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“Electrifying, electrifying…”-Martin Tyler

We are currently amidst stories about players who, to use the common vernacular, are ‘bigging themselves up’ about how much they are worth. Their puffed up egos and avaricious agents fuelling their pomposity thus leading to the inevitable conclusion that they are worth far more than their peers. These sporting celebrities believe that their view of their own merit is all that matters and high wages, they feel, are linked to their perceived stature and therefore a big club with a chance of winning things is their rightful destination. Conveniently overlooking their own lack of contribution in achieving anything at the clubs at which they currently ply their trade.

With this in mind I want to talk about a great Arsenal player. A player who was worth it.  A player who, among a team of quality peers, was incredible. Thierry Henry.
For a substantial period Henry was scoring goals and making goals for Arsenal. Were we to have a similar system to American sport; a hall of fame if you will, Henry would be ahead of all comers in the assists category. What Thierry also gave the club was a superstar with all the attendant excitement.

As in most things reflection gives you a greater appreciation of past achievements and Henry was the best striker in the world during some of his Arsenal time. He was also, unusually so, a team player, which again highlights his attributes. Pace yes, frighteningly so. Consistency, power, athleticism, grace under pressure; he had the lot.
Yet, as is some peoples way; there are those who criticise. A knackered Henry failed to score when we were one nil up in the Champions League final, yet that is to overlook his solo goal at The Bernabaue without which we would have not have made progress that year.

‘He’s not a big game player’ was sometimes heard; balderdash! Knocked out of Europe and FA Cup in a week, losing against Liverpool at home Thierry turned it around magnificently. Decisive goals in Europe and against the great Manchester United side, goal upon goal week after week, this is a player that was a pleasure to watch and a player who showed loyalty and a genuine feel for the club.
As the current silence coming out of The Emirates becomes more and more depressing a little dose of Henry is an instant pick me up. Watching some of the clips of him in action is an exhilarating experience and is a reminder of what having great, really great players can do to a football club.

Nasri and many others should think about how good they actually are, how invaluable they are to their clubs. They should ponder what it takes to become a legend; after all sport isn’t just about the money, its glory and affinity also. Who ever doesn’t want to play at Emirates anymore should go. Not because they are worth it but because they are not worth it.
“I’ve seen most things in this league, for the last twenty five years, I haven’t never seen anything like him”-Andy Gray

TH14 scores 4 v Leeds

Thierry chooses his top 3

TH14 at the Bernabaue

Invention V Chelsea

Putting Sp*rs to the sword

Signing off Highbury with a hat trick


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  1. Not only all perfect goals from a perfect player (disregarding that handball) but each time he scores he is surrounded by a great team of brilliant players as well. Bergkamp, Vieira et al. Life was good.

    Stefan M


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