Wednesday, 25 April 2012


It's part of a football supporters life to be interested in what else goes on in the football world; that is the world outside the Arsenal. it's of interest what happens in tournaments we are not in, the relegation battles and race for the title. It's of interest to see good goals and great performances. It's interesting to see ones rivals falter and reputations flounder. But only up to a point.
First and foremost it's about the Arsenal for me. Of course I am not averse to making the odd joke at other teams' failures; after all schadenfreude is the default of the football supporter, however it's also not worth worrying about the 'ifs', 'buts' and 'maybes' of others and more productive to focus on the Arsenal. 
Our chaps can only do what they can do and our own feelings about how we stack up against our peers is currently a moot point.
we finish this strange season with the squad we have; those fit members anyway. Next season is the tipping point for me. I've said it before (frequently) but I genuinely believe that the 2012/13 season is the most important one we have had for some time. since our last title we have seen Chelsea enter the fray and Manchester City are now genuine players. We are still in touching distance (remarkably) but we could drift unless we re-establish ourselves.
A summer of transfer activity; and it's not only about who comes in but who goes,is key to things and in order to strengthen our hand in all areas Champions League qualification is vital. I still think we are in the box seat but I take nothing for granted.
So back to matters of focus; back to basics. Our next game is as vital as any game played this week by any team in any competition as it is another essential piece in the jigsaw of champion's League qualification.

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