Monday, 23 April 2012


Looking at last night’s PFA team of the year I believe it confirms my view that the premier League has declined in quality over the years here’s the ‘best’ of the 11-12 Season

Van Persie–Rooney

Let’s go back ten years and look at the PFA XI for 01-02:

Pires Keane Vieira-Giggs

To me this is a clear indicator of the demise in real quality in the Premier League. I don’t know the reason, perhaps commerce, perhaps the rise of La Liga and the consistency of the Bundasliga and Serie A. The reality of the situation is that regardless of perceptions on the difficulties involved, this league is ‘up for grabs’ for a club who are able to put together a side of requisite quality and should a club do that they could create a period of domination.


Other stats point to the tenacious nature of Newcastle United this season; they currently sit in 4th place  and with four games to go could finish third with 74 points. The maximum that we can achieve is 74, Sp*rs 71 and Chelsea 70. This means that Arsenal could go the rest of the season undefeated and still miss out on a Champions League spot.Another way of looking at it is if we win all our games we finish third bar an almighty turnaround in goal difference. Arguably Newcastle have the tougher fixtures in that they have to play Manchester City and Chelsea. Sp*rs and Chelsea's fixture are more forgiving but one thing this mediocre season has taught us is that there are no certainties.

Mind you all the speculation of other team's fixtures should not detract from two key facts; Arsenal have the points on the table (64 to be exact) and we have a healthy goal difference, +24 at the moment.

We go to Stoke knowing that we have the opportunity to keep our advantage by equalling or bettering Newcastle's result. Sp*rs & Chelsea play the following day and this plays a part in the old 'psychological' element of the game.

Arsenal need to view the remaining fixtures in simple terms; go out and win them all. If we do so we have to then accept we gave it our best and I believe we will get the denouement of the season that we have worked so hard for.

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