Thursday, 12 April 2012


The show goes on, slowly but surely with little fuss Arsenal keep on keeping on. The win against Wolves gives us a last ten results that look quite remarkable when broken down (I never tire of seeing this) WWWWWWWLWW; great form in anybody’s book. Not much mention of us this morning, nor on last nights MOTD when, inevitably we appeared late on in the show.

With the stuff going on at Wembley we have a nice break until meeting Wigan at The Emirates. A team and manager it’s hard not to like but all sentiment must be put aside and their walls must come tumbling down on Monday night. Talking of Wembley there is a lot of talk in the media about the two semi finals; personally I don’t care about these games, I will definitely find a pub without TV when they are on.

I simply don’t care about the FA Cup right now. Correction. I am slightly concerned about the prospect of the showpiece of the FA cup final being blighted by the possible appearance of Terry and Suarez; neither of these reprehensible characters should grace such an occasion. When exactly is Terry appearing in court over the Anton Ferdinand situation? Funny that; the courts dragging their feet.

We will, of course, in all likelihood see Terry at the Emirates on the 24th and another victory over his team would be nice. ECL issues will be at the fore for both clubs so it could be a cracker. Let’s see how we go against Wigan first though.

So we wait until Monday to get the ball rolling again, with a hint of optimism that all the talk will be about matters of FA cups and not us.

I like it when we are not being talked about by the press and pundits. I like it when we are ‘under the radar’ we don’t need the attention, we don’t need the fuss; we are The Arsenal we keep on rolling.

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