Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hitting the wrong Keys

During an online streaming of Tuesday's Champions League coverage Richard Keys confirmed his dullard status by being caught on air during an online streaming of Tuesday's Champions League coverage slagging off Theo Walcott.At one point when Theo went down under a challenge, Keys was heard screaming, 'Get up, you stupid little boy'.
He then added 'you’ve been s***e, son, in your daft pink boots - absolute rubbish.'
Shades of Ron Atkinson.
Keys is supposed to be a broadcaster of repute yet showed, by these comments, what most have known for a long time; He and Andy Gray are cemented into the fabric of Sky Sports and are unquestioned in their punditry, a punditry that has not moved forward an iota since the start of Sky’s ‘Alive and kicking’ coverage began.
Add this to the aural orgasms omitted by the pair on Tuesday and you have a fitting match with the levels of stupidity reached (or should that be breached) by Talksport.
If this seems like another attack on pundits, it is! In this respect the average football supporter is treated with contempt as they are not deemed suitable to have reasonable and enlightened views expressed beyond a handful of good journalists whom the major players will not touch. I would rather listen to Amy Lawrence and Darren Lewis to name but two, but I suppose they are deemed not establishment, or controversial enough.
The beautiful game is covered by people without grace.

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