nor will I be checking my iPhone whilst basking.

When I see the squad photo for the 2011/12 season I will make some judgements on what to expect for the coming campaign.
Until then I shall attempt to cocoon myself from false optimism at the thought of David Villa lining up alongside Ribery, Helgeland and Buffon at the Emirates with a bionically enhanced VanPersie.

Such despicable individuals as Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Lennon, Lampard and Shawcrossesq thugs that will be included in the squad, make following England in the world cup untenable. To see those arrogant oafs do well will be of no pleasure at all. Hopefully there will not be the ‘get stuck in’ attitude that has held back English football. If England can actually entertain and win it will make things almost bearable. But in all honesty I will be looking to enjoy some great tournament football from a variety of teams and hoping that Arsenal's representatives don't get broken legs, ankles and hearts.

Final thoughts.
Arsenal are the third best team in a poor league and our final position can't really be argued with. We are also in Europe’s top ten. We need a new goalkeeper. Wenger needs to make some additions in the summer. Injuries at the club need to be investigated. We need to compete for both domestic cup competitions.
'The wonder of you ' needs to be ditched. We need stronger pint glasses at the Emirates bars. Arsenalisation of the stadium should continue. Live broadcasts at the ground need to have a capacity limit. The Che is still a great summer pre/post match pub and the match programme must improve. I fully expect that with the right changes Arsenal can add a trophy next season if we focus on everything. After all, win first and the rest will follow. The big but though is does Wenger feel the same?
When reflecting on the season I have to reflect on the five years of trophylessness and an analagy I would make is

"The last five years we have gone from watching the Beatles at The London Palladium to watching The Bootleg Beatles at The O2 Arena."


wellyousaythat will continue over the summer should you be feeling deprived of missives.
There will also be a Summer interseason quiz next month

See you all next season

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Available from The arsenal shop

Also available...
Recommended for all adult Season Ticket holders

For those who remember when Arsenal weren’t all about corporate boxes

You don’t need to be one of these to work out where it all went wrong

As not heard from the Arsenal Board; the game of broken promises

For Arsenal Supporters young and old

The game of Wenger Pres Conferences
The Mid Season player buying game

Sunday, 9 May 2010

St Totteringhams Day

Happy St Totteringhams Day 2010

Manager of the year buying and selling strategy

 negotiate the Manager of the year way .

higher or lower

Sp*rs have an away fixture against a team in claret and blue.

Arsenal need a result in the final home game.

Déjà vu?
(oh, except we had a Champions League final to contest)

That ended with a Highbury High
(The last high we've had since moving)

Will today end with an Emirates Embarrassment.


On today's menu

Saturday, 8 May 2010

customer care less

Re: Captain kirk's comments

It is interesting to note that a number of years ago the Captain, myself and Andrew C went to see the SanFrancisco 49ers play the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium. Unimpressed by the refreshments available we wrote to the NFL and we received a timely response from Pete Rozzelle Commissioner of The NFL.

The matter of us not liking luke warm Budweiser pales into insignificance in comparison to the issue raised by Kirk , but the fact that we got a response from the head of such a large organisation is an example of customer care that AFC should take heed of.

It will be interesting to see IF, and from whom, a response comes to the Captain from Arsenal Football Club.

From captainkirk

I think the hierarchy at the club do not care about the disgruntled supporters or much else other than their profit margins, share prices and dividends. Even our power to boycott has been diminished as at an average of £55 per (based on my season ticket price) we are unlikely to boycott many games in protest. We could of course give up our season tickets but then they would be bought up by more AKB idiots giving Arsene even more power, if that is at all possible. Bottom line is they don't care.

It may also interest you all to know that I am in the process of writing a letter to Arsenal to complain that they did not visit the Whittington Hospital's children's ward and day care centre at Christmas, as in previous years. This year's visit was cancelled on the day due to the snow (I thought they all drove 4 x 4's - Sheila, Hospital Play Specialist) with a promise that they would reschedule ASAP. Surprise surprise no visit was made. Having spent Christmas day in hospital with my son I know what a difference it made to the children and parents for Santa to visit each child with gifts (actually three different Santa's appeared throughout the day with presents) The nurses, and doctors not only carried out their duties but brought a bag of toys for the children and spent time playing with the children. Even some children from a local church group came to give out sweets. Meanwhile Arsenal Football Club couldn't be bothered to send a few players up during December or January. Still I suppose being driven to the local hospital for an hour's visit would be too much strain on them given all the hard work they do each and every day for the pittance in renumeration they receive.


From Peter

I used to love being Arsenal. The whole always more than the sum of the parts. Northerners unable to say about us what they always could about Spurs, Chelsea, West Ham and the rest about them being southern softies. Our teams dug in and battled. Wenger used that spirit and Bergkamp, who was at Arsenal for 15 months prior to Wenger's arrival, to win trophies in his first six years. Since then he has gutted the club. We have moved from invincibles to invertebrates in six years. Quite simply, there no chance of any change until Arsene leaves. In a perfect world everyone could be nice to each other all of the time, but there are times when you have to make difficult decisions and that time is now. I haven't noticed Wenger showing one iota of respect for our supporters and, eventually, I am afraid it will come down to nastiness and revolt for the supporters to make their point. I am old enough to remember Arsenal supporters boycotting matches in 1966 to get rid of the totally incompetent Billy Wright. Denis Hill-Wood announced, loftily, that he would leave before he sacked Wright. That summer Wright was sacked. Hill-Wood forgot to leave! What ways are there for supporters to get their views heard? Wenger's fascist response at the now infamous shareholders Q&A session that the supporter who told him at Chelsea that we were not good enough to win the league wasn't a proper supporter because he didn't agree with Wenger was scary. Both Wenger and his blind AKB followers now believe Wenger and Arsenal to be one and the same. Indivisible. Things will only get worse. I hate the idea of everything turning nasty, but they will. When people don't feel that the club or the manager care tuppence for them they will revolt. Wenger should go now before things get out of hand.

Peter A

Are we there yet?

It comes to something when you can't wait for the last game of the season. Not to celebrate the end of a glorious campaign but more to get it over with. I dare say that there will be much gnashing of teeth and vocalised despair in The Che after the final whistle. The problem being that any optimism about next season will be firmly kept in a holding pattern awaiting clearance via the use of Chequebook. Oh well let's hope that at least the sun shines and that they don't run out of beer.
But here's something that has the right sentiment but will make you feel good:
I've had enough

Friday, 7 May 2010

Punditry Predictions Purgatory?

What was going to happen in the 2009-10 season?

According to pundits...
Jack Wilshire and Theo Walcott were going to make themselves Certainties for Capello’s World Cup squad. Michael Owen was going to produce his swan song at United and play his way back into the England Squad. ESPN was going to make watching televised football a whole new ball game. The Galacticos mark II were going to dominate Europe. Mark Hughes’ dream team would break into the top 3. The Europa Cup was going to be a success. Federico Macheda would step into Ronaldo’s shoes. Zhirkov would dominate the left side for Chelsea. Liverpool were going to finish Top or there abouts this time. Joe Cole was going to return to The Bridge and start pulling the strings. Phil Brown was going to have learnt a lesson from all his shenanigans and secure Hull City’s place in the EPL. The perfectly round Nike Total 90 Ascente would wreak havoc with goalkeepers all over the land. Sylvan Ebanks –Blake was going to win the golden boot. Robinho was going to knuckle down and Spurs were going to win the FA Cup and have a player in the PFA team of the season.
...And Arsenal would drop out of the top three and be replaced by Liverpool.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Facts speak for themselves

"I believe in the quality of this squad"-AW

To Quote Rafa Benitez; “FACT”

Arsenal have not won any of their last eight games against Manchester United or Chelsea in all competitions.
• 17 Premier League goalkeepers have been credited with more saves than Manuel Almunia in the Premier League this season. Four of those goalkeepers have played fewer games than the Spaniard
• There are only 2 Arsenal players in this seasons Top 20 goal scorers; Fabregas at Number 8 and Arshavin at number 20
• @ 6th may Arsenal are number 17 on the form guide (last 6 games)
• Interestingly Arsenal are top of the Fair Play league
• Arsenal have 1 player in the Actim Player Rating top 20
• Arsenal have no players in the Actim Player Rating team of the season
• Arsenal have no players in the Actim Player Rating top ten strikers
• Arsenal have dropped 33 points so far this season that’s just under a point a game (0.8)

*Actim is the official data system for the Barclays Premier League


We do have an international Goalkeeper with a list of medals!

I reckon she would do better than Coco and The Pole!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Apocolypse now

We've had Earthquakes in Chile Turkey & Mexico, The Icelandic Volcano, The Haiti Earthquake and now Sp*rs qualifying for the Qualifying stage of the Champions League after 48 years!
It must be the dawning of the Apocalypse!

One year ago the writing was on the wall

This happened a year ago today at that game the writing was on the wall in ten foot high letters

Monday, 3 May 2010

"that sums it all up" Martin Tyler 1998

Let's be honest about this , how many Arsenal fans were surprised today? Rovers overturn a moribund Arsenal. If Fulham turn us over at The Emirates then we will have seen the death of a managerial philosophy.
Dark days indeed.

that end of season feeling

Just a thought; This must be how fans of the average club feel! I don't like it!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Perspective on next season

Coming soon to Channel 5 on Thursday evenings

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Arsenal Squad catalogue

You never know this could be the cover of The Arsenal Player Exchange Catalogue 2010
Bargains to be bought and sold.
Unlikely though, it's more a case of discreet enquiries in the newsagent window when it comes to buying players.

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