Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bitterness rising

Daniel Wynne on the left in light blue
Daniel Wynne Chairman of Tottenham supporters Trust was featured on ESPN’s Football rivalries. A reasonably entertaining programme about the Arsenal Sp*rs Rivalry, its roots and history (currently on Sky Anytime).

This bloke is something of a stand up comedian and perfectly sums up the bitterness of the Sp*rs fan.

When I heard his comments I really fully understood the overwhelming obsessional hatred towards the glorious Gunners. The talking heads from the Arsenal camp spoke about achievements and records, where as Mr Wynne spoke of South London, Sp*rs doing the double before Arsenal, and generally suggesting that Arsenal wanted to emulate Sp*rs in all things. He also gives irrational and irrelevant opinions that bear no correlation with reality. The sheer unbridled bitterness and bile that this fellow spews forth encapsulates the feelings of misplaced insecurity that Sp*rs fans have.
I'm not suggesting Arsenal fans are saints; there are idiots in every walk of life. But I know none with the level of vitriol towards Sp*rs.
Let’s not forget what happened Last time Sol appeared in front of these people. On the basis that he had the audacity to join Arsenal in order to win stuff he was abused.

This typifies the hatred;

Four Tottenham fans who abused Sol Campbell at a Pompey match acted like animals, a magistrate said.

The group have been banned from going to any game for the next three years after pleading guilty to indecent chanting during Pompey's clash with Tottenham.

The Crown Prosecution Service says it hopes the court action prevents a repeat of the scenes at Fratton Park on September 28.

Oliver Silvester, 28, of High Street, Southampton; Stuart Turner, 34, of Queen Street, Wellington, Telford; Richard Gibbs, 36, of Ormonde Road, Wokingham, Berkshire; and Keith Stevens, 54, of Portland Close, Hailsham, East Sussex were tracked down after The News published CCTV pictures of them taken during the game.

Sophie Stevens, prosecuting, said witnesses had described their behaviour as distressing, disgusting and unacceptable.

Portsmouth Magistrates' Court was shown a video from the game which showed the men shouting homophobic chants about Campbell and making hand gestures.

'For most of the game the chanting continued in such a manner,' she said.

Natasha Draycott, defending Turner, a Spurs fan for 30 years who has been to more than 1,000 games, told the magistrates: 'He is extremely sorry.

'He wants the court to know he is disappointed in his behaviour and he is profusely sorry.

Christopher Amis, defending Silvester and Stevens, said both were apologetic.

Magistrate Susan Waddle said the court was disgusted by the men's behaviour.

'We saw that there were families present, very young children. We heard from witnesses that found your behaviour embarrassing and disgusting on that day,' she said.

Spurs; a good old family Club!

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