Monday, 31 October 2011



It’s been, shall we say, an action  packed weekend for me, full of ‘good idea at the time’ moments, hangovers, kids parties and prior engagements; therefore I am only getting clear headed enough now to compose anything worth reading.
Saturday’s win at the home of the teenage Chelsea was a satisfying victory; satisfying in that it was based on character, craft and a hell of a lot of determination.
Fighting back in a game is the mark of team spirit and that’s what The Arsenal did.
The reportage of the game was full of comment on the defensive shortcomings of both teams rather than the ability we showed to dig ourselves out of holes.
Aside from man City’s result at Old Trafford there has been no better result this season. To win away from home against a team with virtually their first team in place is always good, but for that team to be Chelsea, who are, according to pundits contesting the League this year, is superb; especially given the fact that we scored five.
A side show to the game was the Chelsea captain; the loathsome John Terry. Given recent accusations on top of his already significant list of misdemeanours it was hugely satisfying to see him throw himself to the ground in truly Oscar nomination style once he realised he wouldn’t catch RVP; a pitiful act of weakness on his part.
The celebrations at the final whistle between our boys and the fans were a great bonding moment and presented a definite connection. I has mentioned this before, as I feel that this group of players have that bit of character and individuality that we have missed for some time. With such characters like Frimppong and Wilshire also part of the plan alongside the super consistent Sagna, one begins to feel an affinity with the men in red and white.
Yes, it’s just three points, but three points away at a difficult ground, and three points further along the road of recovery. With, arguably our three toughest away fixtures out of the way before November (OT,WHL, SB) there is reason for quiet optimism. Regardless of Man City’s current form we have generally done well at their place so our remaining league fixtures may depend on how much we can make the Emirates something of a fortress. 

To use a Halloween style quote

“May you be cursed to live in interesting times”-Harry Kim


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