Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Oh we're Arsenal so we're entitled

From Mick

Oh we're Arsenal so we're entitled. Since when - the 30's apart- when have we ruled English football - never. We've had our moments but we've never ruled in the manner of Liverpool or Utd.Where the f*ck does this feeling of entitlement come from? Not from reality that's for sure.We're not that big a deal, get over it. For a long time we were the top dogs in London, we're not even that now. Oh and that's Wenger's fault. It's his fault a Russian super spiv bought Chelsea & pumped - literally - hundred of millions. Blame Wenger... We're Arsenal we should this and we should that... b*ll*cks the facts don't back it up.Yeah we've won thirteen league titles but he's got three of them. Wenger's got his faults, and plenty of them but I'll take him over a wretch like little Jose any time.
Mick M

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