Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Some interesting views from Arsenal supporters as we reach the climax of the season. Two more league games at the Emirates (possibly one more ECL game depending on what happens tonight) and this may be an opportune moment to take stock. As it currently stands Arsenal have finished above Liverpool, after they dropped two more points at the weekend. This club were, for a long period, the benchmark English and European club. They now are in a position where they could win a European trophy, but more importantly for their status they have now gone two decades without winning the League. Villa, another big club who can claim Champions of Europe status cannot finish higher than Arsenal, but may win the major domestic Cup. Spurs, our supposed ‘rivals’ can mathematically finish above Arsenal, but I have the feeling that St Totterings day, albeit a late one, will still come around this year, regardless of this they can still win the FA Cup. Chelsea are in pole position in the league and are eying a potential double and Manchester united have a double of their own in mind.
So where does that put Arsenal?
In context with expectation, expenditure and infra structure are Arsenal doing better or worse than these other clubs? Certainly it could be argued that Liverpool are in a worse position, but this is balanced against recent Champions League success. The expectation at Liverpool has always been to be there or there abouts in the league and other success will follow. Twenty years without a title should realistically, have modified those expectations but it probably hasn’t; therefore where they currently sit will have made some Liverpool fans angry and disappointed. Like some Arsenal fans.
Villa, once giants, look to get into Europe and have seen a succession of managers try and fail to achieve this, along with repositioning this club within the big three/four Villa have not met this expectation. Therefore Villa fans have modified those expectations accordingly. Like some Arsenal Fans.
Spurs have come to accept there status and dream of once glamorous days, however the odd cup and a shot at Europe seems to be a reasonable goal, and the possibility of beating there neighbouring team becomes something to aspire to. Some spurs fans don’t care about anything but beating ‘the team down the road’. Like some arsenal Fans.
Man Utd feel that they have earnt the right to have League Titles and European finals are there minimum requirements, this is based on the high standards they have set, and Man Utd fans genuinely believe that if they are not dinning at the top of the football table year in year out that something is wrong. Like some Arsenal fans.
Chelsea fans have an expectation borne of arrogance; they’ve paid for success and, with there short memories and lack of patience, they want it all now. Like some Arsenal fans.
When all is said and done every single person who goes through the turnstiles has an opinion and the right to express it, but to stop and think and put oneself in the shoes of supporters of another club is difficult. All Arsenal supporters have expectations that are realistic and informed as well as unrealistic and ill informed sometimes a moment to reflect is all that‘s needed. Loving The Arsenal means that you want and hope for the best, that devotion can be tested and there is always disappointment along with joy.
The here and now can teach us a lot as well as the past and maybe every club are not where they deserve to be, but just where they are right here right now. As modern football is not a level playing field some are going to achieve more than others. But it’s the manner of achievement that can reap the best reward. Most supporters go through thick and thin, very few through thick and thick and it’s the thick that makes up for the thin.
After all we all live with our teams always thinking to ourselves
“there’s always next season”

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