Thursday, 19 April 2012


i can't stand up for falling down

A fair bit of talking about
Diving/Cheating/Gamesmanship (whatever the correct term is) this week. Man Utd's Young was fouled for a penalty but the nature of his extravagant tumble heaped, rightful, derision upon him. Drogba used it as a tactic to break up Barcelona's rhythm. No tears for Barca though; they are the masters of manipulating officials.
What is contentious is that this behaviour is viewed in very different ways all across the football world.The view generally seems to be based on the allegiance of the beholder.

Breaking the laws of the game goes on every matchday. Whether it be the standard claiming of throw ins and corners or not taking Free Kicks from the correct place, all players are at it. Is Diving/Cheating/Gamesmanship any worse? You either adhere to the laws or you don't and righteous indignation is a thin line to tread without inevitable claims of hypocrisy.
I think we mostly disapprove but when the laws are broken and we benefit we turn a blind eye. What is annoying though, is the ways in which different players and clubs receive different coverage for the same offences. Eduardo of Arsenal was vilified while Bale is lauded, the press still go on about Pires but Drogba was 'cute' in getting an 'English' club into a good position.
If Arsenal had won the 2004 Champions League based on Eboue's winning of the free kick that led to Campbell's goal I wouldn't have cared less; certainly not against Barcelona.

If we are all honest I think we all would have turned that selective vision on for that one.

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