Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Beauty at what cost

So the amazing Barcelona, conquerors of Arsenal face their Waterloo against Jose’s Inter Milan. Set up nicely for the Italians through defensive strength and lack of marvelling at how incredible Barca are.

As I said previously on my post of 7th April:

'This morning’s analysis has been equally as hysterical; ‘Messi is the best player of all time’ ‘Barca are unbeatable’ etc with a dearth of exceptional European clubs it is the easy option to focus on the exception to the rule.I hope that inter beat them, not through sour grapes but to prove a point that there's more to football than hyperbole and exaggeration and that you can win ugly as well as winning with a whipped cream cherry coated topping. '
I am no great admirer of Mourinho the man but he is able to produce effective teams that win things.

This may go against the grain of some but I think that the worse thing that can happen is that Barcelona over turn Inter Milan and the whole ‘other planet’ hype starts again. A Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan would show that there’s more to football than just pretty patterns. A lesson that a certain manager could do with learning.

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  1. Well said

    You could see the same pretty patterns again tonight. With high crosses in to the little forwards. But in the end it was the 'hand ball' that decided it.

    John T


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