Friday, 29 July 2011


The final straw?
Am I the only one not saying goodbye to Eboue through a haze of rose tinted spectacle sympathy? He was a liability, an idiot of the highest order. What promise he did show at right back was snuffed out with the arrival of the consistent Sagna. Eboue was never ever an attacking midfielder. Too much of a headless chicken for that. Incident prone, overly theatrical and groan worthy in his feigned innocence after he had rolled around the turf for the umpteenth time.

The disgraceful antics against Liverpool in double secret overtime were the cherry on the cake. That he lasted as long as he did at Arsenal is just one of the reasons why we have underachieved in terms of trophies.

Yeah a good bloke and all that; I’ve heard it said often enough, but I’m not interested whether he saves Dolphins or does charity bungee jumps. Stefan Effenberg was horrible but I wish he had played for us. I’m not judging Eboue the man I’m passing judgement on Eboue the footballer and as far as I am concerned he was systematically found wanting.

Anyone remember those Eboue free-kicks? Excruciating weren’t they? His 5 league goals in seven season tell their own story. The supposed clown with a heart iof gold does not wash with me; one of the main talents Wenger cites is 'intelligence' sorry but I don't see that when I see Eboue perform.

It is exactly the Eboue model that has been disastrous for us; potential wrapped up in too much patience and too high wages, with long contracts but without having to deliver. I say goodbye to Eboue and am only downhearted that he didn’t go sooner and that more aren’t going with him.

Cult hero? My Arse.

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