Tuesday, 10 April 2012



It’s been a pretty good weekend; a weekend that Arsenal have come out of smelling of roses, however now is not the time for triumphalism. It is a time to reflect on how far we have come and look ahead with quiet optimism.

We Could (note of caution) be 5 points ahead of Sp*rs and 7 points ahead of Chelsea at close of business Wednesday night.

We might Possibly (further note of caution) be 11 and 13 points ahead respectively at final whistle Sunday week.

If we take maximum points from our next two games; which is vital, it means that our game with Chelsea gains real significance.

This is a position that Arsenal have put themselves into by rolling up sleeves and grasping opportunities. A bit like Newcastle who have stubbornly kept pace and now find themselves on the brink of something quite extraordinary.

What our upturn in fortunes shows is that consistency is everything; it also shows the power of three points. Given we have lost one game in the last nine and not drawn any bears testimony to how important it is to bounce back from a loss with a win. Look at Liverpool (before I get death threats, I’m not saying anything contentious her) they have drawn far too many games and those draws are costly in a league where three points are available at each kick off.

As Wednesday night looms we should be mindful that we are playing a team that are fighting for survival, but we should also be aware that we are better than them. That’s not arrogance, that’s just fact. If we play like a team who know we’re better but are prepared to work like a team who take nothing for granted we can further turn the screw with a win.

Should we be assured of that third place in May then we can all enjoy triumph, gloat away and bask; then and only then. Let's keep the Champagne chilled, after all there’s nothing worse than premature elation.

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