Sunday, 25 April 2010

What if?

As Season ticket renewal time approaches we all look into our souls (and pockets) and ponder on signing on the dotted. I have seriously been thinking about not renewing for reasons well documented by me in arsenalism, from Wenger’s ethos to the thin plastic glasses at the bars. But of course I will renew. Why, I hear you ask? Because “What if?
What if this season we see a change of tack from Arsene and the glory years of the Invincibles return?
What if we hammer ManUtd and Chelsea at The emirates?
What if we play Barcelona in the Champions League semi final and win 4-1?
What if RVP plays a whole season and does a Ronaldo/Rooney/Drogba for us, week in week out ?
What if we clinch the title on the last day of the season at the emirates beating Sp*rs 1-0 in the 90th minute resigning them to relegation?

Yes it’s all fanciful stuff but;

What if Arsenal play good football with some resilience and heart and we see some proven players join the club and we compete week in week out and don’t capitulate and the players play their hearts out every week and we see a decent goalkeeper and we try to win all competitions and we see Arsenal Football club get back on track.

Well that’s all it takes as far as I’m concerned. If young talent is given a fair go, if we can all see that lessons have been learnt and if Arsene says “Okay, you've all been loyal supporters, I've tried something that hasn't worked and I am going to commit to following a path that makes sense and I will ensure that I try with every means at my disposal to fulfil the promises made when we moved to the Emirates”

“And I will tell that bloody announcer to get rid of ‘The Wonder of you’”

That’s all I want. For that I will happily sign on for another year!

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