Saturday, 24 April 2010

Mind blowing decisions

I have decided that this will be my final word on Wenger this season. I want to enjoy the closing moments of what has been a frustrating season.

Avoiding hysteria it is easier to present some tangible evidence of the problems at hand.

Poor decisions, we all make them from time to time; however a Football manager needs to ensure he doesn’t make a string of poor decisions. Away from the opinion and conjecture there are facts that point to an unprecedented number of poor decisions made by Wenger in recent years. Decisions that were all undeniably poor.

For example
Selling Pires and other players too soon due to a ridiculous age related policy yet then buying Silvestre.
Selling Gilberto too soon and letting Flamini and Diarra go at the same time
Not buying Shay Given.
Not playing Arshavin & Song in the 2009 FA cup semi Final.
Loaning out Philip Senderos this season
A plethora of incomprehensible substitutions; for example bringing on Eboue at Left Midfield (with the resultant impact on the player)
Making Almunia captain
Not investing in a striker when he knew that RVP would be out for most of the season.
The list goes on and on.

It’s boring to go on about the ‘has he hasn't he’ financial situation and the influence this has on decisions but the majority of the poor decisions have had nothing to do with the, shrouded in mystery, money situation. Pure and simple Wenger’s bad decisions have had a considerable impact. It’s time he started redressing the balance.

When a person in a position of power starts to make decisions that defy logic it generally results in a revolution a coup or more years of suffering. Rarely, if ever does the emperor change his ways.
A good emperor puts his subjects before him self.

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