Friday, 2 April 2010

Unsavoury characters FC

Chelsea have always been the big time Charlies of football and as they are now in the midst of a supposed crisis (still able to do a domestic double though) it is clear where the problems lie. When the latest experiment began Abramovitch bank rolled the mission of spending his way to a title, bringing in a stellar squad and having the sense to bring in Mourinho to run the circus. The truth about this set of players is that they have massive egos and an arrogance that was eclipsed by Mourinho, therefore they were put in their place. Since Jose's departure the managers bought in played second fiddle to player power.

The appalling behaviour of the fans in the past has been glossed over, and the new breed are equally as offensive in their arrogance; mirroring the attitudes at the Club.
The current set of players are possibly the most offensive set of individuals to have appeared on an English football pitch but since the days of Charlie Cooke and his 'Kings Road' collective through to Dennis Wise and now John Terry the flash Harry's that characterise the club have needed handling correctly and as long as there is no humility at the club they will not only continue to be loathed but may begin a decline that, given financial constraints they may not be able to halt.

Let's hope so for footballs sake. When Sepp Blatter branded Chelsea 'The enemies of football' for once he was right.
And for those of you who, yesterday, were recoiling in horror at the prospect of Sp*rs infecting our sacred pitch. it was April1ism!

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