Monday, 9 April 2012


Some sweet irony in Arsenal all but ruining Man City's title bid at the Emirates yesterday. A club where ex Arsenal players Platt, Vieira, Kidd, Nasri, Clichy, Tourre and Adebayor (yes he's still a City player) all ply their trade. It was also ironic that two clubs with polar opposite financial strategies contested a match in which the the Pig who made his house of bricks triumphed over the Pig who constructed a flash new build.

The chase for 3rd/4th spot continues and on current form; WWWWWWWLW, Arsenal appear to hold the trump cards, however Chelsea and Newcastle are still lurking with intent.

What yesterday showed was once again, that as the season has progressed this current Arsenal side have shown character. Bouncing back after the QPR game by outplaying a Man City team who have been right up there all season.The Balotelli side show is a distraction from the fact that we were the far better team. We can now reflect that we have beaten Chelsea, Man City Sp*rs, Everton, Liverpool and Newcastle this season all teams in the top half who could be viewed as our peers.

This fact is heartening in that it shows that we have been pretty good in this league. If we do finish third it would represent good progress given that Man Utd & Man City have such leads above the other eighteen.

But today's fixtures reignite things ahead of Wednesday. It's been quite convenient that we have games after our fellow contenders in the forthcoming week and it is conceivable that, much in the same way that we have all but dashed City's dreams of a title, by the end of the Chelsea game on Monday we may have all but cemented Champions League qualification. We shall see what this afternoon's games bring so let's not count our chickens, rather let's see if we can look at our form guide next Monday evening and see WWWWWWWLWWW.If that happens then I believe we will have clinched ECL qualification. Then we can focus on supremacy of London.

At the moment though, our eggs are in the nest waiting to hatch.

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