Sunday, 1 April 2012


Some surprising news on the first day of the new financial year from Sky Sports this morning

In reporting results for financial year 2011/12 Arsenals Chief executive Ivan Gazidis has announced proposals for the new financial year that includes plans to increase revenue streams for Arsenal Holdings plc, focused particularly on the Emirates

Commenting on the results for the year, Peter Hill‐Wood, non‐executive Chairman, said:

“The Group’s profits have now risen in each of the six years in which Emirates Stadium has been our home. This is excellent news although I should perhaps stress that making and reporting profits is not in itself the primary objective for the directors. First and foremost we are supporters of this great football club and, as such, our main goal will always be the
achievement of success for Arsenal on the field. However we are looking to increase revenue by utilising the emirates Stadium fully. With this in mind agreement has been reached with Tottenham Hotspur Chief executive Daniel Levy to give access to the Emirates during the clubs redevelopment of White Hart Lane”

Spurs had sought dispensation from the Premier League and FA to play in a reduced capacity stadium during the period of redevelopment; which has been agreed. However, David Taylor of EUFA was also approached and has denied the club this dispensation for European games.

Therefore agreement has been reached for Spurs to play their home European ties at the Emirates. Within this agreement there are certain terms, for example access to club level will not be part of the deal as it is felt that the demographic of the user group would not be appropriate to use these facilities.

When asked about conflicting priorities Gazidis reassured board members:

“This is an opportunity to assist another organisation and presents an opportunity of increased income. In the year 2013 congestion should not be an issue as Europa Cup games take place on Thursday and Friday there will be no clash of fixtures.”

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