Friday, 9 April 2010

The Schadenfreude of the Sp*rs fan

From the Nou Camp to the Old Dump

As Spurs look forward to their FA Cup game and their cup final against Arsenal it is remarkable that the fans seem to be more focused on Arsenal’s exit from the Champions League. Then again I guess they have no knowledge of being in that competition so seek some sort of gratification through our exploits.

However, it’s been twenty league games since Spurs beat Arsenal, quite a record, but not dissimilar to any other mid table team.

Twenty games, that’s a lot of disappointment for Spurs fans who have also gone forty nine years without a title (yes 49 years!) In fact Arsenal have won the League at WHL as many times as Spurs.

The overall league record between Arsenal and Spurs reads as follows;

Arsenal won 60 -Draws 39-Spurs won 45

Unfortunately the game on Wednesday is on Sky; still I suppose it’s a good excuse to not have to visit the abyss of civilisation that is WHL. I am sure that Gray and Keys will still be erect from thoughts of Lionel and his dream team and that the coverage will be as irksome as ever. Jamie Redknapp will probably be on hand in his role of partiality and I would guess that George Graham may be roped in to tell us all how he would have done things differently on Tuesday.

There is also the side show of the hate filled neanderthals like those who berated Sol at Portsmouth (and were identified and prosecuted) turning on the bitterness like a Worthington smooth flow tap. Get over it !

Regardless of all the implications and connotations of Wednesday’s game it’s about Arsenal getting three points plain and simple. Mind you Spurs will be happy with 1 point, after all they celebrate a draw against Arsenal as if they have won the World Cup. One nil with an own goal of the arse of Huddlestone will do. From The Camp Nou to WHL you can't get more of a contrast than that. We have the chance of three points against a mediocre team in a mediocre league; let’s be less mediocre and reach the 21 game/decade mark.

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