Saturday, 3 April 2010

99 Problems

Problems? Goalkeeper, Manager, injuries, injuries and injuries looking ahead to the dodgy Ref in The Nou Camp,Dropping points in The Prem, Rooney injury and its benefit for Chelsea ,Terrible reception for O2 users at the Emirates, Slow service at The Coronet, too many fools at The Che,not being allowed to have a cap on bottled drinks at The Emirates etc etc

Amidst these problems the one I don't have is The Arsenal.I actually love it when things look bleak because The Arsenal have a tradition of fighting back, just look at the Barca result; Come on Gunners send the Wolves back to the Midlands with their tales between their legs. And let's have those Catalans weeping outside the Gaudi building.

To paraphrase new Arsenal fan Jay-Z
"I got 99 problems but Arsenal ain't one"

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