Friday, 15 July 2011


It’s generally considered that the top clubs in England have traditionally been Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur, it’s also reasonable to add to them Chelsea and Manchester City post investment.

When the statistic is trotted out ad naseum, that Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for six years, it is not an untruth, however, let’s look at some of the other top clubs. It’s fair to say that the quality of a team is best gauged by their Championship credentials. Achievement in cup competitions is harder to define as it is not always the best team that wins in a knock out contest.

Of this elite group of teams Manchester United have shown consistency, Spurs haven’t won a league title in 50 years. For Everton it’s been 24 years. Manchester City last won the title 43 years ago. Pre-Abramovitch, Chelsea had not won a title in 50 years and most notable is that Liverpool have not been Champions for 21 years.

For Arsenal it is 7 years since being unbeaten Champions.

The argument regarding EUFA Champions Leagues, FA Cups and Carling cups has merit but needs to be looked at on individual quirks; qualification by not winning the league, easy cup runs, vagaries of refereeing. The true test is the League, and in Arsenal’s case we are far more recent winners than the majority of our peers. Just worth bearing in mind that we are not in double figures compared to Everton, Spurs, Man City and Liverpool.

The time factor is raised again and again; rightly so, but  when all is said and done it is unpalatable that we have failed to take silverware in our last 25 attempts however, in the one trophy that shows that you are the best, we don’t come close to the time deficit of most of our fellow ‘top’ clubs.

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