Sunday, 18 April 2010

On a lighter Note

11th January 1936: Arsenal football supporters cheer from the train carriage as they leave Paddington Station, London, on their way to Bristol for their team's FA Cup tie against Bristol City.

The gnashing of teeth, weeping and wailing has quietened down (unlike the extended carnival in N17) so let’s look at the last knockings of a frustrating season;

Wigan-Northern pallid and irritating
Man Citeh-Big mouths and big pockets with a retired international in their ranks and an opportunity to give our ex Captain some much deserved applause.
Blackburn-Allardyce is a horrible person and would prefer to see his mate Alex finish second, Nuff said
Fulham-good manager, good club, fair play and we’ll have Hangeland if that’s okay Roy.

And that will be that. Should finish in automatic Champions League spot, if not second, and who knows we may be in the Charity Shield come August.

Which brings me to the ‘on a lighter note’ bit?

We are not Liverpool. I find it absolutely hysterical that they are looking at The Europa Cup as a means of glossing over a shocking season. I mean, we have beaten them thrice this season! I’m sure they will produce a black armband to commemorate such a poor season.

We are not Sp*rs. They released, within 24 hours, a DVD ‘A night to remember’ in honour of a 2-1 league win.

We are not Everton, Birmingham, Stoke, Blackburn, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Bolton or Wigan who all clutter up the league with mediocrity. We are better and hopefully we should be a lot better next time around.

And most of all, despite our faults, we are not a team full of arrogant brash loathsome twerps like JT, Ashley, Shawcross, Lamps, Rio, and other assorted chavlebrities. This much is true.

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