Monday, 12 April 2010

abandon ship

Reasons why Sp*rs were knocked out by Portsmouth:

It was the pitch
It was the referee
It was the cloud formation
It was David James’ Pink Shirt
It was the Kick off time
It was the fourth official
It was the players on loan to Pompey
It was Sol Campbell’s fault
It was the colour of the ball
It was that Pompey fan with the bell
It was the pressure of Wednesday’s game

But it had nothing to do with Redknapp’s team selection or the fact that Portsmouth defended better or that Sp*rs have a team of flash Harrys and unexceptional mediocre non entities, or that their wonderful fans left the ground before the end like rats from a sinking ship.

Another season of broken dreams for Sp*rs as their fourth place status seems to have evaporated.

Oh well never mind; a draw on Wednesday is now the only highlight available to them. It will be like VE day and The Royal wedding the length and breadth of the Seven Sisters if they pull off a draw.

A win and we may very well see the first ever example of multiple spontaneous combustion!

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