Friday, 30 April 2010

que sera sera

So we hit the home stretch and there are a lot of undecided things in this mediocre Premier League season.


Will Everton usurp Liverpool as Merseyside's top club?

Will Villa clinch a Champions League spot with a late run?

Will Chelsea implode?

Will Man Utd do 4 in a row and beat Liverpool's 18 titles record?

Will Arsenal have a longer pre- season than last year?

And of course will Sp*rs have the rug of optimism pulled out from under their hob nail booted feet at the eleventh hour yet again?

80 points Chelsea Maximum 86 Points
79 points Man Utd Maximum 85 Points
72 points Arsenal Maximum 78 points
64 points Sp*rs Maximum 73 Points
64 points Aston Villa Maximum 70 points
63 points Man City Maximum 72 points
62 points Liverpool Maximum 71 points
57 points Everton Maximum 63 points


Of course it could all go horribly wrong with Chelsea winning the league,Man City achieving Champions League status thus enabling them to buy more players for crazy money, Arsenal finishing fifth on goal difference and Liverpool, while finishing sixth make an appeal to EUFA (again) and get included in the Champions League 'cos 'it's not fair la'.

I guess what will be, will be;

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